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  1. I guess since I travel so much recently, often do two weeks and do it out of a roller-board and backpack I always go with hand wash and dry, pick stuff like spandex/lycra and othe synthetics they dry so easily, coat hangers with a towel under neath it in bathroom our closet and they dry nicely. Jeans/cotton and others forget it, but so many quick drying high tech wear available that packing light and easy is easy!
  2. Enjoy your first cruise, generally if you go with the norms things are fine, generally if you are easy going and don't judge other people even if they don't g o by the norms you will have a good time, generally if you don't let what other say about you, how they look at you, and everything from the internet forums with a big grain of salt ( learn from them, laugh at many posts ), then you will have a GREAT time.
  3. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Max, it is the ultimate FUBAR for Boeing beyond anything they imagined and spun totally out of their control. FAA will own certification in the US, but internationally the FAA has lost all credibility with this and all the international bodies will be looking to exercise their leadership. As AA is an American airline they can and likely could fly based on FAA ruling but if the international put in place must more restrictions like extensive simulator training it will put AA in a pickle. So if the MAX continues to be grounded, a likelhood AA would have to either swap in or cancel flights as airplanes don't just appear.
  4. Having done about 300 segments and more than three quarter of a million miles, almost 90% in economy over the last 2 1/2 years, let me tell you 12-14 hours in a dark economy with some overflowing neighbor is very different than a car, even with all the available wifi entertainment. Factor in wait times at airport, even in lounges with all you can eat and drink, no question reduced actual fly time is desired. My son flies business, lucky deep pocket, employer on the same route I did, even he will attest in business and lie down and all the comforts a 3-5K ticket gets you it ain't like being locked in your car or desk at work. I have every convenience ( APAC, Global Entry, lounge access, 5 star hotel, and driver waiting as I exit customs ) 14 hours in a dark narrow can at 35000 feet is what it is, now to do it for vacation, of course worth it. Would I pay extra like 3x for vacation, NEVER
  5. Cruise are vacations we take maybe once every year or every other year. I do take many vacations per year, it is all about the ports and desire to do a a port / day or 6 ports in 7 or 8 days. Beats doing that by land, nothing in life or vacation is optimal as a port per day is sometimes too short, and mostly just enough, so all about the ports
  6. One person's is another person's dead ship, LOL But if you sail Carnival you are aware of their image, and you are sailing out of LA and going to Mexico Riveria, why are you surprised there aren't a ton of those that get the drink package, the result isn't just "partying" but drunk partying. As others say go high end and pick your port/schedule carefully. Nothing worse than a rich drunk person though who is DYKWIA
  7. I'm waiting for this camera, my iPhone as I'm finding more and more good enough and that good is getting better and better, LOL
  8. Like others I did NCL Star with 1-10pm, they arrived earlier, we took a tour that took us to the pier, but be warned the pier is a jammed place as part of it was destroyed and getting rebuilt. If you are looking to secure independent transportation it was a mess with it backed to the main road at the top. we were lucky our van and bus tours all were down and waiting, but if you are securing some transportation that wasn't prepared you could be stranded for hours. We had time for tour of of several places, and timing wasn't perfect as even though you leave at 10, you do need to plan to either negotiate the walk down ( donkey gifts and all ) or wait in the long line for the cable car, for us we were the last ship and we still waited almost 45' to get down. We did hit all the check boxes including a very nice almost sunset view. In the end have no desire to be with the hordes to catch that sunset, LOL
  9. Capability only matters if that is something you will use, if you are happy with what your current phone/camera does then all the capability really matters little and is money wasted, don't buy the hype, understand what you need, not what media convinces you you want/need, LOL Every company wants you to buy something that is better/faster or whatever to part with you from your hard earned money!
  10. What are the perks for status? I think Princess is my most sailed and I can’t remember anything that wild make me choose them over ports/price. My hotel and airline completely different, I will compromise a bit to go with them, get miles and points for free stays, free suite and first class upgrades and all sorts of other perks. Anyone have a notable list of what perks cruise lines giver that come close to what hotels or airlines do? What is really “free” or a noteworthy perk please tell, LOL
  11. When I was young and didn’t travel much I never took the vaccine and lived the wild adventure, now that I travel every week and get exposure to people from all over the world I always take the flu vaccine. But the viruses are everywhere, just different times leads to different risk conditions. Every year what mutations make it out of Asia leave us with the roll of the dice! Early in the season the CDC and others look to make the vaccine cocktail for what they think is coming. Vaccinations, eating healthy, staying healthy are your best deterrents, but nothing is fool proof, but you can live in free, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  12. Nikon, what a joke non-announcement, of course there is a D6 coming after D5, it is an Olympic Year and before each summer there has been a D announcement, but this one was so weak, only there to stop the bleeders and defectors. Frankly more FPS and or resolution can’t move me, nor bump in real sensitivity. I frankly don’t crop that much, peep that much, nor shoot in the that dark caves, but the fate of Canikon and Sony will be interesting to watch this coming decade, one of not two will be gone IMHO
  13. Please do share, internet, wikipedia, the demise of music/books, iphone with world at your fingertips, FB and instgram. Thinks like going to the moon, driverless cars aren't what I call a prediction, the complete changing of social structure and how people behave and the moral and economic underpinnings is what is more intellectually interesting.
  14. 1/2 as long but 3x the price, who would do it, that was what doomed the concord also. Price depends on volume but when you move to faster than speed of sound efficiency and fuel burn go crazy, so even in the booming middle class the number of people that would pay premium first class to travel econ style is limited. Limited market means low probability, it would be like asking how mainstream can suite only cruise ship be?
  15. Rotation is a good way to do a check, but what when everyone flushes or turns on AC to cold at the same time 😁 In the end nothing that is complex comes out perfect, unless there is BIST or something like they have in complex computer ships, and even then that isn't "perfect."
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