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  1. Does it seem like there is a particular time of day that you get acceptance or rejection e-mails? Someone posted they got rejection at 2:41pm two days before the cruise. Do they do the same with acceptances?
  2. We just bid for the Millie to Alaska (Aug. 2) we bid from our inside to Veranda (175pp) and Family Veranda (230pp) hoping we will hear something soon enough to reprint documents before traveling. We won't have cell service in Vancouver to know if we won a bid or reprint!
  3. Ship: Millenium Length of Cruise: 7 Days Cruise Sail Date: Aug. 2 2019 Date email offer received: Our TA received on July 2- we had access to it on Cruise Planner mid June Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: Inside Bid? Yes/No: Y If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: place winning category, if accepted (all category offers, can be mentioned in comments) Veranda and Family Veranda Bid Offer: Veranda-$175 and Family Veranda $230 Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected General Comments (offer details, etc.) We just bid today with no immediate rejection. Cruise is sold out for insides and has one OceanView guarantee left. Options to bid for OceanView, Veranda, Family Veranda, Concierge and Aqua. Minimum bids 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 respectively. Bid slightly over minimum.
  4. Unfortunately even though prices have dropped they are still about $800-1000 more than what we paid when including the two perks. We are going to wait a few more days and then bid unless prices drop. We are not too picky about our cabin location (we just really don't want a low deck ocean view), it is just easier for my mom if she is close to an elevator. It looks like there are 3 sets of elevators so we won't be too far no matter where we are!
  5. Tomorrow is 30 days. I may wait until Sunday. My mom has a knee replacement and is often sore in the morning/end of day so the close cabin is nice for her, however it wouldn't be a game changer. The ocean views are down on deck 3 and far forward. I would honestly be happy in the inside except that day at Hubbard Glacier. I am worried about open space on deck for good views with the deck 12 forward area now taken by the retreat. We actually talked about doing deck 4 on the promenade area instead and just getting there super early. It is covered and should have good views. Only a deck up for Cafe Al Bacio runs too!
  6. We are sailing on the Millennium on August 2nd. We never got an e-mail for Move Up but it is accessible from our reservation. We are currently in an inside on deck 8 (very convenient to the elevators). Prices have gone up since we have booked (we have 2 perks) so upgrading would be about 700 per person. We have offers for ocean view through aqua. Ocean View Minimum is 100. Balcony is 150. Family Veranda is 200. Concierge is 250. Aqua is 350. Considering bidding for the Balcony and maybe Family Veranda. My dad is a TA and there are very few ocean views left in less desirable positions on the ship, which is leading me to consider the balconies. Do these prices for move up tend to drop closer to sailings (we had an Aqua last summer and felt no need to even look at bidding to move up). The only reason I am really considering bidding is the more limited space for hubbard glacier day due to the retreat sundeck being at the front of 12. Am I better to assume the price will drop or bid now, I know it is all hypothetical. Most of the move up bids for Alaska I have read about have been suites. Any input is helpful.
  7. Any info on just needing a return trip? We have a whale watching excursion in the morning and they will drop us at the galcier after. The buses $45 per person round trip but we wouldn't need a round trip. Can we just purchase a 1 way? It is just two of us that will need transportation and my mom won't want to walk the mile to catch the city bus.
  8. Thanks. The upgrades look amazing. Right now (while prices have dropped across the board), we would still be paying about 1500 more for a balcony so it won't be happening. We are going to bid on a balcony at some point with the move up thing, but I think we will wait until a bit closer. Hoping when the sale is over tonight prices will change.
  9. Do you happen to have any pictures of the inside cabin? My mom and I are in one on Aug. 2 unless we score a move up or the prices drop a bit more.
  10. The location will be on the back of your cabin door. I don't think there is a way to find out in advance.
  11. My mom and I are cruising on the Celebrity Millenium on Aug. 2. We have the wifi as a perk. I will be using my phone to log on (I may switch to my iPad at some point but I doubt it) and will stay logged in the entire time we are onboard. I know that I can receive texts via iMessage. However I would like to set up wi-fi calling as well. My grandmother is elderly and her condition is deteriorating and my mom is worried about being away. Additionally, I have been applying for many new teaching jobs for next year and wouldn't want to miss a call. Is there anything specific I need to do, or can I set the wifi calling up and try it in advance? I have ATT for my service and we do not have coverage in Canada so I know the day we are in Vancouver I will be on my own with picking up wifi. Any advice or experiences would be helpful!
  12. I did the Caribbean in a walking boot and I stumbled everywhere. Even the minor movements of the ship had me tripping. I would assume it would be the same on crutches. Also, I had a lot of trouble getting up the ramps on and off the ship. I can't even imagine doing that on crutches.
  13. Thanks! We have an inside cabin (hoping for a price drop or a move up offer to make an OV or balcony possible) so we are going to have to be out on the main decks.I am thinking deck 4 may be an option. And we will be up super early!
  14. Thanks so much! We sail Aug 2. I am noticing that the onboard lectures are not Alaska related. Was the narration good in Hubbard ? Also when going into Hubbard Glacier where did you go for viewing? We had been planning to go up to what is now the suite retreat deck!
  15. Not with this but if you sit just outside of security it gets interesting (BWI has benches right across from secondary screening). I don't have pre-check but my parents do. They were waiting for me there and texting me a play by play of if ninja blenders and hammers painted to look like a tiger are allowed through.
  16. On the same itinerary in August. How was the temperature onboard? I am always cold so I want to be prepared!
  17. Totally! However if it is covered that would be even better!
  18. Thank you! We only have the classic package this summer and I was worried about drinks (Alaska is so port intensive it doesn't seem worth it to upgraded) but I see a bunch here that work. I am really hoping I can do an espresso martini on the Classic Package!
  19. I am red in my picture. I got it done mid-summer and was burnt. I was also just about to finish college and much skinnier....
  20. Hello, On our day in Juneau we will be whale watching first thing in the morning. After that our tour operator offers drop off at either Mendenhall or the port. I would be very interested in stopping at Mendenhall for a few hours, however I am not sure about transportation back for two. My mom a bit older, and had a knee replacement so walking around the area and then back to the bus is out. What are our other affordable options for 2? It seems crazy to spend $90 on the bus for one way!
  21. We are on the Millie in August (leaving from Vancouver) and this is our first cruise where the planner and other documentation says we can drop our bags in the room right when we board. I am bringing 2 carry on's this trip so not having to carry them will be great! We did our best to upload pictures for our sail passes but they were AWFUL even with my best attempts.
  22. We just did them for the Millie for Aug. 2. However we didn't have the correct background (white) so I am sure they will need to retake them. It was required for us to keep going so we just put a place holder in basically!
  23. Thank you for the wonderful review. What will I do now until we leave on the 31st of July for our Adventure? This is the first summer I am EVER looking forward to the end of my break this much, because we are traveling the week before I go back!
  24. I always bring and take Meclizine (Bonine) from the morning we leave for the airport through driving home from the airport. The older I am getting the more I am getting car sick. I need it on any drive where I may fall asleep, take my focus off looking directly out the front or will be on windy roads. I will need it for our ISP and Skagway ports since we are taking excursions in mini-busses or vans. I will also need it on my way home since we are taking a shuttle provided by the airline from one airport to another! I always make sure to have a water bottle because it makes my mouth very dry!
  25. I saw your story. Glad it wasn't anything major. We are only flying into Vancouver (home from Anchorage) so we will be doing Canadian customs there and US customs at Canada Place. We are flying United through Chicago out so no customs until we have landed. Glad to know it was nice and that there were enough outlets. I bring a USB brick when we cruise but there is always more to plug in!
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