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  1. A word of caution for those traveling in Jan/Feb/March flying from the north, start an extra day or two early getting to Florida. We left our home at 5PM Friday evening driving only 45 miles to airport. Overnight we had rain which changed to ICE then SNOW and blowing. We got up at 3 AM left on shuttle to airport at 4 AM. The roads were so bad that it took us 30 min to go 3 miles. Needless to say we knew our plane would be delayed. They had 3 small planes scheduled to leave within 5 -10 min apart. Turned out to be 45 min +, due to deicing. So we sat on plane for 2 hrs waiting for deicing. We missed our connection in Dulles, so we were rerouted to Chicago. We left Dulles at 2 PM and spent the rest of the day at O'Hare. We left there 7:35 their time. Had the worsts seats ever on a fully booked plane. I had middle seat with a nice young lady at window and a severly drunk man on the isle. Why he wasn't removed is beyond me. I was about to loose it, because he smelled reeked of stale beer. United will hear about it when I get home. Made it to Ft. Lauderdale a little ght. We holding breath werethat our luggage would make it on our little detour, because we watched it on the luggage cart, at Dulles and they didn't put it in the hold with other on that cart. If you have a disability, make sure to call ahead and let them you know ahead of time (which I did) to help you make connections, especially if you have a tight time line. They were very accommodating. Day Two - Ft Lauderdale - We are staying at the Springhill Suites in Dania Beach (not on beach), we had 5 adults in an accessable room. 2 queens and queen sofa couch. Hotel offers free bottled water, we took great advantage of this as we all drink water. Coffee in lobby available at all times. In room coffee maker, microwave, and mini fridge with sink, table with 1 chair. It was an adjoining room. No noise issues. It is within walking distance (even for me who can't do steps or walk long distances) of Chipote, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Mall with Marshalls and other stores, and the LasVags Cuban Restaurant. Great Cuban dishes, DH and I had the Cuban Sandwichs, daughter had empanadas and a shrimp dish, her boyfriend had the special, strip steak, pork chops and another meat, Had a pitcher of Sangria to wash it down. It was good but it didn't have fresh fruit in it (they used canned fruit cocktail). It was busy and everyone we talked to enjoyed what they had as well. This hotel offered free shuttle if it was available. We walked to restaurant in daylight, and call for hotel shuttle after dark. I gave driver a tip for his efforts. Airport shuttle to and from hotel is free only runs until 11:30 pm. There are taxis available outside the luggage pick up. Very reasonable. We had 3 people with 6 large suitcases and 3 carry-ons. $30. Scheduled them for pick up tomorrow at 10 am for 5 people and 11 pieces. The hotel does offer shuttle at 10 pp in large buses. They had at least 3 loading up today starting at 10 and running thru 12 noon. Yes I would recommend hotel. Pool is heated and have lifts for getting in pool and one for hot tub. Have a nice weight room. Breakfast buffet was good with a large selection of food. Snacks available to purchase at front desk if you get the need for muchies. Any questions, please let me know and I will try to answer them as I go along, or upon my return. Will try to include photos, but no guara.ntees. Airport runway at start of trip.
  2. laseiber

    Serenade of the Seas question

    Going on Serenade tomorrow, will check on drink prices. If possible will post while on board or when I return unless someone else responds before then.
  3. laseiber

    Anthem - Table for Two ?

    On anthem in the main dining room not MTD the tables are really close, you are lucky if you could squeeze between and most of them are for 2 or 4 persons, DH and I asked to be seated at larger table but was put a a table for 2. They missed the boat on the dynamic dinning arrangements when they designed the ships. Hence less dining space overall for Classic Dining at either early or late seating. Anthem is not my ship of choice. Overall too many staterooms ($$$$$$$) and too little public spaces which are doing double or triple duty. StateRoom layouts are the only good thing the ship has to offer.
  4. I agree, pets, regardless of what they are have no place on cruise ships unless it is a registered/licensed service dog. My daughter is paying more to have her 2 dogs kenneled while on this cruise than it cost her for the cruise for 2. Don't get me started on dining room dress codes NOT being enforced. To go along with that the fact that people when they fly don't want to pay a baggage fees hence they don't want to take dress cloths for the dining room so everyone is taking that all inclusive carry on on the airplane, trying to get it to fit in the overhead. Breath, Breath, oh I can't, having an allergy attack, from the dog dandruff left behind.
  5. laseiber

