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  1. Excerpt from an email I received from Seabourn today in which they announce new Greece itineraries on board Ovation this summer: On board, we have implemented enhanced health and safety measures guided by our team of medical experts. Seabourn Ovation has abundant space for our guests to comfortably enjoy the outdoors and indoors and have beautiful views of the ocean from nearly anywhere on the ship. All guests will require proof of vaccination to sail. Additionally, we plan to vaccinate our award-winning Seabourn team members on Seabourn Ovation.
  2. @Stickman1990Thanks for posting this excellent interview with Jack Anderson. I was particularly struck by his forthright acknowledgment of Crystal's poor performance on refunds/commissions along with his sincere commitment to set things right for affected guests and travel partners. His candor and humility will go a long way to re-instilling my confidence in Crystal, which had taken a hit over the past year. I also really enjoyed hearing his take on Crystal river cruises, since we have future bookings on both Moselle and Rhine. It certainly looks like rivers will be a profitable growth
  3. Light at the end of the long refund tunnel? Posted March 11 on Crystal website: Update on Progress of Refunds UPDATED Thursday, March 11, 2021 While the company continues to make progress with outstanding refunds, we wanted to provide an overall update on the situation as we have pledged to do so when more information becomes available. To begin with, the entire team at Crystal understands and recognizes that those who have not yet received their refunds are frustrated, and we know that we continue to fall short of our service standard and we sincerely apologize for that. A
  4. The original Order by the Canadian Minister of Transport included a carve-out which allowed vessels to transit the Inside Passage. Foreign vessels in certain waters (2) Despite section 3, a foreign vessel may, in the Great Lakes, the Inside Passage, the St. Lawrence River, the Gulf of St. Lawrence or the St. Lawrence Seaway (a) navigate, if passage is expeditious; and (b) moor, berth or anchor if those activities are incidental to the passage. So cruise ships could "expeditiously" sail the Inside Passage enroute to Alaska from Seattle, but they would still be bound b
  5. No, I don't think so. The key for a vessel to be allowed to moor, berth or anchor during free navigational passage is that those activities must be incidental to the passage. In other words, an unforeseen event or an emergency. Any planned anchoring for "technical stops" would be intentional, not incidental, and hence not permitted. It's also my understanding that "technical stops" are no longer permitted since 2007 when the CBP ruled they did not meet the definition, nor the intent, of a foreign port call under the PVSA and disallowed them. And to keep this on topic ... thanks Susi
  6. The original Ministerial Order included a carve-out for vessels to transit the Inside Passage. Cruise ships could "expeditiously" sail those waters enroute to Alaska from Seattle, but they would still be bound by the PVSA requirement to stop at a foreign port. That's the real sticking point. Foreign vessels in certain waters (2) Despite section 3, a foreign vessel may, in the Great Lakes, the Inside Passage, the St. Lawrence River, the Gulf of St. Lawrence or the St. Lawrence Seaway (a) navigate, if passage is expeditious; and (b) moor, berth or anchor if those activitie
  7. @rafinmdRoy, I'm so sorry to learn about the passing of your brother as well as your own health challenges. You are a literal ray of sunshine here and I hope these clouds lift away from you soon. All the best.
  8. According to my contact at SB, itineraries and pricing for the 2023 World Cruise and the 2023 Grand Voyage are expected to be released to the general public in Feb 2021.
  9. Thanks to you @KenzSailingwe bought the Philips Compact Airfryer today, digital of course! Also ordered America's Test Kitchen "Air Fryer Perfection" but just like @JunelovestocruiseI couldn't find the spiral bound edition in Canada. So excited to have this stuff and can't wait to get cooking. Yam fries up first!
  10. Super helpful @KenzSailing. I had narrowed my choice down to Philips Turbostar or Cuisinart Compact and now the decision is clear. Excellent advice to take a peek at air fryer cookbooks. I usually just google and land on some random food blog. Many thanks! Have you made yam fries in the Philips? I've tried every hack to get them crispy in a conventional oven, with little success. My DH loves yam fries and that will be my first test for our soon-to-be-purchased air fryer. Thanks again!
  11. Kenz, what air fryer do you have? We're in the market so I'm researching brands/models. I've read a ton of reviews by experts and homecooks which has left me decidedly undecided on what to buy. I'd welcome any tips.
  12. CabinBoy, I'm sorry your cruises were cancelled as I know you were looking forward to sailing with Seabourn. I hope you get another opportunity to experience the SB magic. Just a thought as you ponder whether to take a refund or FCC. I've noticed recently that some SB promotional offers are not available to guests who use FCCs. For example, the fine print on the current Black Friday deals says: Guests using a Future Cruise Credit and/or rebooking from 2020/2021 voyages impacted by a pause in operations are not eligible for this offer. I'm not sure if SB will rigidly apply this restrict
  13. I noticed that as well but I figured Kent Zhu could be reflecting about GHK plans for Crystal when they purchased them in 2015, so using past tense would be appropriate. Or maybe something was lost in translation.
