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  1. My last Carnival cruise? It's been longer than most of you! Try 2014 aboard Carnival's then newest ship, the Breeze. We did the 8-day Southern Caribbean. GREAT itinerary. To be honest, it was a great cruise. Stayed in a cove balcony..
  2. I really don't mind this purchase right now. Do they need the revenue? Absolutely! Would I like to save $100 on $500? ABSOLUTELY! If Carnival goes bankrupt we really have no idea what will happen. I'm gonna hope for the best....
  3. THANKS! I'm sure this discounted cruise cash IS to generate some operating expenses/etc. They still do okay with this even at the 20% discount. I'm gonna buy $500 worth!
  4. That's not what the previous poster said is it? From their post I was of the conclusion if you bought the cruise cash at discount and YOU cancelled, you lost that purchase.
  5. Exactly what I needed to know....thank you!
  6. So I have a cruise booked aboard the Legend in March, 2021 to the Panama Canal. Got an email today for 20% off Cheers and 20% off $100 cruise cash. Of course in normal circumstances this is a no brainer. So my question for those that know.... If I DO take advantage of the above offer....If the cruise is cancelled by me OR Carnival, is the money spent credited back to me in the form of payment I used? Carnival won't hold on to this in some way if cancelled? Thanks!
  7. I enjoyed the photo and the positive attitude it resonates! I'm booked on the Apex for November and I'm looking forward to it! I just made a reservation for Fine Cut Steakhouse and paid $1000 on my balance. I am also going to plan excursions as usual.
  8. Good evening... So looking at booking Panorama. Even before I looked I knew what I wanted, Grand Suite or Havana suite both with Havana access. NEITHER is available. So what IS available that interest me are ocean suites, Havana aft-view extend balcony, Havana premium vista balcony, and Havana cabana balconies. Personally I think the OS is less desirable since it doesn't come with Havana access but of course it does come with its own perks. I'm leaning towards the deck 9 or 6 Havana premium vista balcony. Thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Maximum length of cruise is 5 nights....that rules me out automatically. I need at least a 7 day cruise to be worth the trouble.
  10. So I've cruised out of San Juan three times...Jewel OTS, Carnival Valor, and Summit. I fully enjoyed each but they WERE different experiences. I've been on Liberty OTS....similar to Freedom. 1. Two pretty different itineraries....which do you want to go on? 2. The Summit is more likely to meet your criteria but that is a VERY busy itinerary. We always walked off the ship ASAP and basically back on shortly before departure at all five ports. There probably won't be much reading. Freedom is going to have more to do AND more time to do it with one less port of call/one more sea day. If you pick the Freedom, you might want at least a JR suite to have nice sized balcony to yourself to enjoy and relax. 3. I can practically guarantee either cruise/ship will be a nice cruise.
  11. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2653516-quick-033119-rotterdam-sailing-review/
  12. I agree with you....I cruise for exactly the same reason...just to unwind and relax. Most of the features that Celebrity offers that I appreciate are the included premium beverage package, included premium internet, included gratuities, suite-only restaurant that is the best ship-board restaurant I've ever tried, suite-only lounge/bar, and the suite-only Retreat. Beyond that...as far as some of the Edge/Apex unique "stuff," I mean it's there if you want to participate but one certainly doesn't have to. All the other fundamentals for a great cruise are still there. I'm of the frame of mind that there are several cruise lines that I can enjoy and have a great time on...different experiences yes....but all enjoyable nonetheless. My last four cruises were an H6 aboard the Getaway, PS on Rotterdam, OS on Oasis, and CS on Silhouette so I'm pretty versatile!
  13. That should be a very interesting two weeks! Both cruise lines do some great things. For sure I bet the NA will be less crowed...BUT...to date Luminae is the best cruise ship dining venue I've eaten at and from all accounts The Retreat is really nice. I hope you will return with your comparion!
  14. Sooo.. What if I told you there were eleven NS still available on this sailing? I also wonder how many of those that are booked are actually going to sail and pay the ~ $6000 price tag? Or are they just like me, have a deposit on a cabin to see if prices are going to go down. I enjoy the aft corner NS,. It's one of my favorite cabins on any ship I've been on. The Apex sails exactly the same date and both Eastern Caribbean itinerary. When I saw the price of the Sky suite on the Apex I jumped all over it. The Retreat area looks to be a 10. It looks as if it will be a notch better than NCL Haven which I just experienced aboard Getaway. BTW...that same $6000 also will get a Haven suite, similar itinerary.
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