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  1. I was also on the Emerald. I heard a passenger had a broken hip which was why they couldn’t be airlifted. I was really surprised Saturday morning when I had messages from friends asking if everything was all right onboard because we were on the news. It was a nonevent as far as we were concerned.
  2. In Sydney we did a tour with Blue Thistle Tours that did part of the Cabot Trail. We enjoyed it a lot...beautiful scenery!
  3. It has one of the smaller casinos of the ships I have been on but I couldn’t guess how many slots there were. I do know I hit a quarter machine for $5000 on the Island. That is the largest win I have had on a Princess cruise.
  4. I can log in now and it shows how long until our cruise but if I press the button to activate it, it says it’s not available. I think that means I won’t get my martini while I am watching tv at home.
  5. The Golden will be back in LA for a while in 2020. We have booked a window suite for a round trip to Alaska from LA because we love those window suites and knew it would be our last chance to experience one on the Golden.
  6. There is a sliding accordion door between the bedroom and the living room which was really nice. You can open your blinds in the bedroom during the day but depending on where the sun is, it can get quite warm in there. The windows are big!
  7. I’m missing all you guys and wish I was there instead of home with my leg elevated!
  8. Totally agree! We only went in once because of the atmosphere. It wasn’t comfortable at all. There was a nice bar outside of the Crown Grill that often had live music in the evenings that was much nicer than Crooner’s.
  9. I was in charge of our slot pull on the Majestic and we had many Americans. Everyone brought AUD. I do have to warn you that all of the slot machines on the Majestic are penny machines that originally were in US dollars so they played strange amounts like 3.42 AUD per spin. I had a lot of trouble finding a machine that would play $3 per pull which is what I like to do for slot pulls. The casino host was a big help helping me select a machine, assigned an employee to assist and provided gifts for winners.
  10. We just cruised on the Majestic and I purchased casino credits ahead of time in US dollars. When I would cash in $100 voucher I would get 137 AUD.
  11. When I maintain a roll call list, I have always been able to “quote” the old list, remove the
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