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  1. Oh dear, I wish I hadn’t read this thread....we’re a cruise in January on Britannia and this has reminded me how poor the entertainment is on P and O. Our last 2 cruises were with Princess and the entertainers were so good - has anyone seen Sean O’Shea or Savannah Smith? Why, when they’re the same company, is P and O so much poorer?
  2. Hi just returned from a 15 night cruise through Panama Canal on Coral - we’ve mainly sailed on larger ships, Regal and Royal being most recent. Coral was ok, much to like as others have said, but there were some negatives: The tv is dire! No movies on demand, limited channel selection showing very very old shows... think Loveboat, old Parks and Recreation reruns etc Food variety is nowhere near as good as Regal or Royal - the buffet area is much smaller. We experienced a lot of vibration in cabin B706. I gather this is not uncommon at the aft.
  3. Trouble is, with only one wastebin in the cabin the waste is inevitably mixed and paper is contaminated with food and other waste products so can’t be recycled. In the Patter today there was actually an email address and a message to address any environmental concerns by email with the Princess Environmental Dept www.canivalcompliance.com - no email address unfortunately. So I guess i may contact them once I arrive home, just be interested to read their policy on these things. This is also the first cruise, out of the many we’ve done, where we saw small pieces of plastic waste flo
  4. I hope I was misinformed... sure hope so. I will check with another crew person and repost if i get different information
  5. Hi - how silly am I! I genuinely thought Princess recycled the huge amount of paper generated each day - you know, the spot sales, effy jewellery, fast auction, all that fascinating stuff. So i always carefully collect a pile and put it in a clean bin. So today i ask at Passenger Services and nope, nothing is recycled. Can’t be done apparently.... don’t know why... a separate bin in the cabin or even one near the desk doesn’t sound too problematic. So another load in landfill and no way to stop the daily avalanche of rubbish flyers. Anyone know what other cruise lines do?
  6. Yesterday, on board Coral the dog and owner were introduced on stage during the port of call talk for Cabo San Lucas, relevance for this being that he is a Mexican hairless dog breed Xolo? I think. He was introduced as a ‘service or support’ dog and received muted applause ; he is a beautiful chap and behaved perfectly. His owner said a few words about the breed and she too seemed a charming person. Maybe the way forward is for the ship to be licenced to carry a specific quota of service or support animals....
  7. Hi i’m on that cruise and did wonder why the dog was onboard, never seen one before. Its a beautiful dog, very alert, obviously well trained but not the petting type! Apparently had a little accident by the pool the other day, which someone was obviously a bit irritated about. I love dogs, not sure i’d be keen on having too many around though.
  8. Oh, yes, I have looked at the cruise personaliser and the journey times for Nicaragua and Costa Rica are 1.30 - 2.00 hours to get to rainforest, volcanoes etc Then there’s the time it takes to get from the ship, get on board, wait for late comers..... I start to panic at any journey time beyond an hour unfortunately!
  9. Thank you for so many helpful replies. I completely understand that there just isn’t the motorcoach transportation available in some places, and usually it works out fine for us anyway as we enjoy exploring on our own. But I don’t feel quite as confident about doing that at these ports, partly because of the distance involved between port and sites we’d like to visit - I gather sometimes roads aren’t too good and traffic can be a problem. I should have researched more thoroughly before I booked... anyway, it’s disappointing as these ports were a bit of a cruise highlight, but looks like i
  10. I know this post should really be in the ports of call board, but there doesn’t seem to be much traffic in the Costa Rica/ Nicaragua board, so....anyway, we’re travelling on Coral Princess in November. Most of the ship - or private - excursions from these ports involve at least 1.30 coach travel and I am a lousy traveller. Please can anyone confirm, or think of a way I can find out, whether the transport used at these ports has restroom facilities...or toilet as we Brits would say!
  11. Hi we’re on a cruise with Princess, arriving at Puntarenas on 9 November. The most popular tour on tripadvisor seems to be to Isla Tortuga, 90 mins from Puntarenas by catamaran and 5 hours ashore. It’s an appealing alternative to the rainforest tours etc which entail quite long periods on a coach and are often reviewed as disappointing - over touristy, little wildlife seen etc The island trip isn’t offered as a ship excursion; maybe there’s a good reason for that! Has anyone been on the tour?
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