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  1. Cruising with my grandmothers over Thanksgiving when we were in high school. One of my grandmothers has since passed away and one is 90 and not doing so well. The memories of that trip are some of my fondest (even when we couldn't find one grandmother on CoCo Cay for 45 minutes). I wish I had digital pictures, I am going to have to dig them up at my parents on one of my next visits. It was just awesome family time that I didn't quite appreciate enough as a teenager. My first cruise as an adult with my best friend (on Carnival we were broke!). We went mid-May and went through the first two named storms of the season. I remember laying in our cabin one night and her going "Why are you slamming the drawers" and I thought it had been her, but it was the ship rocking. We played more cards and drank our fare share on that trip! Also got to swim with dolphins in Nassau which was a first and super cool. Alaska on the Millennium this summer. It was just my mom and I and we made so many memories, like seeing bears in the wild eating salmon out of a stream, beautiful sunsets from Cosmos lounge most nights with a drink in hand, and seeing the northern lights (just a minor show). The most unexpected was when we went to the dining room on our last day after Hubbard Glacier and just as we were finishing the waiter came and told us to come to the window and there was a group of Orca out the window. One breached about 50 yards from the ship. I didn't get a great picture but it was magnificent!
  2. Yes! We were hoping to be able to use it as we were celebrity cruisers but it was only for those with Celebrity excursions. We checked onboard
  3. I also forgot to add if you take a Celebrity sponsored excursion there is a hospitality room downtown where you can leave you bags. Since we had booked a transfer independently we didn't qualify. The savings in taking and independent tour completely offset the cost to store bags at the airport. I wish we could have stayed a night in Anchorage and really explored and gone to see different things, however teachers started back at my school about 40 hours after we arrived at my parents local airport. I was so beat I ended up spending the night at my parents and having to rush around on Sunday to get everything done.
  4. We had a similar situation the summer. Most of the celebrity excursions we were interested in were for people with flights after midnight. We took the Alaska Cruise Transportation bus that stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Center. The bus ride was good, the wildlife center was good but our guide was AWFUL. She was all about telling self-promoting stories and jokes. I actually looked up some of the information she was telling us and it was incorrect. Once we got to the airport we attempted to check our bags around 11:45 (8:30 flight) and were told no. They had a place at the airport where you can leave your bags for the day. We left two suitcases and two carry on's. I carried my backpack which held all of the meds and technology for my mom and I (we didn't want to leave it in the airport basically just sitting out behind a rope). We then took the public bus to downtown, and walked around and had a great early dinner. The bus was VERY easy and we felt completely safe. We actually took public transportation in Vancouver as well and remarked that both places had such easy to navigate public transportation and locals were helpful when they saw us looking at maps. We took a bus back around 5:30 and had plenty of time to check in, get through security and even grab a snack before flying. It was great to walk around, see some sights and eat before flying home. One thing we both noticed is that the scales at united seems to add 5 pounds to our luggage (we weighed them before leaving the ship) and we had to do some quick rearranging and throwing away of half used bottles of shampoo and sunscreen. Leave yourself room for souvenirs!
  5. We had Steve the first week of August. He is very nice and personable. He did a presentation on the last day (after we did Hubbard Glacier) where he talked all about his travels, the lessons he has learned and the people he has met. It was a great way to spend an hour or so!
  6. Thanks we had the higher one this summer as a perk. They are just trying to figure out if it is worth it to get the lower one on a cruise with no perks.
  7. Looking for this info too? Is the mower cost package adequate to check email, social media, send messages and read the paper online? My parents won’t use it for more than this and basically get it to check in on my grandma while they are away. We had the more expensive package as a perk this summer and could Facebook voice and FaceTime. I even streamed a bit from FloSports but this isn’t really necessary.
  8. Random Question- What type of internet do you have? The lower one or higher one. My parents are wondering if you can upload pictures on the lower one to somewhere like facebook.
  9. If you have time to get to any of Celia's presentations go! She is wonderful. We attended all but one of her presentations on the Aug. 2 sailing and it truly enhanced our trip. She is a great mix of knowledge and entertainment. She is also extremely personable and was willing to answer questions anytime we saw her. We took a mad dash from deck 4 to 11 with her to try to see an Orca!
  10. We were on the Millie on Aug. 2. There was no hole in our cards, but I did see some teens with them punched. I did read online somewhere that you can't do it because of the RFID in the card but I think that was incorrect. Mine would open the door to our cabin when in my thin fabric wristlet. I only ended up taking it out at the bar and to get on and off the ship.
  11. I am so glad you are back. Your review of your Alaska cruise was great as we cruised the Millie on Aug. 2 and it gave me tons of info. No Transpacific planned (maybe after I retire from teaching in 30 years?) but I am excited to follow along. Especially since the marathon review of the people who booked 7 nights and ended up on the Harmony for 14 nights. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. I live in a large townhouse community. A few weeks ago a townhouse in the group next to me had a major fire. My home was not affected but State Farm called and checked that I was ok and that my hour was. The agent talked me through checking outside and inside just Incase something was damaged. I wouldn’t have even thought they would call or it would register since it was about 6 homes away and not attached. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I didn’t forget about you all! The first few weeks back at school is crazy. To be honest my suitcase still has some things in it and is on the guest room bed. I am almost settled now so I will hopefully get back to this for a few days, until kiddos come on Monday!! Cruise Day 2- Cruising Inside Passage My mom has really enjoyed cruising the inside passage on her first cruise (Southbound on the Radiance) so I was looking forward to this day. Unfortunately we went through much of the skinnier part of the inside passage overnight and in the very early morning hours. Also, when we woke up it was so foggy you couldn’t see the water and the fog horn was going. It took until mid-afternoon to clear. Regardless we started with breakfast in the buffet. I almost always get the eggs Benedict but I was disappointed. However the bacon and French toast I replaced it with was enjoyable! Our sommelier from the evening before saw us sitting down and came over to see if we wanted any drinks. I felt spoiled already! A latte please😍! After breakfast we went back to our cabin and had a notice that our table for dinner had been changed, which was great! We attended a naturalist talk and then went up to the solarium with books until lunch! After lunch we changed into swim suits, attempted to use the small heated kiddie pools (hot tubs) and then relaxed some more. After two travel days, and a crazy summer before it was needed. I know it was evening chic night but I have no idea what we ate but looking at pictures I think it was steak! We also did the senior officers party. I will say that there wasn’t a single night where I disliked my meal. After dinner we started a routine of going to the naturalist and then the show. We also started trying new drinks before the naturalist presentation. I had never had a Gin and Tonic but it is now my new ‘go-to’. The show that night was a Motown show and while I wasn’t super excited I actually really enjoyed it!! I didn't take a lot of pictures that day but I will leave you with these.
  14. Thanks! I don't have all of the pictures uploaded anywhere and I need to delete a lot of the whale watching ones that just show water but maybe eventually I will get an album up! I got thrown a curveball when I got to school this morning and I am going to be having a much bigger caseload this school year than I anticipated. I need a run to the teacher store at some point and I need to get my DonorsChoose project up on social tonight since Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is doing something with donations tomorrow to double them and I need to figure out a schedule and classroom layout to accommodate my new larger numbers. I haven't even completely unpacked and I am already in PJ's and ready for bed!
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