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  1. We were on the Freedom last week... missed Belize due to weather, re-routed to Costa Maya the next day. Excursion was refunded immediately and new ones were offered. Very impressed with how it was handled. Very smooth.
  2. I was on the Freedom last week.... we missed Belize due to weather, but went to Costa Maya instead. Nothing was said about coronavirus at all.
  3. Actually... I paid $81.19 total to park with EZ, shuttle included. It was about the same as Falstaff, but I had the option to walk over if the weather was nice. EDIT: I just looked at Falstaff again and they are $90 with shuttle, $75 without.
  4. I booked EZ Cruise because it appears to be a little closer than Falstaff... Falstaff was my second choice. I sail this Sunday so we will see if I made the right decision.
  5. This sounds like the best deal... but, if I book a walking reservation, can I change it when we get there if I see the walk is too far or the drop off line is too bad? We are leaving on a Sunday.
  6. Just an update... I was approved for the match on my second Lamanai reservation... also, $22 credit per person.
  7. Well, I didn’t realize I needed to do it for both my staterooms so I had to submit again, per their instructions 🤷🏻
  8. Thanks! I actually booked the same excursion in Belize... submitted my form... fingers crossed. I actually found it for $74.99 on shoreexcursioneer, so we will see.
  9. Circling back to the internet plans... if I purchase one, can it be used on multiple devices, just not at the same time? Or, does it register to the one device and you always have to use it? My wife and I may need to periodically check work email, just wondering if we can buy one plan, then log in at separate times to check. Thanks in advance!
  10. Can anyone explain the procedure to find the matching excursion and get the match with Carnival?
  11. And I assume when everyone says turn on airplane mode, they mean, everyone who did not purchase an internet plan, right? How do you use the hub app in airplane mode, I assume you allow wifi only?
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