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  1. I completely agree! We went to Disney in December and while it wasn't the same kind of trip as we've had in the past, but we still had a great time. My advice to everyone - don't book a trip right now unless you're prepared to wear a mask at all times. That way, no matter what happens, you won't be disappointed. I leave for NOLA in 3 days, can't wait to stroll Bourbon in a mask! One question - is it too much to hope for, that my November cruise (out of Baltimore) will be cancelled?
  2. I have a cruise booked for November, that was switched from last November. I have no interest in going on a cruise any time soon, specifically not until a greater percentage of the world is vaccinated. Am I wrong with this line of thinking, I could get tested today with a sail date of 2 days from now, and I could contract COVID tomorrow? If so, how are people on the ship protected? I have absolutely no interest in walking around the ship in a mask. The idea of sitting in the Schooner Bar, masked up, socially distanced, with strangers walking around, just isn't appealing.
  3. They're trying hard to bring back Orient Beach. So much work going on there. I have nothing to compare it to as we never went there before the hurricane. It is one of our favorite beaches to visit. Bought my daughter bathing suits from a vendor and can't wait to go back when he gets his shop up and running to buy her more.
  4. My only complaint is that the vacation wasn't long enough. After 23 cruises, we've visited a lot of islands, and St Maarten has always been one of our favorites. Even more so now. Looking at going back in January. Would love to move to the island.
  5. Just returned from St Maarten, and we did a sailing excursion through Eagle Tours. Absolutely loved it. The crew was awesome.
  6. Just wanted to tell you, we did it, and absolutely loved it. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to do an ATV excursion.
  7. We just stopped there the other day (during our ATV excursion). It looks pretty good. I was surprised at the drop off into the water though.
  8. There is almost nothing in Maho village right now. If you want a decent lunch, 3 Amigos is pretty good, although maybe we just thought it was good after days of Sonesta food? Didn't even realize there was a casino there until our last day.
  9. I just returned from my stay at the Sonesta, and here's my take. I don't think I would purchase a day pass for the resort. There really isn't much beach to speak of. What beach there is, is okay, and there's no major drop off walking into the ocean, though. The other option for "beach chairs" is on their "fake beach", overlooking the real beach, but as is everywhere, there are chair hogs, so if you're not there early, forget getting a prime spot. As for the pool... chair hogs, once again. People were out at 7am placing their belongings on the chairs. I also found it weird for people to
  10. We just got back from St Maarten (stayed at the sonesta), and I was surprised that I didn't need water shoes.
  11. Thanks for the info. So excited to give them a try.
  12. That's what I did, sent a message through Facebook, they read it at 2am, and STILL no response. I thought the 6 hour excursion sounded like heaven. Did you feel safe? The roads in St Maarten can be downright scary at times, for cars! When we ATV'ed in St Kitts, most of it was off road, but not very exciting. Antigua was exciting, but I suspect that was because it was our first time going on ATV's. St Maarten is one of our favorite islands, and I think it would be fun to experience it this way.
  13. Anyone know about this group: https://www.splashinthesun.com/about-us ? I like the description of their ATV tour, but sent them a message and they haven't responded. Not giving me warm fuzzy feeling about the operation. Toying with going with the company mentioned above, any idea if 4-4.5 hours is a good length? We've always done ATV excursions via the cruise ship, can't remember how long they are.
  14. After over half a dozen cruise visits to St Maarten, we've decided to do a destination trip. We are staying over by the Airport, and want to do one excursion. Can't even begin to narrow it down, as far as which vendor. Would you do a catamaran sail, ATV, or Jetski? We always sail when we are in St Maarten, and LOVE it, but wondering if maybe we should try something new there? Jetskis: I noticed the tours tend to take place on the Caribbean side of the island, so I'm assuming the water may be a little less rough? ATV's: has the island recovered enough for this to be fun? W
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