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  1. Throw a couple in your pocket since there is no metal in them they will not be detected as you go through the metal detector
  2. Thanks he may have been one of the butlers when we were on the Dawn. Leah was the concierge during our last 2 times in a suite. She tried too hard and was more annoying than anything else.
  3. I was on a land vacation in August in Rome. I would plug my cable into the USB port on my adaptor without any problems. I never used my plug into the adaptor as it was just too cumbersome. Now I have one of those international adaptors that can adapt to any country with two USB ports. I would recommend that one.
  4. ok I get it I thought I was responding to my Meet and mingle friends from my ship, And not the port forum me bad thanks everyone
  5. Hi all a couple of posts are referring to our stop on Palma as 1 to 8, my itinerary says Ibiza 12 to 8pm and Palma Majorca as 8 to 5, can someone clarify please.
  6. That is very helpful, of course its impossible to see in the future. Maybe I will take my chance and book it. It sounds like an amazing experience.
  7. Does Mallorca get a lot of rain in May.. The reason I am asking is that I am interested in booking a Formula One tour and it could be cancelled due to rain and they will only give a rain check good for a year. Given that I am a day tripper from a cruise and most likely not going to return in a year, I am trying to hedge my bets. I also put this in another and have not received a response. Sorry for the duplicate questions.
  8. I am interested in taking a independent tour in Mallorca Formula one, sports car tour of the island. The fine print said that if it rains and the tour is cancelled there are no refunds just rescheduling up to a year. This is most concerning as coming from the states, chances are that I won’t be back.so my question does it rain much in May. Does anyone have experience with that company?
  9. One tip if you are in a suite you can get free delivery to your room from your butler. It was a lot of fun doing it that way.
  10. When I was in Iceland recently for a land vacation, I tipped our guides in US $. Iceland is basically a cashless society using credit cards for everything. Even the free walking tours took either $; euro or credit card for their tips. The guides seemed pleased to get US $ because of the favorable exchange rate.
  11. On a land vacation to Ireland, we went to a fun zoo near Cobh. Animals were roaming wild there Cork has a nice downtown and we loved the English market.
  12. I had a similar question as my husband is a recovering alcoholic and we did not want to pay the fee for the UBP just for soda as he obviously does not drink. I drink very lightly but enjoy so during the cruise. My TA said that I would have to talk with Norwegian about it and I thought to myself good luck, so he will buy some sodas and I will get a couple of drinks, no way will it add up to the fees for me. Plus I get sparkling wine for plat, for a suite and wine at Cagneys perk all to myself, lol
  13. Over 25 years ago, I was in Barcelona in the Ramblas when my travel partner and myself noticed a young college student's purse being snatched. We watched in awe as she took off after him, tackled him and got her purse back from him. She later told us that she was a college track star. My friend ironically met her again years later and they laughed about her experience. Meanwhile, my friend and I wore money belts as they would have no way we could have run after anyone.
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