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  1. mum surprised no one is doing a ‘live post/review of their cruise experience...since there are so many questions...
  2. Your kids are at an age where they are “aware” of social media and the whole celebrity posts/likes side of life. That said... it would blow their mind if you surprised them at the pier when you walk into the “restricted” haven only area... giving them access to a butler and concierge at such a impressionable age is priceless... every dad wants to be viewed by his family as Superman....10 feet tall and bullet proof...this is your chance to make the absolute most of your cruise and having the haven access makes it all the sweeter... we have 2 kids under age 1
  3. Lol... you are in luck... we happen to have a 2 year old corolla on the lot out front with low miles ... was a 1 owner car only driven to bingo on sundays...she’s a real ‘bute.... not a scratch on her and the tires still have lots of tread left on them...lmao!!!
  4. As you can read from my handle there are certain things we come to expect in life... unfortunately, NCL is trying to compete with the masses and grab the biggest market share... they are doing what they set out to do... are they perfect every time? No. But they are providing a mass market vacation for the common once or twice a year balcony cruiser...think Toyota... that the masses would approve of and buy into... the haven is more like... think Lexus..a little more refined... quieter cabin.. nicer material... but basically the same car... same parent company... but profits per vehicle are hig
  5. Kinda looks like wiring and conduit fell out of the ceiling when they were considering a chandelier and NCL said ‘just keep it that way... we are done here... carry on” lol
  6. I actually agree with no drinks in the hot tubs... because it curtails the passengers in the tub from ‘dropping anchor’ and staying in the hot tub with their entire group for multiple hours at a time. a time limit is posted but no one ever noticed it. I’m all about a good time but realize there is 3000 passengers waiting to wade in your families dirty bath water!! Lol
  7. Have you ever eaten at Disney? Our family of 4 ate at a character breakfast for about $180 dollars.... yes that’s $180 US dollars for eggs and bacon and hasbrowns...and at the time we didn’t think twice about it. I guess when you factor in the entire cruise price it just averages out.
  8. NCL is most likely changing all of their promos that they have been running since I was 35 (I’m 43 yrs old now) so the system is probably just taking a little time to catch up. im excited to see what the new promos are gonna be... it must be amazing if it’s shutting down the site!!!!! holding my breath...
  9. This is how you gain access to abehind the scenes tour... just knock on the ‘crew only’ door and start handing out $20 dollar bills. personally I feel to tip every person that works behind the scenes would cost you a fortune. maybe the OP wants to pay more then the designated $17.50 per person per day... I would not want to have that much cash on me or in my room for that matter.
  10. The guy said he was allowed to bring the small can of paint on because he told the officer checking that he was a ‘diabetic’ and needed it with him. when people mention a medical condition NCL tends to side with the passenger... so that is how he brought it on board... plus us he had a small paint brush.. the guy did a very good job painting without major streaks and said he covered it in one coat instead of two. we would watch him every morning writing little messages... he was one of the nicest passengers gets we ever had as neighbors.. he also would leave
  11. Mom last cruise we witnessed our neighbor actually ‘painting’ the outside of his stateroom door with black chalkboard paint... he used the in room hairdryer to quickly dry it and then with colorful chalk he wrote ‘happy 53rd birthday Tammy’ the weird thing was it was just him and his wife sailing in the stateroom. His wife’s name was Donna. on the last morning of the cruise the room steward was repainting the door back to the orig color.
  12. Here is what I did 2 months ago when I was hoping for price drop/ free room upgrade. We orig booked a suite on dawn. About a week before sailing I called cust service and was assigned a cruise consultant. I asked if there was any consideration I could be offered in the form of a free room upgrade if any were avail. He said he would look into it.. stayed in contact 2 more times before sail date ( I called him to check) and 2 days before sailing when we spoke he apologized for the ship being sold out like most dawn sailings out of NYC... so he said I can’t offer you a free room upgrade because t
  13. We booked the get 5 promo when I was 41 years old... I’ll be turning 44 soon and it’s the same promo !!! Kinda like how my pillow is buy 1 get 1 free for the never ending sale!!!
  14. How do you see the 20% discount.. ? Is it spelled out in the price details or do you have to mock book without logging in and then log in to same sailing to see the difference? Does the 20% off pertain to haven rooms as well? thanks for the tip -mark
  15. If you are going to run the SAME promo for the last 2 years just add it into the price of cruising and fire your entire marketing department!!! How bout marketing the cruise line as an actual ‘all inclusive’ cruise and stop with all the silly gimmicks. -Mark
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