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  1. Was it difficult to get taxi/uber to the port the day of the cruise? We're staying at Moody Gardens and they say they dont have a shuttle unless you book your room directly through the hotel. I've contacted a couple transportation companies and the either dont pick up at hotels or its over $100 for the short trip to the port. thanks!
  2. So your total time there was only approximately 2 hrs? I'm interested in doing this but that seems alot of trouble for just hours. Any info would be appreciated? Thanks!
  3. Are you looking at your Cruise Planner? My itinerary still says the original GC, Ocho Rios and Cozumel. I'm happy with the new ports as we're also doing B2B on Aug 7th. The new ports to see is fine with me!
  4. Just asked my travel partner. If he wanted to do the same itinerary for the 2 weeks on Vista or change everything to the MG out of Canaveral. I was excited to maybe get on Mardi Gras. His response: No! My response: Are you serious? oh well.
  5. Thanks Blue, Was hoping for a different answer as we are on the Aug 7 sailing and stopping at both Mahogany Bay and Belize.... Oh well...we're still on a ship!! Thanks again!
  6. Looks like GC is closed to cruise ships. Has anyone heard or have any ideas what port will be substituted if any? We're scheduled on the Vista Aug 7th from Galveston. Was looking forward to the stingrays again. Oh well another sea day would be fine with me or any other stop really, just happy to be cruising again. Thanks in advance Andrew
  7. just happened on your post. We're "in/on" the same boat 'firedisney97". Booked the 8 day then the 6 day... with airline tickets booked. Waiting to see what happens.
  8. Dont have the answer for this, but I noticed this yesterday while looking at my casino offers.. Got an ultra for the HNL-BNE last year but was unable to take advantage of it. E-mailed the casino department yesterday to see if they know if any Casino deals will be offered this time around as none were showing. Fingers crossed they will.. I'll not hesitate to book this time.
  9. Were booked on the PC on the Miracle 13 day Feb 1, 2020. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the "Premier" check in. Does "Premier" mean early? Just wondering if we should arrive early or wait till later to board? Thanks!
  10. Thank you all for your help. ☺️ Looks like Harbor Market is the best/easiest spot..
  11. Since we can no longer get Diet Coke on the ship,😧 Does anyone know if there is a place (Walgreens/CVS) where we could by a couple 12 packs near the Embassy Suites located on 601 Pacific Hwy? Thanks in advance! Edit: Sorry something within walking distance..
  12. Diet Coke addict here.. I know you can carry on soda in cans but I hate the taste of anything out of an aluminum can. Can anyone share if they've had any trouble carrying on the 16.9 or 20 oz plastic bottles. I hate the thought of 13 days with out my Rum and Coke! Thanks!
  13. Just wondering , I've booked a Panama Canal cruise for next year under a great casino rate with guarantee ocean view. . Final payment is due Nov 3. My question is... If I wait till November to make final payment do I stand a better chance at a better cabin location or upgrade. Not asking for something for free, just curious. I've never booked a guarantee cabin. Thanks in advance. andrew
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