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  1. We have been on 5 Regent cruises and have met many wonderful people on board from all walks of life and different professions. I am a retired teacher, and my husband is a welder. You will find most passengers to be friendly and fun to be around. Oh sure, you'll find the occasional snob or grump, but they are few and far between. No worries about "fitting in!"
  2. I'm pretty sure the directions for the online survey state that your seven seas society number is printed on your key card.
  3. Hi Cruiseluv, we didn't order a turkey burger, but the cheeseburgers we had were consistently good and cooked to order. Sorry you didn't enjoy yours.😟 I haven't stepped on the scales yet; I'm afraid to.......
  4. We were on this cruise and had a great time. Met people from many countries--Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia. Our block party rocked, even tho it was difficult to carry on conversations because of the language barriers, which often ended in hilarious results. Staff was fabulous, and we enjoyed the food very much. We liked the option of the pool grill in the evenings, esp the nights we were just too tired to go to Compass Rose. I hope they keep that venue available in the future. We also ordered room service a few times, which was excellent as well. We loved visiting Bonaire, as we used to scuba dive there in our younger/crazier years. We didn't take an excursion that day, but rented a golf cart and visited some of our favorite places. Our least favorite port was Santa Marta. There were very few excursion choices for that port (I believe only 4), so why St. Bart's was eliminated for that (supposed) reason, doesn't make sense. (We did enjoy St. Kitts, which was substituted for St. Barts.) However, they could eliminate Santa Marta, in my opinion--the excursion was supposed to be 3.5 hours, but due to traffic it ended up being more like 5+ hours total. Unfortunately, it's a port where you are not allowed to walk on the pier, and frankly I would not venture into the city unless on a ship's excursion. We love the Navigator and hope Regent keeps it in the fleet. Oh, and we too removed the ice bucket from the fridge!
  5. Bill, not a weak pun at all. I laughed out loud! But then I'm easily amused sometimes....😀
  6. I would like to thank all of the above posters for their advice and tips. I greatly appreciate your help. We have never experienced the subway so we're a bit apprehensive, but I'm sure we'll manage and rely on the kindness of strangers! Mking, you say that one card can be shared. Since I assume we have to pass through a turnstile, do I swipe the card and then hand it to my dh and he swipes? I'm sure I sound absolutely stupid, 😦 but I truly don't know the system. I thought we would both have to have a card? I know, I should have "country bumpkin " tattooed on my forehead, lol.
  7. I emailed Navigator's concierge re our suite requests for our upcoming cruise but have had no response. I requested simple things, like regular sheets and no duvet, thinking it would be easier for the attendant to have this done upon our arrival rather than have to switch the bedding out the next day. We are in Cat E. Maybe we need to be in a higher category to have the concierge respond?
  8. Anchorbuoy, thanks for the info. It helps to have a "window" of time to approximate pickup.
  9. Yes, Sheila, that helps a lot! Thank you for replying. Now I just have to figure out what time to have him pick us up. Since we don't have to catch a flight, we won't have to be in any rush to debark and will only have carry-on luggage. Thanks again!
  10. Hi all, I did a search but the latest info was from 2 years ago (at least that's what I found).🙂 Could anyone please tell me which pier is used by Regent in Miami for disembarkation? The search results said J. I'm asking for info because a dear friend of ours is driving up from Key Largo so we can spend the day with him before we fly out the next day. I'd like to be able to give him a preliminary heads-up for location. Our documents don't indicate which pier. Also, if he gets delayed in traffic, is there a place for us to sit and wait after leaving the ship/customs? If it helps, there is a Royal Caribbean ship (Explorer of the Seas) debarking on the same morning, November 19. Thank you for any help!
  11. Thanks so much for your reply! Am less panicked and will just go with the flow. Will try to catch the runners' entrance into Central Park. I appreciate all the tips you gave me!
  12. Dear New Yorkers, We will be arriving in Manhattan on 11/2 and staying in Hell's Kitchen Holiday Inn Express for 2 nights before departing on our 11/4 cruise. I just read that the NYC Marathon will be taking place on November 3. We had planned to visit Central Park on that day, but it looks like the Marathon route will impact our visit. Not being familiar with Manhattan at all, could one of you kindly tell me which part(s) of the park will still be accessible easily? While we certainly admire the runners' participation, we don't necessarily want to be caught up in the crowds. We also plan to visit the Grant National Monument and the Museum of Natural History sometime that weekend (and trying the subway system for the first time!) Anything else we should be aware of since the Marathon will be bringing in thousands more visitors? I am in a slight panic over this! Thank you for any and all advice!🙂
  13. We love the block party! It's not held at sailaway but typically a few days into the cruise. Just bring an empty wine glass into the corridor after you hear the bell, and meet your neighbors. And, we have found that many folks linger way after the captain has greeted the guests, talking and laughing. You don't have to participate, but try it. You may find that you enjoy yourselves!
  14. I agree with Bill about captain McNeil. He was(is) truly an officer and a gentleman, very down to earth and you could tell that he had the utmost respect for his hardworking crew. One day he stopped to chat with us, and the next day we found an invitation to dine with him (and his wife and son were on board). We're just a couple of nobodies from Podunk, so we were extremely surprised that we received an invitation. It was an enjoyable dinner, although I have to admit we were very nervous because I thought we'd be way out of our league. That wasn't the case at all, as it turned out. We were lucky enough to sail with him one other time. And I'll tell you, he's very handsome as well....the kilt didn't hurt either....
  15. Thank you for the replies! On our last Regent cruise two years ago, I remember craving popcorn but I didn't see it offered on the room service menu, so I assumed it wasn't available. We like all of the snacks mentioned in the above posts so will partake!
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