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  1. NC 73 ... Bea currently has the mini bar with their drink package and it is refilled twice a day with the small bottles.
  2. The YC was not an issue I don't believe but the rest of the ship in it's design, friends onboard this week are not in the YC but will be again I believe in March 2022.
  3. Bea ... Left Hand / Right Hand ... 🙄
  4. This is somewhat disturbing to hear ... "People are walking past the hand sanitizers at the MDR entrance without using them and they are being allowed to!"
  5. Items like that are understandable.
  6. Update of a few things from Bea ... Seashore Dining Room only open for breakfast from 7.30 to 8.30 and 12 to 1pm for Lunch! which means the Buffet is packed. There are no indications of what offers are available to VC members while onboard, Bea did find out from the Cruise Consultant that Diamond members are entitled to 15% off Ironing services. As with Seaside and Seaview, Customer service desk is in the wrong place in the Atrium and even on the second level people cannot hear themselves speak due to the live music being too loud. Bea is the second person in two weeks who have told me they don't like Seashore, and that it is badly planned out. Offers may vary according to cruise ! Yet another none standardised MSC thing which should be the same on every ship in the fleet.
  7. For USA sailings MSC are now accepting Astra Zeneca and mixed jabs.
  8. Hello folks. .. Bea has asked me to let you know that she is having a lot of problems trying to post to the thread and will be back posting as soon as she is able to. She did say that from November and the new drink packages that the mini bar will not be included in any of them, on a tour today they were speaking to a couple from the YC who are new to MSC and said that they had not received either the one bottle of spirits or use of the mini bar. Hope to find out a bit more about that.
  9. But the price of the drink packages will no doubt remain the same.
  10. Once again we see the Double fleet standards of MSC regarding the Mini Bar! Glad that he is filling it twice a day for you Bea but MSC really do need to get their act together, it is like a chain of shops where every manager does his own thing.
  11. Hi Bea ... Hope the trials of the last two weeks are soon forgotten, friend got off today who had been in YC and enjoyed the cruise but not the ship and prefers Seaside and Seaview.
  12. G ... MSC are looking at home porting Seaview out of St Maarten in December according to a story in a US paper after Rick Sasso their North American head man met with Island officials. Not sure if that would help your case or that of others who may be booked on the ship. Flights though might be another thing though Air France and the Dutch airlines fly in there.
  13. We did the Amsterdam on your own trip which included the bus to Amsterdam from Ijumuiden. At Zeebrugge we took the Tram from near the port to one of the Seaside towns called Blankenburge.
  14. On Preziosa we docked at Steinwerder and had to take a taxi into Hamburg and back to the ship, be sure to visit Minitur Wonderland especially if you have kids with you, videos on youtube.
  15. You still go there to be booked in and are then transferred to the ship.
  16. Bea ... Left Hand / Right Hand ... 🤣
  17. Trouble is the booster is supposed to be a different manufacturer which means you cannot travel to the US as they currently will not allow people in with mixed jabs.
  18. It is still an utter mess, I believe Canadians were advised to have mixed jabs and under the above will not be able to sail from the USA, there are also people in the UK who have had mixed jabs and it seems the booster jabs will be a different manufacturer which would then stop anyone having it from traveling to the US.
  19. As far as I understand it is 2, Despite the fact that only 1 will be given in the UK. Might be worth ringing MSC to see what response they give.
  20. For guests and even general travelers to enter the U.S., they must be fully vaccinated with a World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccine, including Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca. Three MSC Cruise Ships Ready to Take International Guests in the U.S. (cruisehive.com)
  21. Will try and find the post, quite sure it was on an MSC page. Thought it sounded somewhat odd for Europe.
  22. There are likely to be people turned away soon then.
  23. If you tick yes are they realistically going to know any different ?
  24. Saw a post a day or so back that said MSC will not accept anyone on Europe cruises who have had mixed jabs ... 🙄
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