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  1. Hi! A big group of us thought we’d take our families on a cruise next July on NCL. The only option that I can find is the Breakaway out of Miami. Is this normal? Do most NCL ships leave the Caribbean in the summer? I’ve been on 3 NCL cruises and love the product but the Western route out of Miami is probably not my favorite. Are there more itineraries to be released? We are a year out so wasn’t sure. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks all.. I picked up the Missha and also some Sun Bum mineral.
  3. Hi everyone, I hate wearing sunscreen every day because it seems to build up and leave a waxy feeling on my skin. I hate taking a shower and it seems like it just won’t go away. Soo—any tips on sunscreen that doesn’t have this feeling? How do you work around this on a lengthy beach vacation? Maybe its just me! Thanks, Cowie
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