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  1. Will there be cruising, yes, what it will look like and who will be there, that is the 20 billion dollar question the lenders are wondering and gambling about, LOL
  2. To test protocols and their effectiveness I think they need to introduce a few elements 1) Of course the strict mask and social distancing and such 2) Anti vaccination folks and high risk volunteers standard "American" high risk 3) Some people with vaccination and some w/o just placebo 4) Some know active COVID cases Then just like Princess Diamond we can test the effectiveness of 1) as we all know 2), 3) and 4) will most certainly also be on board. This would really be a boom to validate vaccination, protocols and demographics and health!
  3. The ships that aren't paid for are also depreciating asset, regardless of whether they sail you got to make payment and depreciate the asset.
  4. I'll be in Taiwan shortly, 14 day quarantine then after that pretty much normal life.
  5. For everyone buying there is someone else who is sure it's topped out. One think's he's in easy money and the other is thinking sucker, LOL
  6. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/royal-caribbean-cdc-trial-cruises-covid/index.html Interesting a little different than volunteering for vaccination trail, here you get the full meal deal; buffet, theater, bar, pool, elevator ride with strangers, lots of passing by in the spacious corridors. Be sure to wear your mask, wash wash, and don't touch anything, LOL
  7. Like all things in life a routine is good, one that is stable with family even better. The kink to probably most of us is how other things we took for granted like mingling with friends, out to eat, vacations and travel, and of course cruising are now so far out in the future, hard to put prospective on the daily life.. I do know, actually already appreciate, that this situation with so much family time will be special at least to me, to my kids not so much 🙄
  8. The efficacy is calculated by looking at the number of positive COVID for those that got the vaccines versus those that got the Placebo. It isn't a statement that 90% of the ones are fully protected, that will take larger statistics and long time study. The ethics prevent a simple test. They gave the blind vaccine or placebo to what 44,000 people, then out of that there were 94 people that got COVID, I can assume they came from mostly those that got placebo and a few from those with vaccine and with those very low numbers decided viola 90%. Far easier if they just gave the vaccine to "X" number of people and then subjected them to various levels of live virus to see how well it work, opps that isn't very ethical. While encouraging this is just the first step, call it 3 inning of the 1st game of a possible 7 game world series, LOL
  9. Ground Hog day 241 🤢 Up 6:30am unload dishwaster, grind the coffee beans and make 10 cups, read WSJ, NYT, check stock and decide on trading for the day 7:30:-8:30 kids wandering down for breakfast and morning conversation 8:30 retire to the study for work/WebEx/Teams, check stocks and make any possible adjustments. 10:30 Walk the dogg 11:45: Decide if I exit market or hold. 12:00 Lunch with the kids 12:30-4:00 back to office for work/WebEx/Teams 4:00 To the Gym or my daily cardio 6:00 Dinner with the family 7:00-9:00 meeting with the Far East 9:00-11:00 Netflix, Disney+, AmazonPrime, AppleTV 11:30 retire to bet Tomorrow repeat for day 242
  10. October, nope, vaccine won't get rolled out till likely late Q1 then to get enough doses and to get enough of the population to herd immunity, easily Q3 or later. what is more amazing how they decided a few thousand people for 5-7 days is okay but 10 days is too dangerous only raises the insanity of public health policy in the wester world. Is it any wonder most of the wester world is going thru a massive new spike and lockdowns compared to other areas
  11. The statistics for larger ship will be even more ominous for insuring everyone ship sailing will have someone with COVID and a week sucking each other's air, the outcome is all but assurd.
  12. Cool, I'm lookin forward to doing some bookings on it. I have some great memories on the Sapphire! A worthy reward for a country and people who got their at together and can now get about and about and enjoy life, sometimes when you band together and sacrifice you are rewarded!
  13. The news is encouraging and as a larger for the best interested of community or humanity if and when we get some agency's certifying them as safe then I'd think many should get it if available But how anyone knows something last a year when it isn't even been out a year is laughable.
  14. So how does the general population feel about this, exhausted and accepting, or in rebellion ? I know the US with the love of freedom/liberty that this would cause a lot of friction especially as you know 47% of the population feel it is a hoax or were cheated.
  15. Vaccine is still going to be another 9 months or so, winter looks worst than grim. Leadership won’t make a change till February at the earliest. Ships lined up for the junkyard and I could see Carnival debt become junk status. Any predictions when real cruising will start w/o an outbreak killing the party ?
  16. the whole pandemic is a fluke, yeah do you understand biology and disease math?
  17. testing for only is a snapshot in time, without 14 day quarantine even this is t fully safe.
  18. More interesting is short term press doesn't imply long term health effects or efficacy will hold. Sadly the one that is first gets all the press but hopefully doesn't detract from the other efforts. Unlike somethings there might be more than one good cure.
  19. How about BeyondMeat, AMD, Nvidia, Amazon, the list is long, LOL
  20. Easy money, hope somebody was greedy and not to greedy, LOL
  21. The actual impact of COVID is far higher, look at the statistics of historical deaths compared to deaths in 2020 and almost in every country the number is far higher than the stated COVID deaths. There is so much collateral damage, sick people avoiding going to get treatment resulting in early death, to miss-diagnosis, etc. etc. Regardless world travel, leisure travel will forever be a little different as well cruising and self serve buffets, all for the better. Sad it took such a impact to get people to change, but such is it. Hopefully wearing a mask will become more accepted in the West as it is in the East
  22. I think in normal times, like on a plane when not wearing a seat belt, you are nicely asked, or entering a store w/o shoes or shirt, asked nicely to leave During times like now where there is a pandemic and people dying, I think fine/arrest is appropriate.
  23. Isn't it nice that now we have leadership that is a little more promoting of good behavior!
  24. LOL, the fundamentals are terrible thru middle of next year, those looking for a quick buck, how you got out.
  25. Leadership, discipline and the fact they are isolated by most countries, makes for resilience that most western societies are notably lacking.
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