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  1. We'll be on board with you again for the NE/CA leg leaving the 6th. Using our "hurricane" FCC from our "Charleston cruise" to pay for it. Maybe this time I'll actually say hello when I see you on board!
  2. Just be warned....you may be annoyed by the fog horn.
  3. I was able to use a no fee foreign transaction card for a rum purchase on an excursion. Some of the smaller shops did take US dollars...exchange rate wasn't great but was convenient.
  4. I just bought 2 from the carnival comfort collection site. They sell them in pairs. I'll let you know how they compare to the ones I loved on board when they get here
  5. That cruise is a full ship charter as I have friends that usually go. So guessing people who had previously booked will be getting the boot if they haven't been notified already.
  6. I usually got my drinks in the Red Frog Pub on this cruise. They were only serving sugar straws with frozen drinks on Sunrise. Then plastic straws by request (depending on the bartender) with other drinks. Sodas came with no straws.
  7. The inside cabin tip about the foghorn on a CA/NE cruise was one of the best tips I picked up from your last Ca/Ne review. Sure enough we met so many people in the Sunshine that hated hearing her fog horn when trying to sleep while we were doing great in our inside. Our CA/NE next year we have an inside again to avoid the dreaded horn. Looking forward to your second leg review as we were on board the first leg with you.
  8. Was wondering if they got hit with a Jones act fine for only taking us to Charleston! Saw you and Patti around the ship and surprisingly NOT at the Red Frog! I felt weird being like heyyyy I read your reviews on Cruise Critic all the time. Looking forward to reading another NE/CA one if you do it. Your last one helped me prepare for our first NE/CA cruise.
  9. I actually asked Mikey and his staff why the powers that be made the decision they did. His thoughts were being it was a 6 day cruise from NYC our options were limited by timing and distance. The Pride was a 7 day and left on Sunday (instead of our Monday) and could get further south before the storm and still have time to get back even if they had to cruise slow. Carnival wanted to try to give us a warm weather cruise and they wanted to try to not make a decision to send us to Canada prematurely and then have Bermuda be missed by the hurricane and what complaints would ensue that we could have gone to Bermuda. They said telling us Canada/NE late Sunday or Monday when it became apparent Bermuda was going to get some weather was too late and they said majority of passengers would be unprepared for a colder climate. I felt Charleston was a much better choice than say Port Canaveral where you're in an industrial area. We could walk downtown in Charleston easily. They said timing and distance were a factor to get us to Grand Turk or Amber Cove like the Pride. They mentioned they wanted to attempt to at least get us to a port for 2 days though that failed. The 6 day length of the cruise really factored in to where we could go. They said 7 days would have given us better options. We can Monday morning quarterback Carnival's decision all day long but I'm sure there was a lot of things factoring in to where they could send us, including open berths. Based on what I've read here...the Pride got some fun seas like us as did a few other ships. At least they did the right thing by giving us a FCC credit since they couldn't deliver.
  10. Same here. Off with self carry off at 800 after eating in the Sunshine and caught a 915 train at Penn. However, there were only 2 agents working customs when we went thru. One on the left and one on the right. It backed up real quick after we got in the terminal building. We got lucky as our cabin was right under the atrium on deck 2 and beat a lot of people off. Guessing the early backup delayed everyone behind us and that’s what the other poster mentioned about customs. Carnival did the right thing with our credit. However, anyone complaining who wasn’t on this cruise has no idea what 48 hrs in 18 ft seas felt like for many to get that 100% fcc. Housekeeping was cleaning up vomit all over the ship. Some decks had lights go out. Glass door to one of the restaurants by the steakhouse shattered. Folks we’re sleeping in the atrium and lounges as their cabins forward we’re snot comfortable. I saw one lady all bruised up from getting tossed out of bed. Some elevators shook so hard side to side they remained out and stuck for part of the cruise. It was a wild ride for sure.
  11. Headed out on her in 2 weeks. Glad to hear the Steakhouse was excellent as my husband really enjoys going once a cruise. We have Your time dining for the first time. Couple questions - Which restaurant area is for the Your Time dining? Any seating tips for the Lido since we've heard it gets crowded? I know on Sunshine, folks on here tipped me off to head back to Havana Bar for seating. And a number of years ago on Splendor I read a tip to head upstairs which worked well. Any "secret" seating areas?
  12. I actually saw my first crew member from the States in a service type role this spring. He was an assistant waiter in the dining room. Surprising as usually the only Americans I've encountered are in entertainment, cruise staff, kids clubs, etc.
  13. We did restless native last August and it was the best cruise excursion we’ve done. They don’t pack the boat. The crew was awesome and even served us drinks in the water. The place they took us was beautiful. We did more kayaking and floating and swimming than snorkeling though. I can’t say enough good things. We have it booked to go out with them again in 3 weeks. I guess it depends how hard core of snorkeling you want to do. We weren’t over a wreck, but there was a cave to snorkel in and they sent folks out near a reef. It’s a good excursion if you have a mix of levels or people who would enjoy water not super deep as they park in a cove so u have the option of how deep of water you want to be in. Go read the trip advisor reviews. Those may be helpful to you
  14. I just reached out to him and he's available for my date. Looking forward to doing a tour with him. We looked at a cruise line island tour which would have ran us 240 dollars for my husband and I. We could have a private 4 hour trip for that! And my husband at 6 ft 5 has never been comfy on cruise line excursion buses. So this looks like a great option to see the island with a local!
  15. I think once summer is over, the crowding may go down somewhat. Or at least I'm hoping since I'm on in September. I think you will see less of 3rd and 4th berth passengers with kids back in school. I think when we booked a few weeks ago for September most of the rooms available to us as 2 people were cabins with extra berths. I know all depends on how much capacit for each muster station, but i know there were hardly any kids 2 years ago on our CA/NE sailing. DH and I were the young ones at 40.
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