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  1. I would try to change- the accessible rooms, while larger- have features that work for handicapped people- the sinks are much lower, to accomodate a wheel chair as are the closets.  The shower  is roll in and the water leaks all over the bathroom floor- again perfert for those requiring a wheelchair.  


    Enjoy your cruise.

  2. Interested in this comparison .  We are Elite plus on Celebrity and Diamond on Royal (without the reciprocity)  We didn't like Princess as much as Celebrity-found it "plain vanilla" and Carnival- not for us either-  Also tried Disney- but it is very overpriced and for a niche market for young children and those who enjoy Disney.  NCL IMO is at the bottom of our list-unless you sail in the haven which is very good- but pricey.


    Thus far- the negative take a way is the smoking policy- that might make me not consider HAL.  For now, will stick with Royal and Celebrity.

  3. 2 hours ago, Milwaukee Eight said:

    I never noticed before if one could reserve Aqua Theater shows on cruise planner. We only needed reservations for the Comedy Club.  

    Unless you are in a suite, you have to reserve all of the shows- If in a suite, only the Comedy club.  Not sure what applies to the top tier Royal members.

  4. On 10/13/2019 at 5:06 PM, Pstreet12 said:

    Other than a, slightly, larger cabin, are there any benefits to booking a suite on a non-Oasis class or non-Anthem class ship?


    While you get benefits a listed in other posts, we were in an owners suite on the Adventure of the seas and very disappointed.  We love the suite lounges on the Oasis class ship, but on the adventure, it was a makeshift lounge with a portable bar.  Not the usual snacks and drinks as on the other ships.  No true suite deck, a few chairs in direct sun by the regular pool.  We like the hot tub, suite cabanas and bar on the Oasis class ships- 


    Missed a true suite restaurant also.  On a positive note the suite was a good size with plently of storage, and we like no reservations and priority entrance to shows.

  5. On 10/7/2019 at 9:01 AM, DivaMI said:

    If you had the deluxe drink package you could have told the bartender how to make your drink and what liquors to put in it and how much. I love Bloody Mary's so I will tell them extra spicy and extra Titos. They will accommodate.

    Also, with the delux drink package- we always tell the bartenders to use "top shelf" liquor.  It makes a difference.

  6. While a junior suite is a good sized cabin with a huge walk in closet, bidding on it will actually lessen the likelihood of you getting a true suite that includes great perks.  If your jr suite bid is accepted it will cancel out the bid for grand suite or higher.  The ship has many more JR suites then the true suites


    Enjoy your cruise, regardless of which cabin/suite you are sailing in .

  7. 5 minutes ago, eroller said:



    I agree.  It was a novelty.  Fine for one drink but not someplace I would want to hang out for any length of time.  I preferred the Champagne Bar.  Besides, nothing beats a human bartender with personality and generous pours!  

    Would be great if the bionic bar was changed into a true Martini bar like on the Celebrity ships- (except the edge)  The ice top is fun and watching the bartenders prepare drinks a show! 

  8. 1 hour ago, Deseo1578 said:

    is this for room, or per person?



    Per room- also if you are in the picture and include others- will be covered for your package.  Question- I called Royal and was told not available for my cruise-  I used to book directly from mycruisephotos.com but cannot any longer- not out my sailing website yet- 

  9. 2 hours ago, John&LaLa said:


    But wouldn't the same apply to Rising Tide or Wonderland bar, etc. and their high end drinks

    We tried the bionic bar on the Quantum.  What a gimmick!  Also the drinks were horrible and served in a small paper cup- went on the Harmony and wouldn't try it again- what a waste that is.

  10. I wouldn't really care the average age as my DH and I typically enjoy our own company.  We work during the year, have great family and friends at home- so we aren't looking to make any great friendships on board.  Have enjoyed taking to many people of all ages and from a variety of states and countries.


    Enjoy your cruise.



  11. 28 minutes ago, vtcruising said:

    Did you hear anything onboard about whether they were planning to do more work at next dry dock (as we have heard on Cruise Critic)? It looks like she goes in next in June 2021.


    This fleet guide seems to have the present planned dry dock dates (of course, they may change again):


    Well guess we will miss the renovation.  We sail on the Equinox,  March 2021.  But we know what to expect and will not even go on the suite deck.

  12. 30 minutes ago, chemmo said:


    We have never requested restaurant food delivered to our room either....If we decide to dine in suite we usually want something simple. 


    No excuse for your butler not delivering snacks, never known this happen, I assume you addressed it with him or the concierge? 


    I must say some of our best cruises were when we did have one of those stunning butlers who did go above and beyond...

    I didn't report him- felt that he could loose his job- But I agree, we once had a female butler who was so great it was my husbands birthday and she handmade a beautiful sign for our suite.  She was the best!  

  13. 12 hours ago, vtcruising said:

    I think this is the latest timeline:



    We were recently on the Equinox which had a partial redo- very disappointing as the suite deck wasn't finished and just a hot area with sun and no shade and no bar, water feature etc. Other renovations were also lacking-  Hope that they bring it back to complete the renovations before our next Equinox cruise.

  14. Tried to book an all inclusive photo package for our upcoming January cruise on the Harmony.  We were told it isn't available.  We hope that it will be as we find it the only "bargain" on the cruise.  We typically take many pictures daily- and when in port-  on our last cruise, we were given a site to sign on into when we arrived home.  Were able to order albums for our preferred photo vendor.  So much better then carrying hard copies of pictures.  You can also print the photos at home if you have the proper printer and paper.


    Does anybody know if the all in package prior to the cruise is still offered?



  15. 9 hours ago, Xport said:

    On Edge, Luminae now offers the same array of “always available“ MDR items as are also offered in Blu...  Luminae on Edge does not offer access to the full MDR menu...

    Thanks a great improvement.  When we were on the Edge, we were advised that Lumanie was too far from the MDR and we couldn't order anything from it.  We will be on the Edge again in March and look forward to a second Edge cruise!

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