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  1. I'd probably consider Holland America. The Nieuw Amsterdam is a nice ship with a couple of good caribbean itineraries. Probably a larger balcony than you'd get on a Princess ship too. It would be a very nice cruise!
  2. Thanks to both of you! Exactly what I wanted to know!
  3. Question.... Which of the two has LESS focus on snorkeling? ALSO....would it be okay if we DIDN'T do the snorkeling? THANKS!
  4. Thanks so much for the info everyone! While I enjoyed dining in Luminae we TOO weren't always into the Luminae menu choices. The MDR menu seemed to always have some good choices! Thanks again!
  5. I have an S1 booked for November aboard the Summit. We were able to order from both the MDR menu AND Luminae menu last year aboard the Silhouette. Will we be able to do that while on the Summit? Thanks!
  6. Even though that's a great cruise, I'd HAVE to stick something in between now and then!
  7. They were certainly on the Rotterdam two weeks ago. Consisted of a violin, two violas, and a cello I believe. They played classical, romantic, and even contemporary music. They were great!
  8. Yep...same aboard the Rotterdam a couple of weeks ago. One guy had cap on every night he was there. Other than THAT, everyone I saw was dressed in perfect accordance to suggested dress. Honestly folks weren't dressed quite as casually as I THOUGHT they would be.
  9. Ya'll all did a little better than me on price. Maybe because most of you are a little higher up the "Mariner" chain than I am LOL!
  10. Personally....I would WELCOME a suite dining area aboard HA ships. It is one of the "perks" I look for when booking a cruise. I appreciate the breakfast dining option for suites at Pinnacle Grill but personally the decor and ambiance is a little over the top for me. For now, Luminae is the standard. It's decor/ambience offers a good balance for diners in the evening and also those that are going on a shore excursion in the mornings. I've seen a lot of comments from folks that seem to have never even been INSIDE Club Orange. No offense but I'm not really sure how that is useful information.
  11. Thanks for the comments! I edited my original post from what I ORIGINALLY had and part of it doesn't make sense.....so the first part of my post... So only one lounger on the balcony of a GS....two people in the cabin....do you THINK the stateroom attendant might bring us another one? THANKS!!!
  12. You think your stateroom attendant could add another? I'm not sure how only one lounger is gonna work when there are two people in the suite. ALSO...it's been a few years since I've cruised with Carnival. Are there any hot breakfast items such as omelets, eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc available for morning room service? I've kinda gotten used to this while aboard Royal, Celebrity, and HA. THANKS!
  13. Sorry it's taken so long to finish up this review! I still work....and of course when I got back it was my time to hoe the row! Day SEVEN(and Eight). This am we did the Pinnacle Grill for breakfast and again went to The Retreat area after. Loungers were MUCH more plentiful today. We got two all the way aft facing aft. At lest the view of the aft wake makes one forget what's to come in the morning. We had a couple of drinks each. Plenty of towels available an I like the fact that there is no checking out and checking in of towels. One thing we both commented on was the absence of any music whatsoever. We missed it every time we were back here. For lunch we had The Dive Inn. Why didn't I take any pictures??!! We thought this was the best food on the ship! Hot, perfect, and made to order! FAST too! We are big fans of Five Guys and this was every bit as good, EVERY time! We got a couple of Coronas to go with it. Life is good! Getting off the ship has never been easier... The concierge escorted us all the way to our waiting luggage! Disembarkation couldn't have been easier or faster. I'm trying to think if it took more than fifteen minutes before we were standing outside. Certainly less than thirty. I'll have to call this fastest ever! OVERALL IMPRESSION EXCELLENT cruise! We really enjoyed it! We liked the Rotterdam so much. It was so easy to get around and it was in such good repair. We really enjoyed the Pinnacle Suite. It was nice to be able to drink all the water and non-alcoholic drinks we wanted. I didn't mention it too much but we staying on the balcony or at the balcony table a good bit. Certainly no "chair hogs" here! There is really not too much to complain about. If I picked something it would be drink service at the lido buffet and bar service at "The Retreat." Both need to pick it up a notch. And I have to agree with MANY that yes, nightly entertainment probably needs to be picked up a notch. The MainStage was PACKED every time we went so obviously entertainment is in demand. I have to give kudos to the BEST entertainment on the ship and that was the strings of Adagio. My oh my how talented they were. They were truly in a class of their own! I also want to give many thanks to those of you that gave advice and helpful hints about the Rotterdam and the Pinnacle Suite itself. It was so appreciated to have a heads up on so many different things! Thank you! To follow is a few random pics... Thanks so much to those of you that have commented along the way!
  14. Thanks for this! I have the Summit booked for later in the year. Thanks for the really great into and pictures!
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