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  1. Rockee4055

    San Juan Boarding time - Valor

    I looked through the boards and couldn't find anything on this. We are going down the day before and staying at the Sheraton. What time can you board the ship? We kind of wanted to get on, get settled then go out and check OSJ for a while. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Rockee4055

    Departing San Juan - Info Please.

    [quote name='Daonlyone2000']The pier is right across the street from the Sheraton. You should not have a problem walking there.[/quote] So those 2 other ports I mentioned are not an issue? The Valor does not go out of those ports? I know there is the pier across the street but read that those ports are for visiting ships?
  3. We are sailing out of San Juan in September. We decided to stay at the Sheraton OSJ and it appears to be directly across the street from the port. I have just read that any ships originating from there leave from the Pan American Pier or the SJ Navy frontier port. My question: Where does the Valor depart from? If it does depart from the port by the Sheraton can you walk there and what is that distance? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Rockee4055

    Were we really so wrong?

    [quote name='SkyMaster']Well, technically, it is against the rules to save seats,,,,but,,,,especially under the circumstances that you're telling us about,,,,some folks need to get a life. I, personally, don't see anything wrong with "holding" those two seats for your kids, regardless of where you are in the theater. I don't think any "normal" person would have made such a scene. I say, "Don't Worry About It!" ;) "SKY"[/quote] I agree.....You're not saving seats if someone was there then left to relieve themselves. I mean really? There are several things here....there were plenty of open seats as the OP stated. There were 4 drink napkins clearly showing that someone was there even though the drinks were not. The last night of the cruise and people are that wound up? They should be totally relaxed. I say it with you "don't worry about it".
  5. Rockee4055

    Who loves the cold soups

    Love everyone of the chilled soups. Peach, Strawberry, Mango and bing cherry. They are absolutely my favorite part of the meal.
  6. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    Yes, they do close at 6 p.m. I thought it was rather odd to be in port that late when everything shuts down at 6. But, I understand it's only a few short hours to Aruba, so....
  7. Rockee4055

    Bob Dickinson's back?

    This brings tears to my eyes. I came back from our Freedom cruise with a couple of concerns on my mind about CCL (nothing major) and as I'm catching up on CC threads I see this. It just brings tears to my eyes. I have just picked up his book called Selling the Seas so this timing is impeccable. Please Sir, Please fix our habit and make it better. We need you to fix the lack of bar waiters on the ship! We need you to make my TA want to sell CCL instead of ALWAYS trying to talk me out of Carnival. Please keep the DJ's on the Lido deck and send those Kettle bands home. Fix the same ole' routine itineraries. I really do love Carnival!:) Side note: She never succeeds! Carnival lover for life! LIKE <======Like button!
  8. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    Yes, la Ramona, my mistake....finger check.
  9. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    I think I do remember seeing you guys. That is so weird.
  10. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    Yes, they did. All the normal tables games. I also saw Caribbean poker, 3 card and Texas holdem. I dumped about $60 into those dang blasted vault games and always close but no cigar. Love those penny machines. :)
  11. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    Wow, that's amazing. We were on so quick. They sat us in a special room being platinum and about 20 minutes after we arrived in the room they boarded us. Must have been the timing.
  12. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    You can find it on the web but their number is 352-345-9073.
  13. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    That's funny! You probably did walk by us every evening. Funny! Were you dead center? to the right? to the left?
  14. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    Now THAT'S nice! Enjoy your cruise. Hoping next year to do the same thing. I assume you are doing a B2B2B?
  15. Rockee4055

    Freedom Review Just back today.

    Yes, Dominica was not warm and fuzzy to me. Spent the day onboard. We were at table 538. I know they scatter the table numbers but were you on the 2nd level aft? As you walk in to the dining room we were all the way back by the railing overlooking the 1st floor. We were on the right side as you walked back.