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  1. Thank you everyone! I'm so excited to be Platinum and can't wait to be on ship again!
  2. I need five more nights to become platinum. I am booking a 7 day cruise, so my question is will I be platinum on that cruise since I will earn it while onboard or do I have to wait until the next cruise after that?
  3. Thanks NWA we are a little nervous to try a new cruiseline. We love carnival, hopefully we will love NCL just as much after next week.
  4. Thanks for the review! We board Monday. It will be my first time on Norwegian. Looking forward to it!
  5. I'm the cruiser, I haven't cruised yet, leave next Monday. I called Norwegian and asked about them what their policy was. You can read above what I stated their response was.
  6. I am currently on the phone with NCL right now. The first person I spoke with after checking 3 times with someone else stated "Norwegian does not issue any refunds or credits for port charges due to missed ports for any reason, they are part of the cruise fare and not charged to you separately." I am currently on hold for a supervisor. There is no way she is correct. It specifically lists port fees and taxes as a separate. charge on my receipt. I understand this isn't alot of money, it's the point that they are pocketing this port fee if she is correct. Not a good introduction to Norwegian if
  7. I didn't think it would be much. I know on previous Carnival cruises it was usually around $15 per person. Just want to make sure we actually get it back. As on a Facebook page people were reporting no refund at all, and one person said they only got $4 for missing two ports which just didn't seem right to me.
  8. Because of Hurricane damage our stop at Grand Bahamas Island has been canceled. Will we receive an on board credit for these port charges?
  9. Thank you! This is what carnival had and is great for finding family and friends on the ship! I don't need the full internet just want to stay in contact with family on the ship!
  10. Hi, I just booked my first Norwegian Freestyle Cruise and I'm super excited! I've cruised 11 times with Carnival, but the lure of some crazy cheap hurricane season prices and the free at sea offers convinced me to try out NCL! We leave a week from today for a 5 day cruise on the Sky! My questions are, does NCL do there dailies on an app that you can access while ship with your phone, or do they still do paper only? Also on carnivals on board app they have the option where you can message other people who also have the app while on board. Does Norwegian have anything like this? Thanks
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