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  1. Hairdryers on board are dreadful and very hot. So if you don't want to frazzle your hair or burn your head I'd take your own.
  2. Views of the sea everywhere and all that wood and glass - there is nothing better on a windy sea day than reading a good book from a cozy chair with a view of the ocean. You really feel like you are on a ship rather than shopping mall which I can visit any day I want. Oh and how can I not mention those special balconies, sadly I'm sworn to secrecy about the location 🤐
  3. You can ask your room attendant for a kettle. Or alternatively as everyone says room service will bring you your early morning brew.
  4. Thanks Sancho Mick Miller was on Navigator last year but we missed him because he was on the last night and we were too tired. Cruising is very tiring 😃 Is there a bar in the Windjammer that serves speciality coffee?
  5. Thank you very much - we will be sailing on her in a few days and it's great to know she's in good shape. I've read reviews where people say RC has really dumbed down the entertainment in the theatre - saying that movies were put on some nights so it's good to know that this isn't true. Headliners on Navigator from Southampton last year were outstanding and we had quite a few famous acts on board so I was hoping for more of the same. Sounds like we won't be disappointed. Pleased to see the newer sunbeds. We had the old style plastic strip ones on Navigator and they were really uncomfortable.
  6. There is no normal with RC. It can be straight away, months out or days away. We have always been happy with our allocated cabins - hope you find out soon.
  7. Hunt out the free champagne Head to the dining room to see where our table is. Get more free champagne Lunch in Windjammer Sunbathe on deck Go to our cabin Unpack Muster Drill Find a bar that sells champagne (sadly by now all the free stuff has gone ) and take it back to our balcony for sailaway. Sleep for a couple of hours Go to dinner Bed
  8. No I'm sorry I can't remember. We were back on board before the masses - so I'm guessing it was probably at least an hour before last back on board time. We were the only ship visiting Santorini that day which helped - it might be an idea to check if there are any other ships in port - 2 ships could double the amount of people waiting for the cable.
  9. I think it does depend on the ship - the bigger the ship the bigger the queue. And some ships are more organised than others. On Brilliance for Santorini we were given numbered tickets which we got from Guest Services the day before. We were also able to buy cable tickets in advance too. We had no problem getting off and there were no queues for tender or cable. Getting back on board we boarded early to avoid the queue. Again no waiting. The above worked well for us. We weren't first tender off ship but we were fairly early as I wanted to avoid the crowds and the cable queue. If you need to be off ship first then I suggest either The Key, book a suite or be prepared to set your alarm and get in the queue.
  10. 6 hour Sunday Trading Law in the UK only applies to large shops/supermarkets. The Co-op is small so if you need wine at 8am on a Sunday I'd head there 😁 All other mornings it opens at 6am.
  11. Thanks Ourusualbeach. There is no date option - just a time. So you don't get to choose your first reservation? Are you able to change this once on board?
  12. Can you choose between first or second night? Second night would be my birthday.
  13. I'm thinking of booking this. Our cruise on Explorer falls on 2 significant dates - my birthday and our wedding anniversary and it would be nice to celebrate. Cruise Planner just gives me the option of a time and nothing else. How do I book specific restaurants/dates/times?
  14. Cruise Mapper has her position just off the coast of Kent approaching the English Channel at 23 kn. I don't think she will be arriving in Southampton too late tomorrow morning.
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