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  1. We booked the package- and do even if in a suite- we definately prefer dining in the specialty restaurants- Enjoy
  2. Didn't even realize that the suite deck didn't have any bathrooms. Walked up looked around and left- My DH and I also cannot and will not tolerate direct sun. He also had skin CA and we always sit and enjoy the shade. I think that the deck was so poorly designed, that while the cruise ship is sailing- it should be updated to include a pool, hot tub and umbrellas- A bar would also be appreciated. Why wait for another dry dock? It will turn off suite guests.
  3. Our Crown loft suite was oceanview facing- closer to the middle of the crown loft suites on the Harmony-picked the same location for our Oasis cruise in 2021. Very quiet- beautiful oceanview- not far from the coastal kitchen and suite lounge- loved the location. The doors to the crown loft suites wasn't locked most of the time.
  4. Actually after 30 celebrity cruises, 3 on the equinox- I must agree with you- even our Suite butler was overwhelmed and we didn't get the same service as we were used to- Michaels club was previously so much better- Better service from the staff- Hopefully, the next time we are on the Equinox, the retreat sun deck will be greatly improved also. That was a big disappointment after sailing on the Edge and accessing the edge suite deck-
  5. IMO since you are spending so much for an S3- not that much more for an S2. So much better- less noise- better view then having railings blocking your view- We did sail on the Edge last New Years and will again in March - S1 New Years- S2 March. But that is just my opinion- enjoy your cruise.
  6. That is pretty sad to hear! I would have gone to report them to the customer service manager. People should just have a little respect for themselves and others! You can have a great time without being obnoxious.
  7. Cannot believe those people weren't reported and put in "cruise ship" prison and dropped off at the next stop. Smoking isn't permitted in hot tubs. Not even sure if allowed on a cruise ship.
  8. Yes, I do recall one has a chair elevator- Scheduled to sail on the Harmony again in January, but due to a very expensive 2020 coming up- didn't book one- Will try to bid if the price isn't crazy for a CLS. But it is so much better the one oversized cabin. When we were in a grand suite- on the allure, I kept on walking into the oversized coffee table in the living room -ish area. If I ever get one again, will ask the butler to remove it.
  9. You cannot imagine the wonderful experience it is to have the crown loft suite! The view to die for- the steps aren't steep and well worth the walk to view the two story sea view, storage other amenities-we were also very close to the suite lounge and restaurant- we like to have the ocean side view vs the ship aft view crown loft suite. The two bathrooms are worth walking up a flight of stairs for- do not understand why the owners suite sometimes costs more. Obviously, if you are handicapped and cannot walk up stairs the crown loft suite will not work. But if you aren't you will have a wonderful experience! We have had owners and grandsuites on many Royal ships- but absolutely nothing compares to the Crown loft- IMO
  10. A good decision. IMO well worth it- We enjoy premium alcohol and bottled water and for that worth it!
  11. You can expect more children on Holiday sailings- but we never had a problem with them. We stay primarily in the adult areas- so not a problem. Of course you find a few wild kids pushing every button on the elevator or running in the hallways- but this can happen any cruise when a wild group of unsupervised kids gets together. Also, less kids on a 12 day sailing and less on Celebrity in general. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. Having sailed in all stateroom categories, except inside- I am not a fan of AQ. Many of the cabins are poorly located. Under the gym, whirlpools etc. So if you truly want to try AQ, check the deck above your cabin carefully. Try to be under the hair salon or a massage treatment room. Avoid the gym and busy pool areas. We didn't love Blu. It gets tired as for the past few years, it is the same old same old- no menu changes and the tables for two are too close. However many like the feel of restaurant dining vs. Catering hall style dining. I prefer a well located balcony cabin, midship with cabins above and below and the money saved dine nightly in speciality restaurants. However if the price is the same and you want captain club points- you get more with CC and AQ then regular balcony. Enjoy your cruise
  13. We had two fellows- do not recall their names- but they were excellent. I think they slept in our hallway! They were always their! Also two bathrooms was wonderful! We both could shower at the same time- Also when you reach a certain age- two bathrooms are great!! LOL.
  14. Figured that the venue would have been updated to include the "new" Le Petit Chef- Actually, we loved the original Qsine- we ate so many excellent dishes that were served in an unusual fashion, based on the country of origin of the dish. Since my DH eats different foods then I do, we did order many dishes, even when we were just the two of us- the portion size was adjusted. No maximum on what you can order. Enjoy- Both Le Petit Chef and the original Qsine are great!
  15. Try to go to both! Qsine has a wonderful dinner/show- Qsine has a beautiful view. If you book a package- cheaper- or book one and when you arrive, try to book the other for the first day- you can get a good discount- They also might do lunch which is also cheaper.
  16. Agree. On the S class ships a great location and plenty of privacy. The staff gives you great service. On the edge- the cabanas aren't private at all and really not worth any additional payment. The cabanas for two- are really reserved beds for two- Tiny. If you want a guaranteed seat near the pool, and willing to pay for it, do it-
  17. We also had a crown loft suite on our last Harmony cruise. What a treat!! Loved it! Have a CLS booked for the Oasis on a back to back- next year!!!
  18. My DH and I had a horrible experience last year disembarking from the Edge in Ft. Lauderdale. Reportedly an accident on the highway prevented cabs from entering the terminal. Instead of a line up a cabs, an unbelievable line up of passengers. We had to wait almost an hour on line to get a cab to the airport. I do not understand how people expect to take an early morning flight out of the airport and make it on time. Sometimes, you also get delayed disembarking as customs dosen't clear your ship quickly also. People need to plan their flights as "unexpected" problems might occur.
  19. If they catch you bye-bye cruise! It isn't allowed- fire code.
  20. Yes- happened to me also- you aren't supposed to bring extension cords, irons, steamers. You can bring hair dryers and curling irons. It happened to me in Fort Lauderdale.
  21. However, having sailed on both, you cannot compare Royal to NCL, unless you are in the Haven. The cabins on NCL are very small. Crowds all over the ship- you have to get up at dawn to get a seat by the pool. IMO food fair on NCL- so sometimes you get what you pay for! I would go for an oceanview on Royal rather then a mini on NCL. Enjoy your vacation
  22. Your granddaughter would have loved the Oasis class ships. We took our grandchildren on the Oasis and Allure and it was a wonderful experience for all. So much better then a hotel or apartment for a week. Worth a few extra dollars! IMO Enjoy your vacation.
  23. So wonderful! The only negative is that we had a CLS on our last Harmony sailing and it is hard to consider another type of stateroom! Enjoy your cruise!
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