    Dress code at breakfast

    Just make sure your tee shirt has sleeves. Husband was asked to change, his shirt had a regular tee shirt neckline, but did not have sleeves. We had no problem with that, but was upset they didn't continue to enforce dress code at dinner.
  6. Anthem will never be as beloved as the Explorer! Became Diamond on Explorer and had to move on to other class size ships in the RC fleet. Now our Next favorite is the Serenade of the Seas, followed by the Navigator. Like the Jewel and took a family girls trip on Freedom. I have done a few trips on Anthem, and I gave it time between trips to see if service, food, employee cohesiveness improved, it didn't. Would have loved to love it, or even liked it a little more, because then I wouldn't have to fly, yes we tried the speciality restaurants (limited) compared to other ships, bumper cars, 360 viewing, Ifly not recommended by airborne forces son. The only great thing is the cabin layout, except miss the hanging line in shower to hang wet swimsuits to dry, But will be watching this review to see how it goes with children. Friends have traveled on Anthem a few times, with and without their children, *not so great* so they now fly to Florida to cruise Allure. Great ship if you have children and he said service and food was good as well.
  7. What is up with No Prioity Boarding Perk that is listed as a Perk for Diamond Plus passengers. This has now happen 2 times in Florida, where we arrived and had to wait in line with everyone else as the ship had not been cleared for boarding, but when it was cleared, they did not board you by C&A status, it was who was in line first and no place to sit and wait either, you had to stand in line.
  8. We did that on one cruise, we were seated with persons wearing farm coveralls, (not kidding) for dinner, And yes I know what is worn on a cow farm, and asked to be moved. We do dress as suggested, and my husband has been stopped at breakfast for wearing a no sleeve tee shirt (not a tank tiop) and asked to put on a shirt with sleeves. He complied, Yes I wish they would enforce the rules all day for meals in the MDR, but until they do, we will still complain about those that don't, and put it in my survey at the end of the cruise. If you can afford the cruise, then you shoiuld be able to afford appropriate suggested attire.
  9. laseiber

    Current Concierges continued discussion

    Not a fan of her's. Kind of had an attitude. So spent my time in Diamond Lounge instead (am Diamond +) even though my cabin was on 9th floor I chose to go up to the 14th because I could not stand her attitude. Even though we like the Navigator of the Seas will be cruising on different ships the next few years. Will definetly check out list of CL hosts before booking.
  10. Your cabin attendant was probably Alex, we had him last month on deck 9 and yes he did his job and was out of site most of the time. In fact we didn't see many cabin attendants in the halls throughout the cruise. When we needed special service after 9 pm we did have to call the front desk and someone other than attendant give us an extra towel and pillow. The head of housekeeping was brand new the week we cruised, Will continue to read this thread to see if you find out who your attendant is and your thoughts on ports of call. We are taking this itinerary next year but on the Serenade of the Seas another of our favorite ships.
  11. laseiber

    WHAT the HECK Happened to this site???

    Was not able to post a quick reply on a thread I was viewing earlier today. I do like the fact that all extra signatures trips and stuff at the bottom of individual threads is compacted. It used to take forever to scroll thru threads.
  12. laseiber

    anthem jan 2 reveiw

    You were lucky, as a DP members our before Christmas cruise was not the Wow cruise we had hoped for. It was my 2bd cruise on Anthem and DH 1sr, since the Explorer left. We have been cruising out of FLL, NO, SJ in the mean time. The problems and issues we had on Anthem, should not have been problems to start with. And getting them resolved was even more trying, have to spend hours of your vacation in Guest Services lines is just unacceptable. To wait half hour to get a WOW band, really, and to have a Loyalty Ambassador. put charges $70 on your bill the last night of cruise after checking it before going to bed showing a -0- balance for a free galley tour, then going to guest relations on day of departure to get it fixed, and only 1 person working, it just not acceptable. No sense of urgency of staff when brought to their attention, of unsafe conditions, such as spilled drinks on tile outside elevators and throw up outside dining room, left us a little upset. We are not downers, and really enjoyed getting away and found many good things about this cruise, but would not cruise Anthem again. As for bartenders, we found a few good ones, one in upstairs of Music Hall, and the other in Boleros. We felt bad for the bartender in the Concierge Lounge on deck 12, because he could not make a rum punch. We still tipped him well, he really tried, but I think a lot of the staff was not trained fully. Some really tried. So a special hint check your final bill before leaving and getting a copy of it for proof should charges show up after you get home and get your cc bill. Maybe they had a meeting with GS staff after we complained to corporate about our problems we had with them. Any cruise day is better than a day at work. Enjoy.
  13. laseiber

    Problems with reentry to US

    Thats OK with me, I don't plan on traveling overseas anyway, and as for Mexico, I don't need to get off the ship there either.
  14. laseiber

    Freedom vs. Navigator

    Ships, would choose Navigator over Freedom, service is better. Ports, not much to do in San Juan, doing the ABC in 2 weeks. Longer is always better. Only thing FLL has going for it, is the Luggage Valet service available for certain airlines. The sad thing is we have sometimes paid more for the flight than a 10 cruise for 2, even when booking flight from a major hub and using cheap travel site. Make sure all children are fully potty trained before cruising, as services and facilities are limited or not available. Took grand daughter on Freedom before fully trained, they would not let you use the splash zone. Also limited play areas for her as well. Her Mom had to do all activities with her. No supervised activities available.
  15. laseiber

    Dress code inconsistency

    If the cruise lines would just enforce at the door (MDR), the policy guidelines posted on their web sites. No tank tops, shorts, swim suits, then this discussion is mute. Yes it is your cruise, but they have policies and rules for a reason. Do you still smoke in your cabin, even though their policy forbides it, you may say I paid for my cabin, I can do what I want. Sure it is your vacation, but if you want to cruise casual, then cruise on those lines that don't have posted suggestions. I saw a man on one of my cruises in the MDR wear the same t shirt every night, unless he had 10 of the same shirt (possible), felt sorry for others that sat with him, especially since they dressed appropriately. It is possible that his luggage got lost, but I think the ship would have possibly provided him with other attire at least one of their 10 dollar tee shirts. Thought I would check out Celebrity on cruise critic since I am thinking of changing from loyal to Royal, but so far topics are different. (Whether or not to use fork face up or down?) Have my skin fire retardant protected, flame away.