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  1. The first sailing I see for the Eclipse is for March 26, Pacific costal, LA return 7 days. I believe the ship is now sitting somewhere in Malaysia. Where will it be between now and March ?
  2. That is what we were booked on for 2019 when the pandemic hit and was cancelled anyway, but about three months before that Celebrity cancelled our Alaska portion as it was in violation.
  3. See it now. The prices are crazy compared to what we are used to, so I guess I will stick with what I have and fly over. Booked my air on FF miles which are refundable. The hotels in Hawaii are also sticker shock price compared to what we are used to.
  4. I don't see anything on the website yet.
  5. I wonder too. doubt if they would cruise the West coast and then go to Hawaii for just one cruise. Where is the Eclipse now? If they do decide to cancel I hope it will be sooner rather than later, and not after final payment.
  6. I wonder that too since its only an 11 day sailing and then supposed to head to Alaska.
  7. In our new world, I would always arrive at least one day in advance. There are too many hiccups with the airlines. Also if you have never been to Amsterdam, its definitely worth a two or three night stay before your cruise.
  8. I am loving your review and abundance of pictures. So happy to be following along with you since we have never been on an E class yet, but will be on the Apex next year. Before that we are supposed to be on the Eclipse in May, but doubtful if it will sail as it is coming from Australia.
  9. If you want really upscale, try Espacio, right on the ocean.
  10. If you open the IV window and keep the folding doors closed, does cabin stay cooler?
  11. Thank you. I guess I'll stick with the IV, especially since its a Western TA in Oct/ November so not too many hot humid days.
  12. Yes I noticed that, but because they are classified as P1 or P2, I am assuming they are porthole . Too claustrophobic looking for me. Pink is the usual color for A1 on S class. Too many categories on E class and too confusing.
  13. Please post the numbers when youfind out, I was told there were none.
  14. I did not think there were any regular balconies other than the SV. Or are you referring to the porthole balconies ? Which numbers did the rep give you? Thanks
  15. Any changes to the IV cabins, especially the glass doors?
  16. Iy used to be when you got Al Bacio for plus. Now with the all included, everyone gets it.
  17. Absolutely, more points, better thick bathrobes, embarcation lunch even though its a very limited menu
  18. Try SV. They are traditional verandas at the very back of the ship. Or else you can waitlist for a suite, but that's it.
  19. Can't wait for your next post. This is so exciting that I am able to cruise for now through your eyes. hope to see lots of pictures. Enjoy ....
  20. When these type cabins first came out, I said NEVER...I love my balcony and we usually get the first one off the hump since its the largest. Well now you can see from my signature that we have an IV booked for next year. Now I am looking forward to it after the experience we had on a TA from Southampton where the seas were so rough and we had to change our course and all the furniture was tied up, all the outside decks locked were down for days and because the size of the balcony was so much larger, the ocean was far away. Now with an IV window so large I will be at the water no matter what the weather ! Hopefully I will like the new experience.
  21. THank YOU both ... as you can see it worked !
  22. Help please......For some reason I cannot figure out how to edit my signature. It used to be so easy. Thanks
  23. I think I read somewhere last year they were changing the glass from clear to frosted ??
  24. We always bring a photocopy with us, but have never been asked to see it.
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