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  1. I have to pick up my son at the brooklyn port (he was supposed to be at the manhattan but they changed it). I have been to manhattan and there is no problem getting there by taking Route 9A. He said that they had trouble getting to the port. Is there a good way to get to the brooklyn port from CT. I have to pick him up sunday morning.
  2. I can't really say how much time it took. We had a 130 boarding time and we were checked in at the terminal well before that. No one said anything so we just went on board. It really didn't take too much time when we were in the six lanes. It just seemed a long time because of the excitement and anticipation of going on the cruise. I would say it took more time going in the terminal going through security and then checking in than it did to drop off luggage and park.
  3. We just got back from carnival pride. We had a the best cruise director, Dr. E. I just wanted to share something that happened to us on the ship regarding the tender to half moon. we got ticket number 4 for the tender. We went down to the lobby to sit and wait for our number to call and Dr. E. walked by. My sister jokedly asked him how we could get off sooner and he took just about everyone that was waiting in the lobby to the special assist tender. It was a pleasant surprise.
  4. Just back from the Baltimore Port. Just wanted to give some info if you are leaving your car at the port. The port is right off exit 55 off I-95. When you get there, they formed about six lines. They were all going to the same place but they would only let a few cars at a time to drop off the luggage (probably for security reasons). Once you drop off your luggage, you get to where you pay for the parking. The guy asked if we were paying cash or credit and directed us to the correct line. After you pay you just drop off your car. It is an open parking lot. There is plenty of parking. I believe I paid about $95 for sunday through sunday. Very easy to do. But please be aware that it did take a little bit of time to do the whole process since they were only letting a few cars at a time. I believe we got there around 11 a.m.
  5. anyone know how much a carton of marlboro costs on ship
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