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  1. I remember seeing your report on TV when they aired it. Have really loved your review. Thank you for getting me excited about my next cruise.
  2. I was wrong the freeplay also has the 1 year sailing limitation.
  3. Not only is it 14 days from booking, the sail date has to be within a year. So that eliminated my newest cruise. It looks like the $100 freeplay is 30 days still with no sailing limitation.
  4. Thanks for the replies! Not sure how many are going to be in our group yet. Last cruise we had 22 but I'm guessing this one will be closer to 10 maybe. We are normally a drive to the port kind of group and this time will involve flying into Florida. This is actually my favorite part, planning everything.
  5. I've been a regular Carnival cruiser for years and have 1 Royal cruise under my belt. It was not an enjoyable experience because of circumstances out of Royal's control and what I thought was lackluster food. The highlight of that trip was the suite and the concierge we had on the Liberty of the Seas. I am now looking at the Harmony of the Seas and the 2BR Aquatheater suites. From my understanding the Genie that is part of the Star class suites will make my previous experience look a little bland. I have also read there seems to be a marked difference depending on the Genie. My questions really focus on 2 things. From my research it appears the there is some subtle difference in the dining package and that the Star class gets some of the upcharged meals, ie the seafood tower, included. I was wondering if that was actually noted somewhere or is that just something that is done. The second question is hosting a small party in your suite. I've read where people talk about the Genie helping arrange one and they would get it stocked with beer and soft drinks but I was reading on Royal's site and it made it sound like that was a special event that was handled via catering with a cost associated. A third question is in regards to noise in the Aquatheater suites. I have read differing opinions on the noise level. Some have said it was bad inside the cabin and others have said that it was only bad when on the balcony. To be honest it won't stop me from booking that cabin as the noise is absolutely not an issue for me. One last thing, I would love to hear suggestions of the best use of the Star class perks and how to make the most of the cruise. I am really looking forward to booking this trip as when I look back on my previous Royal cruise I have come to the conclusion that I really missed out on what should have been a fabulous vacation because of my injuries. It seems I liked everything about it better than my previous Carnival cruises except the food. Thanks for reading my rambling.
  6. I didn't find Royal head and shoulders above Carnival overall. I do love Carnival but on most aspects of the actual cruise I found Royal better. Now some of that might have been the Vista Suite but I am looking forward to going on an Oasis class ship. That will probably be my next non group cruise with just the family. I do leave on a Carnival 4 day cruise tomorrow and I am really looking forward to the food after the Royal trip.
  7. Been a Dallas Stars fan since they moved down here. My daughter also played hockey, inline and ice. She lives down in Austin and still plays in a couple of leagues as does her husband.
  8. We had 20 but 3 people didn't want it and I had a free 1 device package. So everyone who wanted access took part. We were spread across 7 cabins.
  9. We bought 4 4-device packages for our group. It made the internet package really affordable. One of the best things we bought on the trip.
  10. You are absolutely correct. It is one of the reasons I wanted to wait and write the review. My last 7 day on Carnival I had a great time and had considered it one of my best but when I looked back on it I realized the actual cruise was nothing special. The reason I enjoyed it was the excursions and the people with us. This cruise was just the opposite. I had a horrible time but when I look back at it, the cruise itself was fine and I honestly feel if I hadn't injured my ankle it would have been awesome except for the food. My biggest regret was not partaking in more of what was offered. And of course it could have just been a bad week for the food.
  11. We were testing Palo Alto Global Protect at my office.
  12. We went with a small group on the Oct 13 Liberty of the Seas cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. This review is a little late. I wanted to get a little distance from the trip before posting a review. It was not a good trip and I wanted to make sure I was fair to Royal Caribbean in my review. I am a long time Carnival cruiser and this was my first RCI cruise. We chose this cruise for one reason. The 4BR Vista suite came open and it fit with our time frame. We had a total of 7 cabins booked for 14 guests and there were 8 of us in the suite. It has been too long to really go into a lot of details on each day but I wanted to comment on the experience. I should have known this was not going to be a good trip as several things happened since we first booked. To start with the very next day we booked I suffered a stroke. Six weeks before the trip I was in an accident that tore up my shoulder requiring surgery. The day before leaving for the cruise I was hit on the way to work. That night I am informed my mother and step-father are not going because he suffered a fall, and no they declined to purchase insurance. All that being said I was still super excited to go. I was really excited out the suite and finally getting a vacation after everything that had gone on the previous 18 months. I also injured my ankle on day 1 which really clouded my experience which is primarily why I wanted to have a little time before writing my review. Instead of giving a more detailed day by day break down of the cruise I am going to just comment on what I liked and disliked about the cruise. First the things I really liked. 1 - The suite experience. It was amazing. The concierge, Nadja, was completely amazing and spoiled us. Anything we needed or any issue we had she fixed it. I can only imaging what a Genie is like on the bigger ships. We loved and enjoyed the daily happy hour in the lounge and the little extras that came with the cabin. We had dining room dinner delivered to the room one night which was a nice bonus. 2 - The service elsewhere was outstanding too. The dining room staff and stateroom attendant were attentive and friendly. We had My time dining and had the same time reservations every night and the same staff. 3 - I loved the adult pool on the ship. I am unable to easily get in and out of pools because of my disability but this one had steps and rails to allow me to easily enter and exit. Loved it. 4 - The quality of the shows was more than one step better than Carnival. It wasn't even close from what I saw. The only problem was I didn't get to enjoy them as much as I wanted. Didn't see any comedians and missed several shows I would have like to see. 5 - The internet service was way better than expected. Didn't really have any issues all trip. Several peple streamed football games on their devices. On Carnival I don't even bother buying service because it barely works. I was also able to VPN into work the first day and worked that morning with no issues. I also liked the way they sold the packages. Better service for a cheaper price because we had so many people and could buy multi-device plans. The things I didn't like. 1 - The food. I didn't do any specailty dining outside Johnny Rockets. I didn't have any pizza so I can't comment. I felt the food in the dining room was bland and really not very good. The first night what I had was so bad I had to order a grilled cheese sandwich after dinner and even that was undercooked. I only had one good meal and that was the next to last night. The prime rib and lobster was very good. The rest of the nights were edible. That is the best I can say about it. Johnny Rockets was a decent hamburger but the fries were not very good. This was the one place where Carnival definitely has an edge. Overall I didn't have a great vacation because my ankle injury on top of my disablility issues limited what I could do on the ship. As great as the cabin was the walk to the elevators was a little too much for me. Luckily my wife talked me into getting a foot and ankle massage on the next to last day and during the treatment she popped my ankle back into place. Swelling immediately improved. I was still sore but it was a major improvement which allowed me to do more the last day. I am not completely sold on Royal Carribbean but I definitely want to do another one. I want to do one of the bigger ships and I will just be sure to include the unlimited dining package and just consider it part of the cruise costs. I also would want to do a suite. Nadja spoiled me. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks for reading.
  13. Is sports betting available on all their ships? Do they offer parlay's, money line bets, or over/under or just single game line bets? This would really make my upcoming cruise way more exciting.
  14. Thanks for your review and I love your website. I'm in the Villa suite in October so reading about it has been nice. I have also been experiencing the joys of Royal shore side customer service. We have 8 in the suite and 14 other right by us and I have been worried about dining. I'm glad to hear the concierge is helpful. One question that is probably weird, does the pub have a dart board? We enjoy that the carnival ships have at least a plastic tip board. Once again I am enjoying your review.
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