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  1. I've got an 8-day partial transit out of Tampa in March 2021. I'm starting to get a little apprehensive.
  2. I have alwayed enjoyed stopping at Key West! The restaurants and bars are really a lot of fun to us! Most places are very walkable which is what is great about Key West. Its a shame there won't be any more stops there, at least for any ship I'll be on or have ever BEEN on. I can't see how they WON'T miss the revenue. I bet we spend $200-$300 while in port including one of the trolleys, eating, a few drinks, a couple of attractions, and souvenirs.
  3. Our cruise in March is 8 days....so still will have to wait and see...
  4. As far as price goes....not a whole lot of difference in my sailing aboard Mardi Gras and the same week for Allure of the Seas in a GS. Mardi Gras Excel corner suite 7-day western caribbean- $5695... Allure of the Seas GS 7-day western Caribbean- $5797. On Allure you won't have the included laundry service but will gain access to the Suite Lounge(select included drinks), concierge in suite lounge, suite restaurant Coastal Kitchen, suite sun deck, room service off the MDR menu during dining times, and reserved seats for shows.
  5. For sure Aruba and Bonaire are two stops I'd REALLY like to do my own thing as we always have ESPECIALLY with THAT much time in port. Some stops are just superb "do it yourself" ports! Can you imagine doing ship excursions at Cozumel and Costa Maya? YUCK! LOL! My first cruise will be Panama Canal partial transit. I'm ok with ship excursions in this case. HOPEFULLY by the time of my cruise that follows(10/21, Western Caribbean) things will be a little more relaxed.
  6. I can appreciate that. But I WILL say one of the nice things about a 9 day out of Miami is you aren't short changed as far as time in port. We did a 9-day on Navigator OTS(nice ship!) out of Miami. It stopped at Labadee, Curacao, Bonaire, and Aruba. I think we were at Labadee something like 8-5, Aruba 9a-10p, Curacao 8a-9p, and Bonaire 7-4 if I remember correctly. It was a great cruise.
  7. In a word, YES! When staying in a Haven suite you are identified by a Haven "sign and sail" card. Your experience starts at embarkation. Those in Haven suites WILL be the first on aboard escorted by either a butler or concierge. Your key card will provide entrance to the Haven area which contains the Haven restaurant and bar and the Haven pool and sundeck. No one else has access to this area. Definitely the Haven restaurant provides more personalized service with better food. Just show up and you are seated. I think we have waited as long as two or three minutes to be seated. You can
  8. Oh I sure do miss it! I haven't cruised as much as some of you. So even though I've been on 20 cruises with five major cruise lines, there are still a lot of non-repetitive options for me. I love the planning! I love waking up to the ocean or a new Caribbean island! Of course flying to get to the port of departure is the biggest PITA for me. I figure if I'm going to fly somewhere, I want to get on a cruise! What a thrill to be able to get off at Costa Maya and to be whisked away to Maya Chan? How great is it to get off at Labadee and go to your own private over the water cabana? How can one
  9. A couple of years ago did that very itinerary.... 9-day out of Miami aboard Navigator to Labadee, Haiti and the ABC islands. Celebrity also is offering that itinerary currently.
  10. No doubt I love cruising out of San Juan. Staying in Old San Juan is just awesome IMO. It's probably my favorite place to cruise from. The atmosphere and the FOOD is just great. I've cruised out of there four times; 1X Carnival, 1X Royal, and 2X on Celebrity. I now know where to go in Old SJ. So many great restaurants and bars. So much history and ambiance. A Conquest-class ship is perfect for there. I did the Valor. Great cruise and I enjoyed the ship too. Carnival always cruised out of the Old San Juan terminal...a lot better than the Pan American terminal across the bay. Cr
  11. SJU 7 day cruises: Empress of the Seas March 2022....117sqft inside cabin- $1824 LOL Freedom of the Seas March 2022....150sqft inside cabin- $2136 LOL Compare to: Horizon 8-day Southern March 2022..170sqft inside- $1729. Liberty of the Seas(same class as Freedom)same 150sqft inside cabin- $1568 Royal will never sell a 117sqft inside cabin 7-day cruise on a 31yo ship out of SJU for $1824 That's it for me on this subject...
  12. Oh yeah they are way high.... Consider I had a 8-day eastern itinerary OS booked aboard the Empress for this November for $4200(just recently cancelled). March 2022, 7 day itinerary, same exact cabin, out of SJU- $6100. Reminder, this is the oldest, smallest ship currently in Royals fleet. No concierge lounge, etc As we speak I have a Crown-loft suite booked aboard Allure for March 2022, 8 day eastern itinerary. This ship has all the bells and whistles Royal has to offer for suites...Coastal Kitchen and Suite lounge included. Price? $7100. So Freedom of the Seas, same exact w
  13. True.. SJU cruises are almost always less than a 7-day from US mainland. For sure the airfare to SJU is more and with less options. Probably would add two days to itinerary.
  14. I checked the prices for Empress and Freedom earlier in the week for March 2022. The prices are beyond absurd. No one in their right mind would book the prices they are currently asking..
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