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  1. musik07

    unleavened bread on Equinox

    If you have the beverage package they have smoothies at the Aqua Spa Cafe that I had in the morning a few timed. The juices are also refreshing! The fruit plate there was very good as well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. musik07

    When to book travel

    I use the Hopper app for flights to track prices and alert me when prices drop. However it looks at a date range. Once all of the discount airlines start to release flights sometimes the major airlines go down a bit (Southwest is up to early March, I was just looking for my spring break over Easter the other day).
  3. We were on the same sailing as well and everything was great until our return flights with an absolute disaster of a connection in Newark that involved a home alone style run through the airport to make a connection (including out of and back through TSA in under 25 minutes!). Everything went according to plan up until the last 2 hours of the trip! We were super anti-social and basically spent our days on the pool deck or at a beach. We also found the staff to be very friendly. And I loved blu!
  4. musik07

    Equinox question from a newbie

    The solarium would check all of the boxes except ocean air and breeze. We have found seats in the afternoon. The solarium has a roof and is cooled somewhat (or it always seemed that way to me, not freezing but cool).
  5. musik07

    Just off the Equinox...... ask away

    We are sailing next week and enjoy Key West. If you are looking to get around the island (and stay a bit away from Duval) you can use the free Duval Loop (carfreekeywest(dot)com/duval-loop-bus) and go to the many stops. We are planning to take it down to the Southernmost point, do the butterfly museum and then go to the Seaport, Mallory Square and do a bit of Duval. Much less party and more tourist. I do need to find a onesie because my best friend's mom put a deposit on her baby shower and forgot the date of our trip so I am missing the shower for my godson to-be! Otherwise we will just walk around. My parents were in Key West a few years ago during Fantasy Fest on the day where they do all of the body painting and they had a very interesting experience to say the least! They wanted to get back and really experience all of Key West like we did via golf cart last summer, because basically all they did was walk around and gawk that time!
  6. musik07

    Help!! How bad is it?

    Go buy a pack of ear plugs. If all else fails use them! I don't travel anywhere (including to my parents house for long weekends) without them.
  7. musik07

    Miami area hotel

    Hampton Inn Brickell has a pool. It isn't huge but it works! We stayed last summer and are staying this Friday again. We enjoy the fact that you can go to the Bayside area and anywhere else the Metromover takes you easily. There is also a public, 7-11, starbucks and CVS close by. It was about $16 to take an Uber XL to the port the next morning.
  8. musik07

    Just off the Equinox...... ask away

    This is how I first realized that the menus are going to be a problem. The cheeses and things are often an issue even in the proteins I can have. I am glad to hear they will work with you. If not I am having baked chicken and the steak every night!
  9. musik07

    Paper or Plastic Straws?

    I was interested to see what we would find onboard next week as well. I life in the Philadelphia area and I often stop for coffee for my teaching assistant and I at either the beginning or end of the week. Last Tuesday I stopped and drove away before I realized there was no straw for my iced coffee in the drink carrier like normal. I stopped later in the week and was told that I now need to request a straw for any drink. Times are changing.
  10. musik07

    Just off the Equinox...... ask away

    GAcruiser we are also sailing Aqua- next week. Anything we should look for in the dining room or elsewhere? We have never sailed in an aqua cabin before but we got an amazing price! I am a bit worried about the food as I have a bunch of dietary restrictions and I don't eat lamb, pork, smoked food or many cheeses. Did you try any beef, chicken or fish dishes? My mom booked our cabin and I didn't even think to look at the menu since after 15 cruises I figured it would be the standard fare.
  11. musik07

    Just off the Equinox...... ask away

    Thank you. We are planning to shop the port in Costa Maya (my mom loved the dishes she saw there last year!) and then head back to the ship. Nachi and 7 Mile are our beach days. I may resemble your wife after our day at Nachi, or our whole trip with the premium package. Except I need to handle the taxi to and from Nachi. You know just incase I need to use my rudimentary Espanol!
  12. musik07

    Just off the Equinox...... ask away

    We leave next Saturday. Can you comment about the seaweed anywhere? I have friends that were in the caribbean and had AWFUL experiences a few weeks back in the Dominican Republic as well as in Mexico. We also saw reports about Paradise Beach having seaweed problems a week or so ago. They were posting very strategic pictures on their Facebook that did not show the ocean or shoreline at all. We are going to Nachi and 7 Mile Beach. Did you have any seaweed problems or hear of any? Also if you were in Aqua class I would love to hear any observations!
  13. Aimovig is 7 days out of the refrigerator so I could take a dose on a future trip. Unfortunately having to take a course of antibiotics put me a week back so I will be taking my first dose this Friday, exactly one week before we leave for our trip. A full month after we had hoped I would. I am really hoping that I won't have anything crazy happen as far as side effects but I am figuring nothing can be worse than the chronic migraines than I have been living and traveling with for years.
  14. musik07

    Nachi Cocum drink menu

    These all sound good. I am a bit paranoid though about drinking at Nachi. I am traveling with my Mom and two females traveling alone, and some of the articles I have read recently make me a bit nervous!
  15. musik07

    No Food Products Back To Ship

    This is exactly what I thought. I was thinking that I could get in a car and drive to Key West so why couldn't I take it off by ship? I am only planning on taking a sealed and packaged item. I just don't want to buy it and have it wasted!