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  1. you have to be out of the rooms by 8:30. You will have to lug your luggage if you have any left with you to breakfast and around the ship until time to get off.
  2. Kim, Hang in there. So sorry this has happened. We love you and your pictures and cruise reviews.
  3. we love it , and most days we are there in line at 5:45.. we get quick service and get out of the dining room.
  4. Glad you all had a safe trip. take care. Patty, you be looking good... You have lost more weight? Jeff i too will buy you a beer someday if we get to cruise together with you and Patty. Sure enjoy your pictures Patty and Jeff your cruise reviews are awesome.
  5. does anyone know if the Freedom has half price beer on the day you get on? i saw a post about beer and now i cannot find it.
  6. depends on the ship. some do and some do not.
  7. I will be watching. Glad Patty is retired now and can go with you. lol.
  8. I loved the Chef's Table. Check done that.... It has a lot of foods i do not eat. Beef steak being one of them and the chef stood right by me and watched me take a bite. LOL. I said i do not eat a lot of beef. He laughed. Linen napkins and i could not even take care of it. hide it etc... It was worth the experience to go.....
  9. I am a lurker that reads all your reviews. i had to look and see if you were caught in the storms. i see you go 09/16. Good. Enjoy.
  10. porters are very handy people.. use them and they will load it and pull it to the drop off spot or the curb.
  11. OH NO. SO SORRY. I broke my femur on a cruise in Grand Turk. Not fun. Take it easy. I am another lurker that has read your reviews for years. Your child has GROWN.... She has matured. Take care and rest.
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