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  1. We spent 26 days on the Symphony between the 12 night crossing and the 2 cruises we just finished which were the first 2 weeks of December. We had a great time on all 3 cruises and we also enjoyed some of the nice changes they made to this new Oasis Class ship. So yes, we will book this ship again in the future. But I must be honest with you, we felt at times that this ship seemed to be a bit more crowded then all of the other Oasis Class ships we sailed on. I never seen such long lines outside of the show venues as we did on the Symphony. People in general lined up 30 to 45 minutes before the venue opened it's doors for seating.. The Line to the Aqua show at 30 minutes before they started seating people was back to the Merry Go Round. Other venues including the Theater was the same. Is it the fact that everyone wanted to get a good seat to see all the new shows or was it because all our sailings had a very large amount of upper tier C&A Members which happen to be a bit more senior in age. Of course Rccl keeps adding more cabins to each new Oasis Class ship so maybe the extra occupancy is also adding to how full the ship feels. But I guess we are all aware that when booking large ships with very high occupancy, we might experience over crowded situations. We ourselves have tried MSC Cruises in the past with our last 2 cruises being on the MSC Seaside back in February. We were in the Yacht Club on all of our cruises with MSC. That experience is wonderful but we also did experience the rest of the ship too almost everyday at times. Again when you left the Yacht Club the Seaside felt very crowded and I must say it felt more crowded then what we just experienced on the Symphony. It was always a joke with our friends that when we returned to the Yacht Club each evening after taking in a few shows or visiting a few venues, it almost felt like Heaven when we returned! Hopefully I helped you with some good information but if you have any questions at all, just let me know!
  2. The food in CK I'd say was above average. Certain nights of the week the menu offers better selections such as the 1st night of the week when they have a very nice filet which as good if not better then what Chops offers. Day 6 we like the seared scallops but they also offer a poached lobster on this same day 6 menu. We asked for a "naked" lobster with butter on the side and the scallops. I think we got 3 or 4 scallops and 2 small tails which was just perfect for us. The presentation was always nice and the food was hot!! In the 2 weeks we were on the ship, we also experienced the main dining room food mainly the on the 2nd week of our 2 cruises. There are some menu items we still like in the main dining room and they were also good. But the food was always warm at best (sometimes even a bit cold) and this issue seemed to take away from our main dining room experience. CK also provided us with great service and nice views so I'm sure you will also enjoy your dinners in CK. Have a great cruise!
  3. Yes, just on the Symphony for 2 weeks and CK was open each day we were in port and in Labadee. Hope this helps!
  4. I also think it's funny and sad that some people just don't understand that Pinnacles as well as Suite guests have the same benefit of using the SL/CK and It's really the behavior of a person that changes the atmosphere in both of these venues.
  5. Just came off of back to back cruises on the Symphony. Both weeks the Suite/Pinnacle party was held on the helipad for sail away. On the Dec. 1st cruise the party was held as we sailed away from San Juan and last week it was held when we sailed away from St. Thomas. Hope this info helps!
  6. Thank you for the taking the time to do this live review! What time did boarding actually start today for Suite/Pinnacle guests??
  7. Just had to get involved in this conversation. As a Pinnacle Member we earned the Suite Lounge/Coastal Kitchen benefit. Either way you look at it, it is our benefit. As a Suite guest, you also receive this same benefit by booking a Sky or Star Class suite. No argument there, that is your benefit. So really we both have this same benefit equally. Andy C's position is that we Pinnacle Members cheapen or dilute the Suite Class benefit. You know what, we as Pinnacle Members could say the same thing about Suite guests. We have all paid the price for this same benefit. To get to the loyalty level of Pinnacle, we booked many cruises over many years and continue to book many more cruises each year for this benefit. Suite guests pay a very hefty price for a nice Suite to also receive this same benefit. This is also true. In the end, both Pinnacle Members and Suite guests are equal and we each have the same right/benefit to use the Suite Lounge/Coastal Kitchen and both of our experiences can be affected by the other's behavior. Hopefully all of us that use these venues can appreciate the others that also use these same venues and keep an open mind on how each of our behavior habits affect others around us!
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