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  1. I used this company back in October for Myan Ruins and Cenote tour. They were absolutely fantastic. I was skeptical due to lack of reviews, but there was no need. Husband and wife team that pay attention to every little detail. I took lots of pictures and I highly recommend.You can email if you want to see pics, cindy.word@comcast.net.
  2. Sorry I should have put the full name of the company Yucatan Cenote Eco - Aventuras
  3. Hi there. I have tried doing a search for this info but came up with nothing. This is a new company (approx. 1 year old) that does tours from this port. Below is the website. They have good reviews on TA, but only 5 of them. Their tours look good and they are reasonably priced. I am just a little apprehensive to book with them due to their lack of reviews. Has anyone here ever heard of this company and have any info you could share. Thank you Here is link to the company http://www.yucatancenote.com
  4. H5 Courtyard penthouse suite # 15126 is the one with the largest sq feet on the Getaway It has 349 instead of 328. If deck plans are identical it would follow for Breakaway.
  5. I have sailed on Silversea, but never on Cunard. I am looking for someone that has sailed on any of the luxury lines and also in the Grill suites section of Cunard to do a comparison. I realize the difference in what is included in the price, I am looking for a comparison of the overall experience and ambiance of this line as compared to the luxury lines. Thank you for any insight you can offer.
  6. Thank you Wendy. I will take your advice. I had tried doing a search first but did not net very good results searching for shore excursions on Regent. I guess you are right it will just need to be done by individual ports. I have been to many of these ports before, but not being on Regent before don't know what to expect from their "free" shore excursions. In the past I have hired private drivers and split the cost with 4 or 6 others as have always been with others. This time it is just the 2 of us so will probably just take the ones provided by the ship. Thanks again.
  7. First time on Regent and I am looking for advice on shore excursions for 2 itineraries. First is May 12-19 "Greek Isle Classics" (Istanbul to Athens) and the next is May 19th -June8th Romantic Renaissance (Athens to Venice) There are several choices to pick from in each port and I was just wondering if there are reviews from others on which are the best, or most popular. Does anyone know the best way to find out from past Regent customers which of these "free" excursions are the best? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Train takes 4 hours not 5. And yes you do have to check in early BUT..... it does not feel early! Remember you fall back 3 hours (or so we did from Central time) so while it is 5:45 am in your mind it is only 8:45 am. I am NOT a morning person and hate getting up early. I almost did not do the train just for the reason of having to get up so early. It was no problem even though we got to Anchorage late an did not get to bed until after midnight. The train was a highlight of the trip. It is spectacular and I is first day so you are excited with anticipation. you will not regret it. Totally awesome!
  9. from what I observed those reservations did not make much of a difference, but then again we ate at different times from you. But I think they just take so many reservations then hold lots of space open for walk in's. I have found the same thing on NCL. I would call for reservations and be told they were full then just show up and get a table. Next time try just showing up and I bet get seated right away
  10. Hi there, was on same cruise as you. Didn't we have fantastic weather! We did the as you wish dining and never called to make reservations. we just showed up when we were ready to eat and only once did we wait more than 5-10 minutes that was on first formal night and they screwed up marked us off the list without beeping us! We usually at 8-8:30. Did you try just showing up when you wanted to eat. The dining room never looked full to me. Wine service was slow for us! your report is great.
  11. it was a highlight of our trip! All of us agree from 20 year old girls, 24 year old son to husband and I. Absolutely beautiful, You can walk all over that train so you don't get board. Make sure you go up to the dome cars. you can get buy one get one free coupons on ebay They come out of a coupon book. I paid $5.00 for coupon and it saved me $160 on 2 tickets. only use one per booking so made 2 bookings. Would always take the train if I return.
  12. I just called in to inquire about the policy as I am sailing on HA this coming Sunday. I was told this is all the buzz in the office right now and the new policy will not start taking affect until Jan, 2014.
  13. cruisinpashmina, don't know if you have left yet or not. I leave on Sunday. Have you signed up for your excursions yet? Just wondering if you are doing the full day in Hanoi. I noticed that a full day private van in not much more per person than going on the big bus. A van holds 6. It is such a long day I thought it might be nice to speed the process up a little by having our own vehicle. Are you interested? If not we will probably just go on the bus, or maybe even do the Red river delta. My email is cindy.word@comcast.net if you would like to respond that way.
  14. I just called to check on the ports for Hong Kong and Bangkok. They are as follows: Hong Kong :Ocean terminal in Kowloon Bangkok: Port of Klong toey
  15. Yeah! So glad to meet someone else on this sailing. Traveling with your daughters, how wonderful! We have twin girls and a son (all young adults) but they are not going to be with us this time (much to their disappointment!) Thank you for the tips on what to do. I think, as you suggested, I will just book the excursion through the ship this time. Is the junque tour that you are recommending the one offered through the ship? I already put that one in my cart as I like the fact it comes right up to our ship to get us. Also, do you happen to know the pier in Hong Kong where we will board? I am looking at hotels so wondering which are close to the pier. However, I think you are doing BTB cruises so you will not be needing a room in Hong Kong and may not know this.
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