  14. Crystal updated their Refund Advisory yesterday Oct 20. No news ... just an acknowledgement of what has been apparent for some time. They have fallen short of their 6* service standard. They remain committed to honoring their contractual obligations. Be prepared to wait an unknown length of time for your refund. And of course, they still appreciate your patience and understanding. https://www.crystalcruises.com/advisory-alerts/issuance-of-cruise-refunds Processing & Issuance of Cruise Refunds UPDATED Tuesday, October 20, 2020 Crystal’s parent co
  15. It looks the same this morning ... but sun is hiding behind the clouds!
  16. sfvoyage, do you know if the combinability rules for the $400 referral OBC have changed? In the past, Seabourn would not allow it to be combined with any OBC that came directly from them. Exceptions were OBC from CCL share ownership or OBC coming from a TA that was not an SB flow-through. I know the new $250 referral OBC can be combined with any other OBC but I'm not sure if SB is now allowing the same for the $400 referral OBC? I still have a couple of $400 referral certificates but have been hesitant to use them. I got caught in the past when I referred SB first-timers who had OBC on th
  17. As already mentioned, Seabourn and Crystal are our favorite lines and we sail both happily. I'm by no means a Crystal cheerleader (am seriously ticked off by their response to covid refunds) but I'm surprised to read so many negative comments here about their passenger mix. Maybe we've been lucky, but I gotta say we've not encountered many snooty, unfriendly or judgemental passengers on Crystal, whether on their ocean or river vessels. For the most part, our fellow passengers were enjoyable traveling companions. Sure some acted with a sense of entitlement, but we've seen a few of those on
  18. We've been on that mailing list for years and Seabourn has been featured since at least 2015. Usually SB deals are advertised at least 4-6 months before sailing and quite often much longer in advance. The "package" is definitely attractive in the beginning, but as time goes on and SB sweetens the pot with price reductions or additional perks that don't apply to the "package", its value diminishes. We know a couple who've cruised multiple times through that agent and they have always been very pleased. We like to look but have never been tempted!
  19. If you cancelled before Crystal did, I think you'd be bound by the regular cancellation provisions in force at the time. The following Ts & Cs would apply to bookings still in place when Crystal cancelled on July 31: Cruise Cancellations: Ocean and Yacht Voyages Through December 2020 UPDATED Friday, July 31, 2020 3pm EST Like all travel enthusiasts, we are eagerly anticipating the day we can return to sailing the world again and welcome our guests back aboard. Unfortunately, the constantly changing variables related to Covid-19, coupled with differing r
  20. Here is the next notice posted April 2 for voyages through May 2020. Sorry for all the bullets! Hope this helps Lord Haw Haw. Additional Cruises Cancelled: Crystal's Ocean, River and Yacht Sailings UPDATED Thursday, April 2, 2020 6pm EST Crystal continues to closely monitor the latest developments as the unprecedented situation concerning COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Due to temporary closures of European ports, it is with regret that we have made the decision to cancel the following Crystal sailings:
  21. Lord Haw Haw ... the following was posted on March 19 and covered voyages through April 2020. I'll post another notice separately. Crystal's Ocean, River and Yacht Sailings UPDATED Thursday, March 19, 2020 7pm EST Crystal continues to closely monitor the latest developments as the unprecedented situation concerning COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Due to temporary closures of European ports, it is with regret that we have made the decision to cancel the following Crystal sailings: Crystal Cruises: • Crystal Serenity | April 21, 2020 | 12 nights | Rome to M
  22. Email received today (Sept 22) shows that Crystal has reduced the no money down deposit window from 90 days to 30 days. By Ocean, River, Yacht or Expedition, the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line invites you to plan your next great adventure with total peace of mind and special savings. From Crystal Confidence 2.0 offering reservations with no money down, a 30-day deposit window and more to our no-risk reduced deposit Easy Book program and Crystal Voyage Assurance providing enhanced protection in the event of unforeseen travel restrictions, you can prepare for the travel you love wit
  23. I agree in part with your observation. The CDs we've had on Crystal were a tad aloof and rather stuffy compared to the friendly and outgoing CDs we've had on Seabourn. I think that's consistent with the onboard vibe and "culture" of the respective lines. Seabourn tends to be more carefree and relaxed which creates a warm and comfortable environment. On Crystal the vibe is more reserved and buttoned down. The difference shows up in the attitude and behavior of officers, staff and crew. But I think Russ Grieve is an exception! He is relatively new to Crystal but IMHO is a wonderful addi
  24. Ken, that "plus" language is straight from the SB website. If your voyage qualifies, I can't imagine your TA would have any difficulty in getting both for you. Now I have a question for you. We've done many refares when the price was reduced before final payment and our amount due was decreased accordingly. We've also had the odd occasion when we received OBC when the base fare was reduced after we made final payment. I'm curious how things work if you refare for a lower price after you've made early final payment far in advance. How will Seabourn refund the difference to you? By cr
  25. This online description of the 10% Early Bonus Savings uses the word "Plus" in bold so it appears to be combinable with the Sensational Suite Savings Event. https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/deals/early-bonus-savings/early-bonus-savings.html Experience the best of extraordinary worlds on board the best at sea. We are pleased to offer a special 10% savings on select sailings for new and existing bookings when you book now and pay in full. Plan your next ultra-luxury getaway and save today. Stated pricing does not refl
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