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  1. Thanks for the positive comments. Seen a lot of negatives lately. Super excited to board her on Saturday. Yes, you are right. It is only what you make of it, and any ship is better than no ship!
  2. You can move the beds any way you want when you get in there. I went with my daughter once and my cousin once. We separated the beds and put one on each wall with the night stands in the middle. Made the room much bigger and room stewards even commented on it. Also, had two girl friends separate them in to sort of an "L" shape. Beds move easy and no one cares. Make it how you want but it will definitely make the room feel much bigger.
  3. I finally got in and . . . no Europe 2021 yet, so I am glad I didn't miss anything. Have an agenda, timeline, and specific cabin in mind so I am frequently checking. Got a bit freaked out that someone got my room!
  4. So, I have tried logging into Carnival this morning. I had heard that 2021 Europe could be out today. Here is message I am getting. I have never seen this before. Can anyone shed any light on the problem and/or verify the 2021 sailings?
  5. Hello all. I too am very interested in booking this for our anniversary, but I am looking at 2021. Any idea if, and when, the Europe schedules for 2021 may come out (based on when the 2020s came out?). thanks.
  6. So I have also done many premier cruises and a couple of getaways. Have a regular cruise booked in January and then the Vista in April. My April cruise just got listed as a premier. I am presently booked in one of the four Havana Vista suites and have purchased a drink card. I called yesterday to have my totally refundable suite changed to a premier so that I can receive the casino credit and participate in the fun casino stuff. I was told by two different casino representatives that the Havana suites are specifically not included in the premier promotion. I was not asking for any price reduction and have the drink package. They will not honor the premier for me on that cruise with any casino credit, etc. So my point to them was, I can book the same cruise in an inside cabin for say $500 and receive all of the perks, but my nearly $5,000 cabin doesn't qualify? What horrible business practice. At this point, I will be far less inclined to spend time in the casino and will hang out with my free drinks in the havana area instead. Totally ridiculous. (I am also a platinum member, so I have spent a lot of time with them).
  7. We were on the Splendor for super bowl last year. They set up the entire pool area for viewing. the only disappointment was that due to maritime laws (or something like that), they broadcast from YouTube so we did not get to see any of the commercials. Apparently they were not allowed to broadcast them for copyright reasons or because they were not considered "local" for Mexico.
  8. kittymomma4 -- I don't think any of it was flame retardant. I have done this over a dozen times. No one has ever objected or asked me to remove any of the materials. I see lots and lots of similar decorations. Most often, the room stewards love the decorations.
  9. I am also on this cruise and have done it several times. You will be just fine if you are ready to tender before 6:30. See you on board.
  10. Feel free to move the beds around in the room. My daughter and I just returned from the Paradise. Upon entry into the room, just beyond the bathroom and closets, our beds were separated with just enough room to pass. They were crossways in the room due to the built-in lights/headboard. The night stand was in the corner. We turned the beds around so they were running the length of the room and placed the nightstand in between. It was amazing as to how much more room we had and how much bigger the room felt. Our room steward was duly impressed with our rearrangement. Just the same floor space in a different configuration made all of the difference!
  11. so, we will be getting off the Carnival Paradise on Saturday, January 19. Our flight is not until 4:45 pm. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what to do to kill the day. We will have luggage, but not opposed to renting a car to get somewhere and store our luggage. Thoughts??? We were hoping that we could get a 1/2 day pass for Busch Gardens, but can't find that option. Thanks.
  12. So, I will turn Platinum on this cruise and get priority. what time will we be able to board?
  13. Just got off the Dream. Went a bit overboard this time on the decorations, but did love them. Really helped my aunt find our room every time we went out!
  14. Does this work from cruise to cruise? I am booked on the Dream in October and again on the Splendor in February. Wondering if I can take a partial from October to February.
  15. So, I will turn Platinum on our Feb. cruise from Long Beach. If I have priority disembarking, will I be given different tags or do I still need to go claim them the night before?
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