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  1. Submitted 4/5 for 4/19 cruise. Two weeks ago received 4100 final deposit. the 1500 deposit was "in progress". Today I finally received the 1500 (in strange increments; no letter like last time) which they said they refunded on 7/3, showing up today 7/9. Although I got it, not happy with NCL, should not have come in pieces, the last refund took 92 days. They must be so cash poor that they are waiting for others to book so that they have the cash to refund the cancelled cruises.
  2. I received our final payment but for some reason they are still holding onto the deposit which was made in credit card. 120!days already and TA said they cannot help. Will use charge back tomorrow and lodge a complaint against TA with the state attorney general
  3. Received my final payment last week but not deposit. They say it’s in queu but cannot say when . Now 120 days.
  4. I filed my 4/19 Dawn repo cash back request the first eligible day. Last week I revised 4K back But nothing about the 1500 suite deposit or food package. The internet company TA refuses to help saying its up to NCL to refund. NCL says I am in Queu to receive money but can’t tell me when it’s now 120 days. any suggestions?
  5. We cannot even file for refunds for the recently cancelled cruises until April 13th right but the credit comes earlier in the month? Right?
  6. That should be an interesting cruise. My TA on the same day is still selling with the NYC And Spain lockdowns. I suspect today will be making an announcement for another 30 Day extension. In terms of switching Alaska for Canadian drops again that would be quite the cruise from NYC or Boston lol.
  7. I highly doubt my 4/19 TA is going. Even if by a miracle it goes, my Boston to NYC bus was cancelled today until early May so no way to get there. So keep deluding yourself That you are going until reality will kicks in.
  8. If the ship doesn't make it back, there ain't more cruisers coming in because there isn't any ship to board.
  9. Actually NCL did me a favor with their gouging last Friday. As I attempted to upgrade from a family suite to a DOS for the price difference between my original SJ and the new DOS price (way less the bidding), my TA was unable to make change with NCL. At that exact moment they were putting out the 48 hour offer. When the TA called back on Saturday to make the change, prices had gone higher and they would not honor the price from the day before. Good thing, because I came to my sense on Monday morning, realizing we were going to cancel anyway and did not want any more money tied up. So Nor
  10. How about if I buy a drink or soda, (neither of us are on the beverage plan). Can I use the non-refundable OBC for that?
  11. Throw a couple in your pocket since there is no metal in them they will not be detected as you go through the metal detector
  12. Thanks he may have been one of the butlers when we were on the Dawn. Leah was the concierge during our last 2 times in a suite. She tried too hard and was more annoying than anything else.
  13. I was on a land vacation in August in Rome. I would plug my cable into the USB port on my adaptor without any problems. I never used my plug into the adaptor as it was just too cumbersome. Now I have one of those international adaptors that can adapt to any country with two USB ports. I would recommend that one.
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