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  1. We are. Grouo of 32 and everybody call their insurance company and nobody was cover fully for medical if a travel advisory is made, even if all the destinations are safe, they consider cruising as a destination. Be aware, call your insurance
  2. I call my insurance, i am cover if I am sick with coronavirus, hospital bill but not cover for quarantine, repatriation du to the travel advisory. Call your insurance don’t interpret the print. So for us we have to cancel our Silhouette march 15 cruise. Not because we don,t want to go just it’s financial risk.
  3. We really enjoy the 4x4 to the falls, we had an amazing driver and cheerful group in our 4X4. We pre-book all excursions a couple months before the cruise. All excursions were with Azamara, except for Punta Del Este (been there 3 times) and Montevideo (been there three times) and those two are easy to walk around.
  4. We had such a wonderful cruise and we made videos along the adventure. You have to understand that we are not professionnal and it was the first time using that gopro, so made mistakes along the way with shaking and other things. We forgort that we had bring a stabilizer which we found about four days into the Cruise, so the video will get better hold on 🙂 so please be indulgent lol. It’s to give you an idea about that azamazing cruise i will start will Punta Del Este as i am still working on Buenos Aires Punta del Este
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