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  1. We did day passes at Breezes 2 years ago (during spring break) and I was totally disgusted by the resort. It wasn't crowded, but the pool water was dirty, service wasn't very good, and the lunch was blah.
  2. Wow, someone isn't a happy person. Because we knew Exuma wasn't an easy option while cruising (too much risk of missing the ship), we decided to do the Royal Caribbean CocoCay version. We knew going in it was a rip off, but had a blast anyway. We enjoyed it, and now Exuma is definitely on our bucket list. Thanks for the links.
  3. Maybe i just need to learn how to take advantage of these perks. I haven't noticed any difference.
  4. I'll try asking Monday. Of course you do realize, if I ask 10 people, I'm going to get 10 different answers. I wonder if it's like this in Baltimore?
  5. So, between my 2 free 24 hour internet sessions, and DD's 1 free 24 hour internet session, we're pretty much covered for this short sailling? Works for me. The other perks, bleh. When you over pack like I do, who needs laundry? I honestly don't sail for the perks. I sail because I love to. Just frustrating that they seem to dangle some perks out in front of me like a carrot... never really attainable.
  6. Yes, you are correct. But, in my defense... I see no smiley on the original post... just a little square. The smiley showed up on this post though... 😐 The hard part is, the mis-information given out by staff on the ships. The only reason I understood this could be a problem was on my most recent sailing on Grandeur (I was a lowly D), I was told by the DL concierge that D+ would no longer have access to the CL... he did not say they were going to (at some point) change the CL to a SL... just that D+ would no longer have access to the CL. Thanks to the helpful people here, I learned what he didn't understand about the changes to come, or didn't know how to explain.
  7. No need to be snotty about it. Okay, my question should have been: Is there still a CL on Enchantment? There. Are you happy?
  8. Is there even really a difference between D and D+ anymore? Can anyone confirm, are D+ allowed in the CL on Enchantment?
  9. What time would you suggest I arrive, if I want to be towards the front of that long, snaky line?
  10. How is the parking garage for the new terminal? We get in the day before, and can't wait to explore Cocoa Beach again. In the past we used to arrive around 10:30 and had a small wait. I am D+ and DD is D, but this is the first cruise for her roommate. Since they are in the same cabin, if there is priority boarding for D, the roommate can board with her, right?
  11. Please help me understand what to expect when we board Enchantment on Monday? Haven't sailed out of PC in a while, and definitely not since becoming D+. No more priority boarding? I've always been one to get to the port early, is that going to be a problem? It's weird because my daughter and her roommate are in a different cabin, and their set sail pass looks completely different from mine. Their set sail passes say "Arrival Appointment 11:30 am - 12:00 pm", and mine says "...1:00pm - 1:30pm". So, if we arrive earlier than their appointment time, are we going to be turned away? Will I be turned away if I try to board when they do?
  12. Thank you so much! I love how knowledgeable you guys are! Also happy to know that DD has been doing it the correct way!
  13. DD's rule of thumb is, US passport entering the US, Canadian passport entering Canada. She doesn't try to hide that she's got both though. Roommate just doesn't want to have to carry both. I just want to make sure we don't have any delays getting on and off the ship.
  14. Is there any difference between traveling under a Canadian passport, vs a US one? DD and her roomie are dual citizens and are going on a cruise with me in November. DD always brings both passports, roomie is just planning on bringing her Canadian passport. They are flying out of Detroit (so will have already crossed the border into the US), and sailing out of Port Canaveral, if it makes any difference.
  15. Is the internet discount available on shorter sailings? I'm doing a 4 night on EN, and I'm D+. Would love to have 2 free days of internet.
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