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  1. How often do the shuttles run from EWR to the NY port. We have NCL air -add-on so the transfers are included? How long is the bus ride- should we plan 45-60 minutes? thanks
  2. Anyone have the current Freestyle Dailies for the Escape to Bermuda? Heading out in 1 month
  3. Can you please tell me if there was any available internet while cruising close to shore? Or did you have to connect via the ship?
  4. Platinum members receive a free behind the scene tour. Other NCL ships offer the tour for a fee. Check the Daily
  5. Are you allowed to wear jeans/sneakers in the dining rooms?
  6. thanks for all the great information, Dailies, Splash Itineraries for the kids, menus!!
  7. If eating outside on the Waterfront at Ocean Blue, on the Joy- can you smell cigar smoke from the Humidor Cigar Lounge upwind from the restaurant?
  8. Do you happen to have copies of the Splash Academy schedule and activities. Sailing with a 14 and 9 year olds. Can you please add to post?
  9. Do you happen to have any of the Splash Academy schedules- will be traveling with 14 and 9 year olds. Can you please post?
  10. Thank you for the feedback. We are cruising end of summer so hopefully the counselors will have their act together. There will be 13 and 9 year olds in our group. Do you recall if the kids were offered the go-carts or laser tag as an activity?
  11. Did you happen to take the schedules for the Kid's club- can you please share the activities sheets for the week?
  12. You can book your dinner reservations and show reservations by logging into your NCL.com account, search and View Your Reservation or search fill in the fields under "Don't see your Reservation" section. Select Entertainment to book your shows. You can also do this for Dining.
  13. Great information with lots of needed detail- Thank you. We are thinking of renting a car for the 6 of us, but if we take a cab for 6 and get dropped off at the top of the drive, we can save some money and enjoy the trails!
  14. Taxi to and from Medenhall Glacier: how much was the fare? How long of a ride- I know it is 12 miles? Were taxies readily available at the pier and at the Glacier? How long should you plan to stay at the Glacier to go through the Visitor's center and hike to the Glacier?
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