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  1. chipmaster

    Extreme zip line Vallarta

    FWIW the slide is on the edge, as the other poster noted they do put helmets with full frontal face protection. I didn't research this much before but after the ride, yeah you better have frontal protection! Surely someone broke their noise and black eyes and such prior to those precautions. Similar to deciding should you do black diamond moguls on a steep ski slope. I frankly can't remember how easy it is to opt out, surely you can as the photographer/video guy didn't go down.
  2. chipmaster

    Los Veranos ziplining (PV)- pictures?

    FWIW we did our excursion with Vallarata Adventures, I hear both are good. Our's was a great experience and dock to dock all inclusive cruiseline exclusive for better or worst. THey were very strict about cameras at Vallarata, I was a bit disappointed I couldn't give personal pictures a go, but the safety aspect was very strict and in the end good and best for us, let me focus on having the fun. Funny as in Canada they pretty much let me bring what ever, and rumor is they had an accident there too :eek: For us it was a package deal, like all things in Mexico negotiate ;) I was able to talk them down, in the end we had 4 people and probably 20-30 great pictures so it was about 2 bucks a piece and when you consider the cost and how timeless they are, cheap in my book. Have a good time! I pride my self as a good photographer but was best to leave it to them
  3. chipmaster

    yet another copter question

    It's been a few years but having done helicopter out of both I'd say the experience and views while different, equally spectacular with no reason related to the tour to pick one port versus the other. THe larger consideration IMHO is what other activities you want to do and how / when you schedule the heli and what your backup plans would be if canceled.
  4. chipmaster

    Renting cameras and lenses

    You should consider the total cost and effort for rent versus buy used and resell. Renting lens can be a reasonable value, I've done the math several times for renting a camera. IMHO the value simply isn't there, you can score on many places a used camera and turn around and sell it a few months later with minimal loss, just don't buy NEW and shop with patience. Of course if you want the latest greatest that is something else... then you might have to rent.
  5. chipmaster

    Med cruises

    The attraction of a Med cruise is the fact every day you end up in a different port with so much to do. No need to pack up and get on a train/airplane or bus and get to comeback to a ship relax, see a show, known nice meal etc. etc. If that isn't what you are looking for the Med is a waste of your travel time and money, better to find an all inclusive resort or a tropic cruise, IMHO
  6. How much did your room/service/food cost, yes be thankful that your habits aren't as expensive and others fund your vacation :D
  7. chipmaster

    Acropolis - DIY or guided tour?

    All comes down to what kind of personal experience you want when visiting places like this. These days on the WWW there is just so much information and so simple to download lots of free stuff, but then there is the personal aspect. If you score a good guide the interaction of questions, stories and trivia can add to a timeless experience versus the generic / cheaper podcast or guide book. YMMV as to quality of the guide, while on cruise we had average guide in Athens but great ones in Rome and Istanbul and Ephesus so again do research carefully if that is the route you go..
  8. chipmaster

    Alaska 300mm 2.8 vs 70-200 2.8 and TC?

    Depends on you going on vacation and opportunistically shooting or taking a vacation and have to have the best, everyone vacations differently. IMHO a prime ( a 300 2.8 ) is to limiting a lens to be lugging around. Yeah great for low light, field sports etc. and if you are out on specialized trip hunting bears so to speak. I'd take the 70-200 2.8 and shoot that on a crop sensor. These days don't feel the need to take "impressive" pictures, they are dime a dozen on the WWW, but of course if that is what get's the joy... take the big guns and deal with the wrath, LOL
  9. chipmaster

    Photography Magazine

    Congrats on your new toy.. I think you got it backward, hopefully you did a lot of reading both print and or web and then decided what was the best camera and lens. Print is very old school, youtube videos, web sites and bloggers out there have a ton of information. I suggest you go to any one of many websites the sony ones are full of rabid fans who will more then be willing to help you with your mirrorless addition :D
  10. chipmaster

    Hawaii vs Alaska

    Hard to believe Hawaii won't have something for everyone, Alaska not so much.. safe trip Hawaii IMHO
  11. chipmaster

    Camera lens recommendations?

    My advice, just practice with what you have, it'll do fine and you'll bring back memories far superior to 95% of them blokes on the ship taking pictures with a smartphone. The cheapest upgrade would be a 10-24 type super wide. You'll find that useful indoors as well as outdoors. I'd not invest in any prime lens for the touted bokeh. You'll like be stopping down most of the time for better DOF to get you and the beautiful background in focus, unless you are the crazy artsy type, but again their are aps that do that on the smarpthone On the long side, be prepared to spend a ton of money if you are serious about capture your personal up close and sharp picture of that whale/bear. Better just take the scenery in with a pair of binoculars and enjoy and download one of a gaziilion pictures that exist on the web.
  12. chipmaster

    Camera lens recommendations?

    +1 nothing eats cheap consumer plastic and unsealed stuff than salt mist... just look at the side of them boats, LOL. Also the extreme of temperature are terrible for electronics. In Alaska it can get cold at night, and warm during the day, that kind of temperature cycling is terrible. Better just a bit of tissue and wipe of the fog/mist or wait 20' for the equipment to adjust IMHO.
  13. chipmaster

    Un controlled minors

    +1, weren't we all kids, kids sometimes can't control themselves, but within limits they gotta learn. It is true mob rules sometimes get out of hand, but there are enough crew members that I can't image unsafe or damaging things can happen. If it is enough to bother you the ship is big enough to find another place :D
  14. chipmaster

    Tracy Arm boat excursion?

    Do whale watching and mendenhall, you'll enjoy those and the other scenic cruising will be spectacular!
  15. chipmaster

    Helicopter/dog sledding ?

    BQ posts here often and will likely validate what I say, it is the weather and hard to predict. I struggled with is AM, late AM or PM better because we always believe morning clouds give way. Well on our day the morning was spectacular and clouds came in soon after we finished. We chose the first flight as if it canceled we'd just sleep in :D