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  1. If you're on time on the arriving flight, you'll have plenty of time. Because of the problem trying to change things with easy air, I'd never book with them again but just my humble opinion.
  2. Ship time is the same as port time. We recently did the Royal cruise and we had to change time. They reminded us at dinner and also announced it a few times.
  3. Just on this ship in November, and like every other cruise I have been on, the coffee was absolutely disgusting. Did not matter if it was the dining room, buffet or room service. Yuck. However I had the drink package so was able to get delicious fresh coffee from the baristas at the International Café, the bar beside Princess Live and there is also a barista in the buffet in the dessert area. Americano, Lattes, etc all were wonderful.
  4. Unfortunate of course, but I can't imagine travelling to another country without medical insurance or having the means to pay in case something happened.
  5. We were on this same cruise, Nov 4 in Cabo. I got in line for the ticket system fairly early and ended up with #23 for our party. Our number did not get called until almost 12:30 and there were a lot of people in line getting onto the tenders. No problem docking the tenders. When we left Cabo several hours later to get back to the ship, hardly a lineup for the tender. I was originally going to book a private excursion for this port, but very glad I didn't as there's no way we would have made it on time.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I think we will have to look at something else for this port.
  7. Our itinerary for Cabo says we are there 11a.m. to 8 p.m November 4 on Princess Royal. I'm looking at an excursion (private) that's leaves at 11:30 from the Pier. Just wondering about experiences people have had getting on the tender and to the pier and how long it took? Wondering if I'm cutting it too close for getting there on time.
  8. Yikes, now you have me worried. We are in room # R726 in a couple weeks!
  9. Do not get a massage from those roving women on West Bay Beach on Roatan. I have seen them every year con people for more money plus the fact they are completely unhygienic. They also have been known to go through your beach bag while your're distracted. You can contact the Spa at Infinity Bay and arrange a legit beach massage through them. Tranquility Spa at Infinity Bay.
  10. Save that extra $$ and take a helipcopter tour in Juneau. Epic!
  11. We went on a seven day to Alaska May/18, this year. It's not really whale watching season but I suppose you may seem some. Certainly one of the best trips we have ever done and I would go again in a heartbeat. The highlight of our trip was a helicopter tour from Juneau, landing on a glacier. Coolest thing ever. We booked direct through Coastal Helicopters. Pricey, but worth every penny.
  12. You have to show your card for coffee/specialty coffee and water so they know you've paid for the package. It does not count toward the 15 alcoholic beverages. It can be pretty easy to have 15 drinks on a sea day.........
  13. Yes, it counts towards your sip & sail. There were names for different offerings, although I can't remember. Like Grizzley mudslides or something like that. Whipped cream was also involved. I think I had several......might have been a bit wobbly.
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