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  1. I think you also have to consider that the mandate may not come from the cruise lines but from some of the places they visit. You may have an island nation saying we can’t get off the boat at their port unless the passenger has the vaccine which is their right. I believe there’s a few South American ports that require certain vaccinations.
  2. Our estimated 50 dollar Uber ride from Times Square to Brooklyn for our Carnival Sunrise cruise after they moved our departure there turned into a 95 dollar ride bc of traffic, particularly getting into the port area for drop off. Frankly, that sucked. I was annoyed enough about having to go out of Brooklyn due to the change. good thing you aren’t returning there. We had been warned here to make sure we caught a metered cab the morning we debarked. Lot of the cabbies were trying to charge flat fees of 50 and up to go back into Manhattan which technically isn’t right. We insisted
  3. Considering the entire summer/fall season for 2021 from NYC and Norfolk is gone from the website...thinking something is up with the Magic.
  4. I wonder if they won’t worry about this too much as you’re outdoors and the risk is less on a beach like GT.
  5. This is similar to what we did. When we rebooked for March 2021 back in June, we purposely picked a HMC/Grand Turk itinerary to have an open air beaches cruise that wasn’t port intensive or required excursion tours. We did it bc outdoors was being touted then as safer than indoor activities, never realizing that we could see this excursion bubble policy. We have cabanas booked at both stops with our friends and hope that will suffice and meet the rules for those stops. I will be disappointed if we are stuck with ship excursions for CA/NE in the fall. We had two really nice private excursi
  6. I hope it’s quiet enough for you. We were on deck 2 in an ocean view below the atrium and down the hall a few cabins on Sunrise last year and we could hear all the music, even the pre dinner violins. The atrium parties, particularly on the last night which went past 11, kept us up when we wanted to get a good nights sleep before the early off the next morning. I’m talking could hear the cruise director on the mic and every word he said loud and clear. Has turned us off from ever staying anywhere near the atrium ever again on any deck if we want to go to bed earlier on any given night.
  7. The CDC originally said a lot of things but as with all new sciences things, information evolves. I was reading something similar about viral load dose and how they believe that has to do with the severity of infection. The previous poster is right that they are trying to study a correlation between masks and reduction of viral load getting into someone’s system leading to less severe cases. If the mask is stopping a good portion of the viral load and getting better outcomes When people do become infected, that’s good news.
  8. same boat here - scheduled for March and we only have a HMC cabana booked bc it was close to selling out.
  9. Check out "Dave and Brandy's Excursions" on You Tube. They love the Pride and have videos on why, ship tour, and video blogs of their cruises on her.
  10. I tended to do the same however my assigned PVP came in handy this year dealing with the covid cancellation situation. We had FCC from a 2019 hurricane cruise, another FCC, , and the Monies created by our cancelled cruise and the bonus obc. The general CS number folks couldn’t make sense of all my money and credits to rebook a new cruise in 2021 and put everything on that cruise. One call to my PVP who I hadn’t spoken to in ages sorted it out in 20 mins. I will use her to book going forward to continue the relationship. We even referred our friends to her who are joining us on our rebook. I
  11. Also if you bought travel insurance, particularly an independent non carnival policy, see if it covers this situation For the non refundable part. I know the policy I purchased covers extension of the school year.
  12. Many who have fall cruises have reported here that carnival has let them move their deposits and other monies that they have paid to 2021 Or 2022 cruises without a penalty in lieu of paying it off. It was an option so the OP didn’t lose his deposit money since he doesn’t want to wait for Carnival to cancel on him. This wasn’t a debate around when cruising was going to begin again.
  13. they may let you move it and not get have a cancellation penalty if you call.
  14. It was explained by my PVP, I may not have had to put down a new deposit if I had paid more or paid off my cruise. They could've used the theoretical "Taxes and fees" portion to pay my new deposit as that was refundable money and not "cruise fare". Since I only had a deposit on the cancelled cruise, I had to make a new deposit, just as you did.
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