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  1. Thanks for all the advice regarding the bathrooms and the supplied Items.
  2. Thanks jessandtwo, for movement within the cabin i'll have both my rollator and my cane. So as long as the scooter can fit into the Owners Suite i'll be ok once inside.
  3. Thanks for all the replies....... You Guys Rock!!!!!! The one HC suite must have already been booked for my sailing, because it didn't come up as available. I'm renting a scooter, but the width is only 22" wide. I will notify the Access Department, I need to notify them of my needs and limitations as well as my littles allergies. Lastly I don't need a HC bathroom as long as I can order a bath seat, which the scooter company also supplies. Again Thank You All
  4. I’m traveling on Royal Caribbean for the first time in 20 yo, I’ve only been on NCL in recent years. I just booked on the Oasis of the Seas in an Owner Suite, but I require a scooter for mobility and normally get a HA suite. Looking online the handicap cabins on RCCL ships only go up to the junior suites and I want a full suite. From the videos I’ve found online the door into the OS enters into the center of the room, so the scooter should fit. Has anyone traveled in such a room with a scooter? Would you recommend it? If you’ve traveled in any of the other
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