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  1. Have been on both- but Grand suite on Harmony and Owners suite on Adventure. On the Adventure- one large room with a curtain to close off the sleeping area. My only negative about the Owners suite was the location. Under the pool. I believe the Grand suites aren't all located under the pool. My negative about the Grand suite on the Harmony was that the coffee table in the living area was much too large and I kept banging into it- We did move it. With both you get suite access to venues- if I had to do over again on the Adventure, would book a Grand suite with a better location and save the extra money. However, we booked a crown loft suite for our next Harmony cruise as the price with very good and we want to experience the two story suite.
  2. While the ship is very elegant- the cabins do not appear so. Lack of storage in staterooms. I like the cabinet over the bed on the Solstice class ships as well as the enclosed cabinets in the bathroom vs. open shelves. The infinite balcony is a great idea- but the furniture on it tacky. Would like foot stools. Will be on her in a few weeks and hopefully the lack of cabinet space will work. Yes, I do laundry on board- but enjoy having choices of shoes and clothes daily. Guess I will be living out of a suitcase. We also will be doing another cruise the following week on Royal in a much larger suite.
  3. All guests in the suite can dine in Luminae.
  4. Everything looks beautiful- but I do not believe that the CC cabins-or even the sky suites have adequate storage. We like the above the bed cabinets on the other S class ships and in the bathroom the cabinets vs. shelves. Missing other storage areas also. If you do not sleep three in the cabin, would have been nice to have under the couch storage also. We do not travel light. Guess we will have to keep many of our clothes in the suit case as we will be sailing for two weeks.
  5. Barefoot beach cabanas are only for suite guests. You typically book with the suite concierge. The nellies beach cabanas are open first come first serve and can be booked on line. They have waterfront, hillside and over the water types. You purchase on line but they are assigned on board. You get a memo from customer service on board regarding where to go to get your assigned cabana. If you wait until you board to rent a cabana it is unlikely you will get any as they book up quickly. Not familiar with bungalows
  6. I would strongly suggest that you try a cabin far from the end of the ship. A lot of noise from the new Terrace and also traffic. Movie screen on blasting noise to those cabins close to it.
  7. Actually my 18-20 year old granddaughters love dressing up and wearing very high heels- preferably from a designer!
  8. Having been on a few Celebrity cruises since this new policy was enacted, many men still dress up- again it is optional, but many men wear suits and sports jackets- We are going on a Celebrity cruise, the edge in a few weeks, a new years cruise and you can be sure many ladies and men will be dressed up.
  9. I find that the location of the CC cabins worth it. Like the priority boarding and the extra points- Sometimes the difference in price isn't much. Have also tried AQ and the location of the cabins in most cases horrible. Blu the food not great and the tables are on top of each other- If the price of CC isn't significant- worth it- if the price is much more- best to skip AQ and CC and book a decent balcony cabin with cabins above and below, and dine in specialty restaurants for the best food. Now we try for SS for all Celebrity cruises and if Celebrity suite prices are low enough for our budget book them. We like the extra room and storage.
  10. Many men were suits or sports jackets on chic night- supposed to be cocktail attire- what you might expect to wear to a country club function.
  11. We have also been invited to a Penthouse and Royal Suite. We have enjoyed Sky suites and a couple of Celebrity suites. We are sailing on the New Years eve edge suite- so the cost of both were prohibitive especially since we are cruising the begininng of Jan on the Harmony of the Seas-in a Crown loft suite-which was a bargain!! However, if we could afford it- why not go into a larger suite? I have witnessed friends and family "saving" and never reaching the age to spend or enjoy their savings- While I do not advocate going into debt- if you have the money spend it when you are well enough to enjoy it!
  12. Best Suite, Crown loft suite on the Harmony of the Seas! Two story, 30 ft window. Two bathrooms! Wow
  13. Maybe they will have padded cushions for the seat and back. Otherwise they do look like Backyard plastic chairs.
  14. not a great idea if any cabins are below the “disco” deck! lol
  15. If you need the extra points-worth it. Now they also give you a special lunch boarding day and priority boarding. Also as said, sometimes you get additional onboard credit. The locations of the cabin is typically also a plus. IMO for a couple of hundred dollars or less- worth it- but not more- AQ IMO not worth it- typically the cabins have a poor location, under a noisy deck. The canapés are a waste, do you really need more food?, as is the tea and atomizer they give you. We used the room in the lounge once- found it to be small especially on the M class ships. The restaurant blu is very crowded-like a small cosmopolitan dining room. IMO I would actually book a decent balcony cabin and use the money saved to dine 4 times in the specialty dining room.
  16. I agree! So many supersized pax now, also as was said wheelchairs, walkers etc.- they need larger chairs with more space in-between tables and chairs.
  17. Celebrity has most S2nd on the Solstice class ships under the buffet. Yes, sometimes you here chairs moving around and vacuuming noise- so not a new layout- also on Royal Explore ships, many suites under the pool deck and having stayed in an Owners suite on the Adventure- the noise was very disturbing- so I do not understand why this layout continues. I always thought best location midship-cabins above and below.
  18. We had a cabin once that was midship eith cabins above and below and heard a horrible noise and couldn’t sleep. Sounded like a large piece of sheet metal was being shook. They changed our cabin. However on the edge it must be all booked up! Hope not my cabin either!
  19. I agree with previous posters. Unless a family member was in the adjoining cabin, I would stay away from them. The noise from the other cabin comes through under the door. If you have quiet neighbors fine- but if not- can be noisy. The TV sound might annoy you.
  20. No- change your flight to something around 11 in order to remove stress. We have been on many cruises. Occasionally, you disembark later then you think as the port customs officers come late to clear the ship- then you have to disembark, even with self disembarkation a line, and get to the airport- clear the security ( we have TSA pre-check- but still a line) then get to your gate and board. You are supposed to arrive at least one hour before your scheduled flight-
  21. You are supposed to- but honestly have seen the luggage of other cabins arrive at the same time.
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