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  1. Only Pfizer was approved for boosters outside of the immunocompromised status. Teachers are included in the Pfizer booster plan that was approved last week along with some other categories. So if she got Moderna, there is no booster for her yet, unless she falls into the immunocompromised category. Moderna has yet to gain approval for wide spread booster usage.
  2. This was the letter sent….7 pm departure thru 10/7. No one beyond that has gotten a letter delaying yet.
  3. The late sailing was only supposed to be for the first few cruises and they got a letter . The letter did not include 10/17 (I’m on that one too) or the one before. Not that it couldn’t change but so far so good.
  4. Not all red frogs do food. The Pride has not served food in the red frog in the past.
  5. Did they offer any other excursions for Bimini at 360? We’re trying to find out if we can use the pool if we buy the beach day as sone reviews say yes, others no. Also seeing reports of a 39.99 per person beach club excursion worth pool use. But not seeing that offered.
  6. He’ll also have to do a pcr test as of right now at 72 hrs. Do they do oral pcr tests? Bc that may be a nasal swab as well and something to consider.
  7. Someone just posted on John Healds page that they are currently on a ship and passenger had a medical emergency incurring a very large sign and sail bill. Other passengers were chipping in to help pay for it as the couple didn’t have insurance. No insurance isn’t a problem until you need it. I have never cruised without it after hearing all the horror stories of insane bills and evacs and being stuck in a foreign country. But I would not go without it especially with covid in the picture.
  8. I'll be interested to hear your report on Bimini and what was offered from Carnival besides the "cabanas" we discussed before as we said the Pride in October.
  9. Check out the latest update from today…changes to the casino protocols including changes to the casino bar.
  10. you need a unique email for each account/person taking the test. The online and app accounts link together. They send your results to both the email and the app. One of the questions they ask during the testing video call is if you are the account owner.
  11. As of right now, there are no exemptions for anyone over the age of 12 for any Caribbean itineraries unless it's a valid medical exemption bc of the rules in the Bahamas. If you are leaving from anywhere that cruises in the Caribbean where Bahamas is a backup port, you're under the 12+ no exemptions for "they didn't want to get vaccinated". Who knows what January will bring and what the protocols will be, but I don't expect them to change much.
  12. I’m on the legend this fall as well. We had him back on the Pride in 2016 on his last cruise before signing off of the ship for vacation. Nothing honestly stands out for me. We saw him more in the steakhouse when we were dining there and he had his farewell dinner with his staff than the entire cruise. We’re hoping it was just due to the timing of him signing off after our week.
  13. Yes to two different wait times. It requires a unique session for each person, Each person has to have a NAVICA account. Not sure how that works with the app. You may have use your phones browser as I have seen in some review videos.
  14. CVS cancellation for a rapid less than 24 hrs before. Struggled to find even a pcr. Drove 25 mins for a pcr at a cvs but did get it back in like 28 hours.
  15. No scheduling, you just open your session when you’re ready to test. They are open 24/7
  16. Please report back on your experience if you can. Many in this thread would love the reassurance you got on your cruise
  17. We got hit with a late cvs rapid cancellation this past weekend..thankfully not for a cruise. Good luck as I was scrambling here for a testing site. Would’ve much more stressed had it been for our cruise.
  18. It's in the OP's video at the very end. He shows you the app results and the PDF. It's got everything Here’s the link to my video. Please Subscribe, Like (or not), Comment: https://youtu.be/gdewvrKGPwM https://youtu.be/gdewvrKGPwM
  19. Testing is a point in time. You can test negative one day and positive the next. Since the unvaxxed need to test before coming and test at the pier, 3 days is fine. For the vaccinated , there is no test before boarding at the pier. They are closing the window to eliminate more cases slipping thru that go from negative at 72 hrs to positive in the next few days before stepping on board. Royal put out some stats that they eliminated approx 10 cases each week with the pre testing. This may eliminate more.
  20. Each person will have to start their own "session" and account for the test...so logging in and out of accounts and starting their own test session. You won't be able to get a guide on the screen and run through your whole party at once. I believe the only way you can swab someone else is if they are a minor child, etc and you "manage" their account under yours bc they are unable to do so on their own. I'd prepare them to potentially have to swab themselves on camera.
  21. I found a day room there but that was crazy expensive. No day passes that I’ve seen. I was looking too.
  22. I have it for October and November out of Baltimore. No cancellations yet. If they cancel, they cancel and give me my money back. However, its worth noting Royal is bringing back their version of this called The Key in October or November...forget which. These are revenue generators for the lines and they can use all the help in that department. I wonder if they will bring FTTF back on some smaller ships first or one port at a time to phase it in.
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