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  1. Absolutely as long as I was in the Penthouse Suite on an M class ship
  2. I would love to hear responses. Love the Penthouse on the M class ship. Have sailed in it 4 times with 2 more booked. Thinking about a big splurge to sail in this suite. Huge expense and love the size of the M class ships. The S class ship Penthouse is not interesting to me. Small verandah after being spoiled by the M class.
  3. We spent 26 nights in PS 6147 and never had a problem with the suite being serviced when we wanted it done. Granted, we only had room service breakfast twice, but it seemed as soon as we went to Luminae in the morning the cabin attendant was in the suite. Every once in a while they were still inside if we did not linger over coffee. No big deal. We just lounged outside on that magnificent verandah. Just tell your butler what you want and he will make it happen.
  4. We had the 10 night 05/25/2021 Summit cruise booked. It was, of course, cancelled. We had $2,700 on deposit. Our TA connected with Celebrity. I don’t know whether or not it helped that we were booked in the PS and have 3 more cruises booked in the PS on future cruises. However, today I was notified that the $2,700 was credited back to my American Express. Not at all what I expected but I happily accept the “timely” refund.
  5. I think that Celebrity is intentionally trying to push us to the 2021 shorter Bermuda itineraries as opposed to allowing us the option to L&S to the 2022 longer itineraries. Then they can dramatically increase the prices they “get” for the longer 2022 Bermuda itineraries. Just another fine example of taking care of the loyal customer base.
  6. The OP has been keeping up. The problem is that Celebrity has not been communicating. As an example, All 9 or 10 night cruises on the Summit in May and June magically disappeared 2 weeks ago. Celebrity is just saying that they are all sold out. How can one keep up with no communication?
  7. Great. My 11 night on Connie next year over Thanksgiving out of Tampa likely gone too. Gee, if the hull is bad maybe they can sell a “not to miss/exclusive shore excursion” to sink as we sail under the Sunshine Skyway bridge. But, hurry, book today and you can have private pole dancing on the Penthouse suite verandah as we sink. Rest assured, your butler will make it a truly memorable experience for you and your friends and family! Book today under this special non-refundable offer.
  8. I have been checking everyday to check on the schedule of the Summit. 2 weeks or so ago my 10 night cruise on the Summit set to depart on May 25th 2021 disappeared as did several other 9 and 10 night cruises. Of course, not a word from Celebrity, and when my TA finally talked to Celebrity they stated that the cruise was “sold out.” Yeah, right, four 9 or 10 night cruises in May or early June of next year suddenly all sold out overnight. Well, if that not bad enough.... Now I see that Celebrity is deploying the Summit at various times for 2 or 3 or 4 night cruises to the Caribbean. H
  9. It is absolutely appalling that Celebrity has put you and so many of us in this horrible position. It preys upon our hope for a cruise vs our need for straightforward and honest communication from loyal customers. All of this is kicked to the curb with a kick in the ass to make our final payment to give them cash flow and put us at the mercy of FCC’S which may or may not be used based upon their parameters or hoping for the ephemeral refund. I get that this industry is in a horrible state of flux. That does not negate the obligation to do the right thing by their loyal customers. I simply
  10. So I guess that explains why all so many of the longer Celebrity cruises that do call on ports in the US are suddenly “all sold out?” Sorry, I don’t mean to be sarcastic. But, some honesty from Celebrity would be much appreciated. Just saying “honestly we don’t know” as opposed to “your sailing is still scheduled, it is just sold out. Tell your client it is fine.” That’s what they told my TA this week.
  11. Not really the point IMHO. The point is that this is until November of 2021. They have at least communicated with their passengers and told those that are booked on longer than 7 day cruises that they will communicate with them whereas Celebrity is using the cover of “all sold out” of still taking bookings......
  12. Well, doesn’t this say it all. And doesn’t it explain why so many Celebrity cruises longer than 7 days have “suddenly disappeared” from the website. All Celebrity says is that “all of these cruises are sold out” amazingly overnight. At least HAL has the courtesy to announce this and inform their booked passengers that they will be communicating with them regarding the future of these cruises. Mwhymthey may not have good answers at least they are honest. Come on Celebrity, we are not stupid. Be honest and transparent with us!
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