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  1. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum, or if I am reading correctly. Is it true that you can get onboard credit if the price of a cruise goes down after booking. We sail on Carnival next week and the cruise was booked using a military discount. I'm not sure if the price has gone down but if I call the Carnival person we booked through, would she tell me the new price and give us a credit, no problem? Thanks :)
  2. no, he's not in an area where he has internet connection, and I'd have to wait for him to get to an area that has internet connection and a scanner. I faxed them a copy of my ID. I didn't black out the ss#'s though. didn't think about that.
  3. I just booked a cruise on Carnival using a military discount, and they said they need a copy of my husbands military id. My husband is deployed and can't make a copy of his ID to send to them, and they are saying they want a copy of his orders and a copy of my ID. Is all that really necessary?? Why won't my ID be enough?
  4. DH and I are book on the Carnival Sensation in April. How did you get to/from the ship? Did you fly in that morning, or arrive the night before and stay in the hotel through Carnival?? This is our first cruise, so we're SOOOO clueless!
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