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  1. If you consider the ethnic make up of teams and benefactors strangely borders on unethical exploitation
  2. Clemson football team has 1/3 of the team testing positive, wonder how they field a team if a substantial number are postive. Does the team have to field a fully negative team that has been isolated to make sure that those that are negative are truely negative before they play? Same with NBA etc... all negative or let them all get positive
  3. There are some mighty good 5 star with multiple restaurants, beaches, and activities and room service on a nice balcony overlooking a beautiful beach or city lights that can be had in may places, the cost though is most certainly more than a cruise. I think that is the main attraction on the cruise, the illusion of luxurious dining, entertainments, etc. etc. and convenience. The cost is a small moving hotel funded with below minimum wage foreign workers. Not knocking it, I love the value to, just as long as their are some ports, no ports, I'm not willing to make that compromise. Even the sea days crowded on the lido deck, piling into the theater, trying to find a seat at the bar.. that ain't my idea of a vacation, LOL
  4. For me personally I'm with the OP, I'd pick a land staycation over a cruise that goes nowhere. It could be argued that an Alaska or Hawaii that only sails but doesn't stop til the end would be superior to a hotel on the beach there or land single stop due to the changing scenery. Now is that enough to make up for the crowded boat, small cabin, limited eating choices and being locked up.. hard to say. There is NOTHING on the boat itself that beats what a land based could provide, but the larger value all inclusive average with the respective tradeoffs. Of course you lock three thousand people on a ship and limit them to limited eating and stuff, it is cheaper and more convenient. Some like that others wouldn't do it without the port perks, YMMV. All rather academic as we won't be cruising anytime soon.
  5. Just in time to shut down, LOL. Have you heard large parts of the US are making NYC look like a warmup event. Labor day looks to be a doozier of a holiday where we'll see the collateral damage of the huge number of people celebrating the 4th.
  6. Their won't be cruising! This is like crafting guidelines for how you'd have manage a football game with spectators. Put all the guidelines in and they are so impractical you either say it is all for show and you ignore but pretend you are doing it and are willing to accept the consequences for the societal joy and economic benefit of allowing the activity.
  7. Ha ha, we got a big house, and I will soon be traveling again so they could house sit and get free rent too. Lucky they aren't living a basement lifestyle, LOL
  8. I did NCL Venice round trip thru greek islands, and a few years before that Grand Med Venice-Barcelona with Princess. IMHO the port line up is far more important than the cruise line, but given a choice I'd pick Princess over NCL, probably all things equal would give RCCL a go to, but it is ports ports ports and I found that selected the line versus me select the line. Hope those lines still exisit in 2021 for that cruise of a lifetime
  9. free rent, food, internet, wake up come down breakfast is there, go work, come down for lunch, work come down and dinner is there, I’d go home too, but I am home, LOL
  10. Sad in the West the leaders can't set an example and make it about national emergency and a law. People in the US have twisted this into some constitutional right to be stupid in a emergency. It is the strange nature of the Americans and their freedom, freedom to be stupid I guess. It was once a place where people would unit when faced with calamity or crisis, but now calamity and crisis seems to be an opportunity to be different and not give a little. Most arguments have been belittling or negative, a society can't exist with billions without rules and norms that people are willing to follow. In times of emergency people must make sacrifices but Americans strangely don't feel they need to sacrifice or give a anything,well at least enough of them to make lots of trouble.
  11. I think it looks at the highest level pretty comprehensive, of course the devil is in the details. What does screening and testing mean, Who pays for quarantine and repatriation What is considered save on board and what density is allowed, is it even business profitable to operate like this What will shore protocol be. Can't imagine 2000 people disembarking and embarking in a day and meeting what most would consider the needed protocol in this COVI19 era, why are they even thinking we could sail, unless we treat it just like the flu?
  12. Why the whole ship; passengers and crew will be isolated for 7-14 days, cruising simply ain't going to happen. Why they still allow such unrestricted international flying w/o pre testing is beyond me.
  13. Sorry, I guess when you are working you just work, from home office, or work office not a difference. The nice thing all my kids are home and also working from home, so it isn't a shattered dream it is family time I never dreamed I'd get again. Best of luck with your vacation planning!
  14. Believe it or not in the Far East you don't have a 2M / 6 feet circle and they have managed amazingly well
  15. OMG, can't wait to see what the lines are going to outline, smells like what many restaurants are doing, just close up.
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