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  1. I'll have some OBC to use for my upcoming cruise and thought that I might use some of it for specialty dining. So I know that each place has a fee for dining. Is it the fee plus the cost of whatever is ordered plus gratuity? Just looking for where i could potentially use my OBC without having to go too much beyond the limit of the OBC.
  2. I sailed solo on Escape last May and each night, all the solo travelers met in the lounge. The host arranged for seating for the group at the Taste dining room each night. They also arranged for group seating at one of the other, larger dining rooms. The host also arranged for group seating at one of the shows. As for excursions, everyone pretty much does their own thing. I would think that if there's a shore excursion that several group members want to do, the host might be able to help with that.
  3. I saw that, but from my experience from when I used to live in the area is that public transportation is easier for getting around in Miami instead of finding a place to park.
  4. cb2367

    Jet ski tour

    I'm interested in wanting to do a jet ski tour. I'll be on NCL Escape May 5-12. I had previously found one jet ski tour operator that had a discount for first thing in the morning trip, but I didn't see any kind of a secure form on the website for making a reservation. Any recommendations on a tour for the best price?
  5. I'm heading to Bermuda for the first time May 5-12 on NCL, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I saw a couple of e-bike tours, but they seemed a bit expensive. There's a couple of sunset rum cruises that looked interesting. There's a tour that shows you famous homes in the area and i think there's also a tour of the Hamilton area.
  6. You can take the metro rail from the airport and then transfer to the free metro mover which will take you to Bayside park. There's shopping in that area. You may want to also check out the downtown Brickell area. There's shops and restaurants in that area. You can get to Brickell on the metro mover or take Uber.
  7. Sailing May 5-12 to Bermuda.
  8. Any opinions on sailings back to destinations previously visited? I have another sailing that I need to book for next year. I've been to Bahamas a few times, I went to cozumel a few years ago, and most recently went to the East Caribbean. I was thinking that I would want to travel on one of the newer ships like Bliss or Encore. Unfortunately, I would not be able to do a west coast trip, a repositioning trip, a canal cruise, or anything over 7 days. I'm thinking that limits me to places I've been before, so I thought I would see what opinions there are on revisiting the same destinations again.
  9. @Jembeccatoo I probably should have called initially, but I just got done speaking with an NCL supervisor. It took some effort, but I got back 25% as an OBC. The first representative I spoke with informed me that price guarantees are only valid within 48 hours of booking. Considering that I booked back in June 2017, I don't think there was any price difference until now. Aren't price drops used as a means of trying to sell unfilled cabins? It honestly does seem like the best approach is to just monitor the price from month to month and book when there is a price drop.
  10. I have been emailing my cruise consultant and they just responded today. They are telling me "We cannot honor any price changes after final payment." Of course prices drop as sailing date gets closer in order to fill the ship. The difference in price that I am looking at right now is $350. I don't understand this policy, as anything else I purchase anywhere else, I can get a price difference refund or some other benefit if the cost of the item is reduced. It seems like NCL is just going to keep the $350 and tell me I'm out of luck. It seems like this is a recent policy change, and considering that this is coming at a time when NCL is actually increasing everything (i.e. adding a premium UBP, increasing the daily service charges, etc.
  11. Just wondering what procedure NCL follows as far as price differences. Do they issue the the difference as a refund hack to the original payment method or do they issue an onboard credit for the difference? I think there's been a price drop for the sailing I'm booked on. I've tried getting in contact with my cruise consultant, but they haven't replied back to me.
  12. I was trying the search here in the boards and wasn't finding anything. Guess I should have tried Google first.
  13. On the Norwegian Roll Call board, the text under the Norwegian Escape Roll Call says "Find Your Norwegian Epic Roll Call."
  14. Anyone have scanned copies of the Freestyle Dailies for Bermuda? I'm interested in seeing what the onboard day to day events are.
  15. I'm going to be on Escape in May, so this information was helpful. I sailed on Escape from Miami, and the process was that you got assigned a group number as you checked in. The process for NY though seems to be different. I was trying to determine how early to be at the port to get a good boarding group number. What are "CAS" guests? Is general boarding where the lower Latitudes Tiers are called?
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