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  1. I can't really say how much time it took. We had a 130 boarding time and we were checked in at the terminal well before that. No one said anything so we just went on board. It really didn't take too much time when we were in the six lanes. It just seemed a long time because of the excitement and anticipation of going on the cruise. I would say it took more time going in the terminal going through security and then checking in than it did to drop off luggage and park.
  2. We just got back from carnival pride. We had a the best cruise director, Dr. E. I just wanted to share something that happened to us on the ship regarding the tender to half moon. we got ticket number 4 for the tender. We went down to the lobby to sit and wait for our number to call and Dr. E. walked by. My sister jokedly asked him how we could get off sooner and he took just about everyone that was waiting in the lobby to the special assist tender. It was a pleasant surprise.
  3. Just back from the Baltimore Port. Just wanted to give some info if you are leaving your car at the port. The port is right off exit 55 off I-95. When you get there, they formed about six lines. They were all going to the same place but they would only let a few cars at a time to drop off the luggage (probably for security reasons). Once you drop off your luggage, you get to where you pay for the parking. The guy asked if we were paying cash or credit and directed us to the correct line. After you pay you just drop off your car. It is an open parking lot. There is plenty of parking. I believe I paid about $95 for sunday through sunday. Very easy to do. But please be aware that it did take a little bit of time to do the whole process since they were only letting a few cars at a time. I believe we got there around 11 a.m.
  4. anyone know how much a carton of marlboro costs on ship
  5. Look at the picture that a previous poster shows. See the umbrellas that are not green, they are not free. Someone will come by demanding money.
  6. FYI some of the chairs and umbrellas are not free. We sat down on one and a person came over wanting money. We got up and moved.
  7. The three bottles of wine were in one bag. All three of us were together. Security asked us if we were in the same cabin and I said yes. I didn't see a reason to lie to her since I had read that the policy was per person not stateroom. Sorry you don't buy my story. I really hate these boards. because of people like you. I was just trying to help the next person who was thinking of bringing wine onboard.
  8. The security lady said I would have to throw the bottle out so I just asked the lady behind us if she wanted it. So no I didn't get it back. I got a replacement from carnival but it was so bad we didn't finish it. I usually bring all the paperwork with me but I didn't print out about wine since so many people bring wine onboard. I figured they would know there the policy.
  9. I just wanted to let everyone know what I encountered when going through the security line on embarkation day in Baltimore. We were a party of 3 (all over age 21) and we brought three bottles of wine. The lady at security told us it is a limit of 2 bottles of wine per stateroom. Of course I didn't have it printed out that it was per person who is over the age. So we gave the bottle of wine to the next person in line so as not to hold up the line. Of course I was fuming. This security lady was also opening cases of soda and then taping them up again. After eating on board I went to guest services. I explained what had happened and told her I wanted a replacement bottle of wine. She finally came back and told us that we would have a bottle delivered the next day to our stateroom. So my warning to you is bring a copy of their policy because they don't know what they are doing in security.
  10. I just came back from a carnival cruise and did the carnival excursion, shore snorkel and beach, which they say is approx. 3 hours long at deadmans reef. It takes about 20 minutes from port to get there. Then about 20 minutes to get equipment. It was low tide so we had to walk barefoot until it got a little deeper before we could put on flippers. It was rocky and slippery. Water was not cold. We were allowed to swim around the three little "rocks" that would be on your right side looking out at the ocean. When you were around them, the waves were a little strong so I just stayed away from there. The guy stayed in a kayak watching us. When were were first going out I saw a turtle at a distance in murky water but I did not get a good look at him. Later on the guide said that there were 12 turtles. I saw a bunch of fish. Some sea urchins. After about 45 minutes, he told us we had to head back to shore. I was under the impression that we would have 2 hours in the water. As some of us were getting out, the guide told us that there were nurse sharks (not dangerous to people). I couldn't see them because I didn't have my glasses on. We then basically just stood around for an hour waiting for the bus. The beach is not like Grand Turk or Half Moon Cay were the sand and water is beautiful and clear. This is not the beach to look for shells. We booked through Carnival because we were only going to be in port for five hours and were afraid to chance it. So since were were very disappointed/angry that we only had 45 minutes to snorkel I went to the shore excursion desk when they opened again. She said that it did say snorkel and shore and all places that do snorkeling only do one hour. I then told her about the direct website and I could have saved a lot of money. She told me about the 110% price guarantee (which I did not know about) and had me fill out a form. I ended up getting some money back.
  11. just cameback from deadmans reef. we had flippers so we walked out in bare feet until it got deeper. it was very rocky and slippery. we saw alot of fish. there was a turtle but it was too far away to get a good look. some saw nurse sharks. definitely book throug deadmansreef.com and not the cruise ship. we booked through carnival for approx 3 hour tour. took little over 1/2 hour to get there, 20 minutes to get gear, then only 45 of snorkeling. one hour was just waiting for bus to come back. wish i had booked directly with deadmansreef.com
  12. i just came back. we did the shore snorkle and beach excursion through carnival which brings you to deadmans reef. they only gave us 45 minutes of snorkeling. if we had booked through deadmansreef.com we most likely would have been able to snorkel longer. we only saw fish. i did see a turtle at a distance in murky water. they also said there werenurse sharks but i didnt see them.
  13. Thank you for all your responses. For some reason I thought all the cruise lines were the same with respect to opening wine in the statement. My co-worker did go on the NCL. Thanks again.
  14. I am bringing a bottle of wine on board. I am under the impression that I would only be charged a corkage fee if brought bottle to dining room. My co worker said her friend was charged a corkage fee for having the bottle in her room. Please confirm that I will not be charged a corkage fee if I drink the wine in my room.
  15. I love Grand Turk. You walk off the ship (and dock) and the beach is right there with free chairs. Then you can walk over to Margaritville and use their pool for free. Then if you want you can walk to the conch cemetery which is on the other side of the dock all the way down. Not too many people walk there and it is quiet and peaceful. To me this is a "free" island since there is plenty to do without having to fork over money (unless you want to eat and drink).
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