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  1. This is how you gain access to abehind the scenes tour... just knock on the ‘crew only’ door and start handing out $20 dollar bills. personally I feel to tip every person that works behind the scenes would cost you a fortune. maybe the OP wants to pay more then the designated $17.50 per person per day... I would not want to have that much cash on me or in my room for that matter.
  2. The guy said he was allowed to bring the small can of paint on because he told the officer checking that he was a ‘diabetic’ and needed it with him. when people mention a medical condition NCL tends to side with the passenger... so that is how he brought it on board... plus us he had a small paint brush.. the guy did a very good job painting without major streaks and said he covered it in one coat instead of two. we would watch him every morning writing little messages... he was one of the nicest passengers gets we ever had as neighbors.. he also would leave (2) werthers originals outside our door before bed.
  3. Mom last cruise we witnessed our neighbor actually ‘painting’ the outside of his stateroom door with black chalkboard paint... he used the in room hairdryer to quickly dry it and then with colorful chalk he wrote ‘happy 53rd birthday Tammy’ the weird thing was it was just him and his wife sailing in the stateroom. His wife’s name was Donna. on the last morning of the cruise the room steward was repainting the door back to the orig color.
  4. Here is what I did 2 months ago when I was hoping for price drop/ free room upgrade. We orig booked a suite on dawn. About a week before sailing I called cust service and was assigned a cruise consultant. I asked if there was any consideration I could be offered in the form of a free room upgrade if any were avail. He said he would look into it.. stayed in contact 2 more times before sail date ( I called him to check) and 2 days before sailing when we spoke he apologized for the ship being sold out like most dawn sailings out of NYC... so he said I can’t offer you a free room upgrade because there is none avail ... but i was able to apply to your shipboard account a $225 credit for anything you wanted to charge to your room... except the casino... I was thrilled... and my wife spent the $225 at the spa... it doesn’t hurt to ask. best, mark
  5. We booked the get 5 promo when I was 41 years old... I’ll be turning 44 soon and it’s the same promo !!! Kinda like how my pillow is buy 1 get 1 free for the never ending sale!!!
  6. How do you see the 20% discount.. ? Is it spelled out in the price details or do you have to mock book without logging in and then log in to same sailing to see the difference? Does the 20% off pertain to haven rooms as well? thanks for the tip -mark
  7. If you are going to run the SAME promo for the last 2 years just add it into the price of cruising and fire your entire marketing department!!! How bout marketing the cruise line as an actual ‘all inclusive’ cruise and stop with all the silly gimmicks. -Mark
  8. If you like a twist on a pina colada you must order a ‘Miami vice’ it’s red white and blue and resembles a ‘bomb pop’ i guarantee when you are walking back to your deck chair 10 different people will stop you and ask what you are drinking!!! its amazing
  9. I did play in a few NL Holdem tourneys... they tend to start around noon.. I paid about 60 dollars... the house keeps quite a bit of the winning dollars distributed. The payouts do not increase when you are in a rebuy NL tourney like in land. I guess they know it’s the only game in town.. lol it was fun but you need to mix up your normal play and be prepared for the ‘I’m all in’ players who don’t care about the entry money. Correct... the tourneys are usually on sea days... they may have had a 7pm ish tourney as well.. I only played in the noon tourneys and usually got knocked out in the middle of the pack. they are fun one time I made final table and you get a gold plated commemorative coin (not real gold) to keep and use as card cover. Good luck!!
  10. Amy!!! Love love loved reading and absorbing everything you wrote about!!! The videos were wonderful as well!! I can tell you and your family had a great time. I’m so glad you went so in-depth with the GSC villas.. it was nice getting a first hand look into how NCL is managing to keep up with what Royal is doing right down the road. normally my wife and I would never consider spending $500 for a separate villa but you sold us on it. Mom the breakaway we LOVED the haven pool... so def agree that the pool is missed on the dawn but it is a chance to experience the haven-ish feel on the dawn without the haven price tag. Thank you for letting us relive our past cruise ( 30 days ago already!!) through your point of view. safe travels, Mark
  11. Was on dawn a few weeks back in a suite...I believe the hours for breakfast on sea days and non sea days were breakfast 6:30-9:30. Lunch was 12:00 - 1:30 dinner started at 5:30 on the last morning of the cruise the hours for breakfast before leaving the ship were: 6:30am - 8:30am god I miss the suite life!!! -Mark
  12. Love your review of the grilled salmon and chocolate layer cake!! Couple a delicious meal with a side ‘or two’ of light entertainment and one proves to sleep more soundly in the haven.. lol
  13. 2 weeks ago on Dawn... there were a bunch of kids in the adult pool. They acted like kids and enjoyed themselves. There is a staircase that lets you walk into the pool for easy entrance and exit. I’d say the age range of kids in the adult pool were like age 6 to 12 yrs old... the younger kids/toddlers used the back kiddie pool. Enjoy your trip!! -Mark
  14. You are right... swim diapers were not allowed in main pool and were ‘strongly’ enforced. I tried to dip Maddox’s feet in the adult pool and was corrected immediately and told to take him to the back of the ship. Our 9 yr old Mason loved the adult pool. But he also enjoyed the kiddie pool in the back of the ship with his little brother. Just remember there is no lifeguard or any ship personnel visiting the kiddie pool area so it can get out of hand at times. -Mark
  15. Thanks for taking the time to follow along!! I realize I tend to ‘over word’ situations and experiences but when I read someone’s review I love a well painted picture. -Mark
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