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  1. Agree. We also prefer the premium alcohol which would cost additional on the regular package. Like you, we enjoy Evian, Pellegrino and soda drinks on occasion.
  2. Hope you get the CLS! My DH and I were in one on our last Harmony sailing and it was unbelievable! Two bathrooms was so great! We each could bathe and get ready and the same time! Hope that I can go back to a regular balcony cabin on our next cruise!
  3. Thanks- trying to purchase the deluxe drink/voom package.
  4. Just a little off the topic, we want to purchase the delux drink/internet package for our upcoming Jan Harmony cruise- we missed the last special. Any idea when the next discount will be offered?
  5. Usually the first sea day, and the 6th- might vary- but this is typical.
  6. Basically it means you still are in the running for the CLS. However, until you see the charge go through, it hasn’t happened. Good luck. You may be able to still raise your bid to increase your chances.
  7. We never had a problem parking in Bayonne. Especially with the new terminal. We will be sailing on the Oasis, next August- and do not anticipate any problem. We arrive relatively early and people are leaving the garage so parking isn't a problem for those entering.
  8. Sounds like we will just skip the show- many other entertainment venues.
  9. Wasn't a problem with frozen drinks- they didn't have ingredients to make a chocolate martin or French martini- popular requests.
  10. We also just got off the equinox a few weeks ago and my only negative comment about the lounge decor is that the hostess had to stand by a podium As did the guest We liked seating allowing us to discuss our questions and concerns comfortably with her. This shouldn’t be like a customer service kiosk. Also found the seating comfortable. other comment, previously when we were in Michael’s club, and they didn’t have ingredients to make a drink, the bartenders would either get the alcohol from another bar, or get the drink for us. The current bartender told my husband to get the drink from the martini bar. Not sure if just the bartender issue, or celebrities.
  11. On our last Equinox cruise, we were in a Royal Suite and bid for a penthouse- we were never notified if the bid was excepted- we even called and were told that we could be notified on board- never happened. Said pending on the site.
  12. A point about the infinite balcony, as stated really a window cabin , that opens if the seas are ok. If you really want a true balcony cabin, try a aft cabin- if not you might not mind the infinite balcony cabin. It felt closed in to me and narrow. The pools were beautiful on the edge, but not the cabanas- not worth the up charge. We got off the ship early, but had priority disembarkation- it was a breeze. If you self disembark- remember the elevators are mobbed and could be a problem. Also, loved the Equinox-just sailed on her a few weeks ago, and will be on the Harmony this winter- a wonderful ship also!
  13. I really enjoyed the edge sailing- compared to princess- a real treat- We were in a suite and really enjoyed the suite deck and restaurant- did have an oportunity to dine in a couple of regular restaurants which were great- the idea of different dining rooms feels like you are dining in a new special restaurant. We also enjoyed the special restaurants- except Eden- which was a real silly gimmick with poor food. Unfortunately, we found the entertainment not great- but that seems to be on all celebrity ships- not like RC oasis class ships which are fabulous. The layout of the ship is also wonderful. Shopping is high end and great to view and make some purchases. No cheap magnets and tee shirts- buy at the ports. We enjoyed the martini bar and the martini bar area- However, we did miss the ice bars on the other s -m class ships. I really think you will enjoy the new terminal- disembarking and embarking the ship were easy. Overall the ship is great and you will enjoy the experience. We have a second sailing on the Edge in March.
  14. Why would you want to? As a Royal suite guest, you can dine in any specialty restaurant- Blu isn't special IMO having sailed in AQ a few times on multiple celebrity ships. Thought each ship might be better- but it wasn't. We were recently in A royal suite on the Equinox. If you like, besides dining in any specialty restaurant, you can have any specialty restaurant food delivered to you suite. We never had a problem getting a reservation at the time and day we wanted it. We had breakfast daily in Luminae or if we were in a hurry at the buffet. However in answer to your question, they will make room for you in Blu.
  15. What I have observed over the years on both Royal and Celebrity, is that many people do not particiapte in any dress code. Seems like they just dress as they please, regardless of what is suggested. My DH and I enjoy dressing up for formal nights and most nights tend to dress up rather then down- But some people just want a carry on or other small piece of luggage, so they do not bring any formal or semi-formal clothes- Guess it works for them. Not for me however.
  16. We are looking foward to our Oasis cruise- but Cats is a horrible play- Some of the music is great- but the show is a stinker IMO. Saw on broadway and didn't like it their either. Loved all of the previous entertainment and looking foward to our next Harmony cruise. Then Oasis cruise. The entertainment was excellent- previously on the Royal ships, loved mama mia, chicago, hairspray and grease- saw them multiple times and each time enjoyed. The ice shows, while same old, same old were very entertaining as well as the aqua show- But Cats...not for me or my DH. If still on Oasis, will pass-
  17. Understood- especially during peak periods- but worth a shot! Thanks
  18. Thank you so much! I will save the link and use in when my cruise is 30 days out! You always have great information.
  19. I guess if you want a Grand Suite or above, you need to be in a Junior suite then try the Royal Up. You will then be guaranteed a Grand suite or above. A question, have done the Move up on celebrity. The web site has a site for already booked- then a pull down for move up. How does Royal do it? How can one locate and participate in the move up program for a future cruise?
  20. Will do- only problem is that they immediately charge to my credit card- then if and when I repurchase- I have to wait for a refund and charge again- But I guess that is what I will do. Thanks
  21. I know everything but paying taxes and death are absolute- but based on past experience- do they offer for example a thanksgiving special. Or offer specials ever six weeks? Txs.
  22. My DH and I will be sailing on the Harmony of the Seas early January 2020. We missed the last Deluxe Drink and internet package special. Anybody have any idea when Royal will run another special for January Harmony sailings?
  23. Not $50 per bag on Celebrity. They also run specials- and if you are an Elite plus member get a couple of bags of laundry per cruise free. I agree on vacation why do laundry- my only exception is swim suits. Items that require dry cleaning, typically wait until we get home- unless something I need to wear again.
  24. 6145/45 on the Summit are IMO the best sky suites on the summit. Glad to see the bathroom is still huge and beautiful! Enjoy!
  25. We were on the Edge- I know for certain that if you book a suite, you can dine in all of the dining rooms.
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