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  1. It worked great and they threw it in-between the two sides of the hard side suitcase. They were in a rush to get off the next morning so they told the cabin steward to reuse it. This trip they are flying Southwest and flying it in its own bag, they are just going to jam it in and repack it when they get home!
  2. Staying at the Hyatt overnight before our Millie cruise on Aug. 2. We don't have any special status and booked on Hotwire but I would love any local restaurant reviews or places we must stop. We will be landing at 3:30pm and coming from Pennsylvania so we are going to be beat. I really want to explore a bit so I am going to try for a LONG nap on the plane.
  3. Are you planning on doing a live or review? Sailing on the Millie Aug. 2
  4. This was on an Alaska sailing. The papers were given out on a galley tour.
  5. I meant 11 in my post. So confused. On the Millie in August and would love to know!
  6. Thank you. I had seen a post from someone onboard that they got papers that said the drink package limit for Classic was $9. So confusing!
  7. looking for updated beverage menus and Classic package info if you have any!
  8. Someone is reporting that the limits for the beverage packages on the Solstice were upped (Classic- $11 and Premium- $15.50). Anything similar on the Millennium? We have the classic package this summer.
  9. I was considering surprising my mom with an early morning float plane trip to Misty Fjords in Ketchikan. I am the most nervous flyer so this was going to be a stretch for me. I am thinking this won't happen and I need to come up with another idea!
  10. My mom and I have cruised together the past few summers. When my brother and I were younger we actually cruised with both of my grandmothers and my parents once. We still laugh about the memories we made on that cruise! My grandmother somehow got 'lost' on CoCo Cay (Royal) and we spent most of our day looking for her, she thought she had seen my dad in the water and went out to swim with him only to find out it wasn't him and then she just stayed in the water. We always kid that we need to go back to CoCoCay to see more than the bathrooms and food tents! That cruise is full of memories that I am so glad we were able to make when both grandmothers were still with us and able to travel!
  11. Just watching you dock in Ketchikan on the webcam. My mom is looking forward to just shopping and walking town. If you happen to notice what time the shops open, and what time you can get off the ship that would be great to know!
  12. Enjoy your trip. We are on the August 1st northbound. I would love to see any daily planners or bar menus (we have the classic package)!
  13. We are sailing Aug. 2nd northbound. I would like to see them as well!
  14. No clue. I guess you could try, and if it doesn't work over the phone ask at Guest Relations. Just make sure you have a note stating you are not past the number of weeks that you cannot cruise after while pregnant!
  15. I never saw ginger tea at Cafe Al Bacio. I would bring my own box of the bags, then you could go to the buffet and get hot water and make it whenever. Would it be possible to change your Classic Beverage Package to the Premium Non-Alcoholic package before sailing? If you paid for it in cash you should be able to and it would save you some $$. If not maybe go to guest relations and see if you can make the switch for you if it was a perk. I love the smoothies you get with the premium non-alcoholic package!
  16. I have regular sneakers, waterproof sneakers (I like to rotate shoes during the week), birkenstocks and pool flip flops. Am I over packing?
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. We are happy with our choices of internet and drinks. My mom will get the internet package anyway (to be able to check in at home since my grandmother isn't in the best health) so it made the most sense. There was really no point for us to get onboard credit and have to 'find' something to do with it. I don't like spending money just to spend it, and I have somewhat simple tastes (I don't need designer sunscreen/makeup, alcohol, or new tech). Especially since we took about a $200 per person price increase for the perks it seems pretty pointless to just waste the money. Hoping I will have the stream package. I will try to remember to report back.
  18. To be honest we don't really have anything to use the $300 on. We both have a BOA Royal Visa with more than enough points to cover tips. And other than beverages we won't really spend anything onboard. We booked all of our excursions independently! Next summer we have 3 cabins and each has $400 shipboard credit, beverages and tips paid. Since the whole family is going we won't need to keep in touch with home so we are actually going to need to work to spend the $400 per cabin.
  19. We booked our Millennium cruise this summer with 2 perks (Beverage Package and Internet). I have been reading that there is now the Surf package and the Stream package. Which one will I get with my perks? We had internet last summer on the Equinox and its was good enough to place facebook voice calls and to FaceTime, however there was only one level of package then. We had cruised on MSC in the past and they have a Social Surfing package that allows you on popular apps, however I couldn't open other links and it was horribly slow. Trying to figure out what we have with our perks and if it will meet our needs to check in at home often and hopefully keep up on some things that I would typically stream in downtime.
  20. h20cruiser Do you know which internet package comes with the perks? I am hoping for the stream so I can catch Drum Corps world championships while we are in Alaska (or at least watch some snippets)
  21. 1) Tropicante in Costa Maya. I ate nachos in every port and these were by far the best I have ever had anywhere! Everything we ordered there was absolutely delicious and the owner is great as well. We were not very excited about Costa Maya as a port but now I can't wait to go back to Tropicante 2) Mangos picked fresh off the tree while horseback riding in Mazatlan. 3) Kermit's Key Lime Kitchen. My mom and I were both looking for seafood for lunch and didn't want a full sit down meal. We saw that they had a daily fish and shrimp special on their signboard so we went in. We both ended up with the coconut shrimp basket (the special) and they were delicious. I don't think I will ever be able to order or make coconut shrimp again because these were so much better. Their fries were also very good. Everything was clearly fresh cooked, someone was out front cooking orders on a grill. I would go back again in a heartbeat!
  22. We cruised the Equinox the last two summers. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites Miami/Brickell Downtown both times. It was great the first time (pool, nice breakfast, coffee and water always available in the lobby, one drink for the night at the bar on a token, close to grocery stores and pharmacies for last minute things, and lots of restaurants in the neighborhood, very close to the Miami Metromover which can take you around downtown and to the public train as well. Both times we took the metromover to Bayside. The first time my Dad was so fascinated we went ALL THE WAY around even though we didn't need to so he could see what was going on. The second time there was some sort of shutdown of the whole system due to a protest/march so we were at the courthouse and had to take an uber back to the hotel, but it was cheap and easy to do. We always take SAS shuttle from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami for our hotel drop off and the back to airport after and have never had an issue!
  23. Hello, We purchased a groupon for Whale Watching for 2 for Whale Watch Alaska. I called and booked on Saturday after purchasing the groupon (I had a bunch of credit to use so it made it a no-brainer as far as price!). I was told I would be receiving an e-mail confirmation. When I didn't by Monday I emailed to enquire and was told they were very busy getting ready for the season and they would get to it tomorrow. I emailed again last night and still have no response. Has anyone used this company before, or had any positive/negative experiences. I am getting ready to book elsewhere and dispute with Groupon at this point in time. Any input is welcome.
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