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  1. Where the piano used to be in M class PS
  2. Ah, I just found these. Fond memories of 19 nights on the Summit in that wonderful PS.
  3. Give the the Summit PS for 7 days. The problem is you will never want anything less.
  4. Cesar our butler in the PS twice on the Summit. I love that man! He is the gem of the fleet in my book.
  5. The May 19th cruise on Summit is now going to Portland and Bar Harbor and Nassau. So happy that I cancelled many months ago
  6. Hyde Park is an affluent area in South Tampa FL
  7. Absolutely! For some of my 41 cruises the ship is the destination especially if in a Pinnacle Suite on HAL or a Penthouse on Celebrity. We have a 7 night charter cruise coming up in the Pinnacle Suite on HAL and will not get off of the ship. We had a Penthouse on two cruises on the Summit. One we disembarked in Bermuda and walked for 3 hours. The other we only did 2 ports on an 11 night cruise. I note that some posters reference Caesar. He was a beloved butler two times in our Penthouse Suite on the Summit. Does anyone know where he is now? Hello Jim. We miss you! Thinking of you both.
  8. Is this service available in TAMPA?
  9. This is horrible. We pay thousands of dollars more for the suite and the related perks including Luminae and the Retreat and now anyone can access both if they are “traveling with a suite guest” and for only $413 pp. So an extend “family” sails with 2 in a Sky Suite and 6 others in inside cabins and they can use the Retreat Lounge and Luminae? This is maddening and another example of bean counters maximizing revenue at the expense of likely pissing off their highest paying customers. BS!
  10. The Eurodam has been chartered by Olivia March 28-April 4th 2021
  11. Love that suite. Can you tell me who the butlers were that worked both hallways?
  12. Can anyone post on which ship suites currently have the pleasure of Caesar as their butler? We had the pleasure of sailing with him for 19 nights last year in the Penthouse Suite on the Summit. He try made our cruises so special. Can anyone let me know what ship he is on? He is the best of the best with respect to butlers. Thank you.
  13. I m hoping that you can help me answer some questions as person who was a loyal HAL cruiser in Neptune or Pinnacle Suites. Over the last several years I have been blessed to sail in Penthouse suites on Celebrity. The experience has been amazing compared to HAL. Of course, the price reflects that. I am returning next year to HAL Eurodam in the Pinnacle Suite on a charter. Since I have been gone from the HAL suite experience can you answer the following questions, please: 1). Is breakfast still offered in the Pinnacle Grill or now in something called club orange? I also hear that HAL sells “passes” to club orange. That seems to diminish the suite experience. 2). Does HAL offer any additional perks for the Pinnacle Suite beyond a nicer bottle of champagne? 3). Does HAL offer any beverage packages for the cruise? On Celebrity all premium beverages are included in the top suites. 4). Does HAL now offer unlimited high speed internet packages for a price? In the top suites on Celebrity this is included. 5). Does HAL still allow you to pre-order liquor to your suite? I recall that the prices were fairly reasonable. Is that still possible to do? 6). Are there ny other Neptune or Pinnacle suite perks that have been added in the last 4 years? I thank you in advance for helpful replies. I have booked this cruise because it is a Charter that I want to take. I completely understand that the Celebrity suite experience is much more inclusive, but I am hoping for replies that can give me information related to the above questions or any other helpful tips.
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