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  1. Thanks for the clarification. As you are aware, the owner of Sea Dream monitors this site from time to time, and am quite certain he will be interested in your comments as to the way your reservations were handled. Hopefully, as the spread of Covid abates worldwide, cruising will return to some normalcy making these various (and confusing) policies obsolete.
  2. Not totally unsympathetic to your plight, but don’t think it is SeaDream’s responsibility to determine whether or not you comply with the various government edicts with respect to Covid and entry. The ship did presumably leave as per your contract. Cannot put the onus on SD to ferret out what conceivably could be 100+ different nationalities on board, and the governs pertaining to each.
  3. Right you are Hum, but they JUST changed yet again. Will bet that by the date of your scheduled cruise, it will open up as millions being lost in tourism revenues. Love and kisses
  4. Completely understand and agree with your comments re testing, etc. However, think we will all have to accept these procedures as the new norm, well into the months ahead. Guess each of us will have to carefully weigh the pros, cons and angst of travel under these circumstances, as you have. For us, after eighteen months of virtual isolation, for the moment, we’ll through caution to the wind.
  5. Sorry, Hum, but my reading of the Italian entry requirements for Brits (effective May 16), makes no mention of quarantine for fully vaccinated citizens. Same for Greece. Of course, pre and post arrival tests are de rigueur BUT, to be expected in light of ever emerging variants. As Winnie use to say, “soldier on”, Hum. Kisses to Blondie.
  6. Ditto Little Arches. For more upscale, try The House. Travelling on Sea Dream and staying at the Hilton, no thanks!
  7. Right now, citizens from the US, United Kingdom and Canada can NOT enter Italy, and many other countries that can, are required to quarantine for up to TEN DAYS. Yea, this may all change ... Italy may allow tourists BUT still very uncertain with respect to quarantine requirements in the future.
  8. We are booked to depart Rome on September 11 for Venice. At present, Italy os CLOSED to travel from our country of origin. While SD has said that IF Italy did not reopen, they would credit the funds we have paid to another cruise ... as it would be impossible for us to enter Italy to board the ship. That is more than fair on the part of SD. BUT, should Italy reopen, we assume we would have to quarantine in Rome for 14 days in a hotel BEFORE embarking on SD, as visitors now permitted entry to Italy must do. We love Rome, but can’t envision spending fourteen days in a hotel BEFORE we can embark on the ship ... and this policy has nothing to do with Sea Dream and one would assume if you want to take the cruise, you would have to comply. We have brought this to the attention of SD management, who are investigating options that might be available
  9. We have a Rome to Venice cruise booked for September 11. At the moment, we are not permitted entry to Italy, though SD has indicated the Government has said that in all likelihood the ban will be lifted by early summer. What is not clear, however, is what quarantine requirements if any, will be required on arrival, prior to boarding Sea Dream. At this writing, some visitors must self quarantine for 10 days in a government approved hotel. No fun! Now, if the travel ban is not lifted, SD has indicated we can transfer funds already paid to a future booking, which is welcome news. BUT, if the ban is lifted, the uncertainty with respect to what quarantine might be in effect gives one pause, and doubt SD would be amenable to transferring monies paid if we didn’t want to quarantine ... and we don’t blame them. Those travelling to Italy should look carefully to the ever changing entry rules and government papers to be submitted on arrival.
  10. Saw a young man at the market this morning wearing a “hoodie” that said ”sh#$t happens”. Seems quite apropos of the current situation aboard Sea Dream. Feel said for the crew, many of whom work so hard to support their families in foreign lands ... and are away from them for extended periods. I think SD did everything possible to assure the safety of passengers and crew but this pandemic doesn’t differentiate. Lets hope the promise of the vaccine on the horizon materializes quickly and other mitigating medicines get wide distribution so we can soon all return to a sense of normalcy ... and once again be with our friends aboard our favorite yachts.
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