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  1. Hadn’t heard this either, but makes sense now that in some of the recent horizon vlogs, there was carnival staff at the door of the piano bar and other venues before you went in. Someone was joking door police or gate keepers. Assuming they are checking compliance or capacity.
  2. Yes and carnival said you may not be notified until 2 weeks before you sail and they are not responsible if you get denied and have non refundable plane today, hotels, etc. They should also be aware of the 300 in testing costs for 2 and possible mandatory insurance and port restrictions/bubble tours
  3. Cruise must be paid in full before you can request to try to get an exemption.
  4. Yep! FredVegas. It's certainly exploded in the 20 years he's been there. I remember when Central Park was just a Target and Massaponax was actually outlets!
  5. The official word on the carnival website says it's advised for under 12 set, but not mandatory. There''s other details as well. GO check the website.
  6. Same for the Oct 17th Pride. I'll be in your town starting on Friday to visit my dad whos high risk...made possible by the shot!
  7. Assuming that will change to include Baltimore and Nola (and any other port they added today). Can't imagine that will just be a Texas and FL requirement as it's to eliminate financial risk .
  8. Seemed right in line for excursions. I know I saw some for blue lagoon and pricing didn’t look any different for bubble beach day
  9. I'm going to gather with the CDC being given a stay of the CSO, we're looking at a 95/5 situation still. I'm sailing in Oct as well. Bubble tours have started showing up for my November stop in Nassau
  10. I put this hypothesis out there too. It wouldn't surprise me at all.
  11. I read that as the OP and her husband (aka the grandparents) would get their shots if they needed it to travel, but the ex husband/former SIL is saying he forbids the 15, 13 and 11 grands to get it. So being above 12..an exemption will prove difficult.
  12. The 15 and 13 year old are going to be your issue as they will be considered “unvaxxed adults” in a sense as they are old enough to get the jab. Most exemptions seem to go to those younger than 12 who can’t be vaccinated.
  13. We got the changed letter this morning. About 8 sailings of the Legend from Nov 2021 to Summer 2022 were affected with itinerary changes due to port availability. Various itineraries.
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