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  1. Barbie075

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Have not yet done a River Cruise and am considering one for next year. Are there months of year that are best to travel the Rhine and not have problems with water levels?? If so, what months? Thank you. Barbara
  2. We were on the regal a week ago. Our cabin was further aft right over the theater and we never heard anything from below. There were only a few people ever out on that deck and we never heard them at all. You are over the doors, but I think the reference on noise was from cabin doors slamming as they often do if you have your balcony door open. I doubt you will hear the doors to the deck. The deck below you is actually 1 1/2 floors below or more because of the higher ceilings on the promenade deck. I hope this is helpful.
  3. Hi, my Husband and I are docking in Hamburg on the Regal Princess - April 17th. The ship will be docking at Steinwerder Cruise Terminal (I think it is going into dry dock). We are trying to find local car service that we can arrange ahead of time to take us to the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) in Hamburg. Do you have any recommendations?? Thank you,:)
  4. Barbie075

    Royal Princess - St Thomas

    I am assuming you mean at full speed, and the issue is corrected??
  5. Barbie075

    "Sightseeing" tours in Papeete and Bora Bora

    We used Reef Discovery in Bora Bora for snorkeling trip. Were very disappointed. It was a windy and rough day, so that probably had some bearing our on experience, however, there were several thins that happened that we were not happy about. Safety: we were never shown where the life jackets were at any time while on the trip, when we asked we were told that he would do that later. At one snorkel point my husband who is a very good swimmer, even if he is in his forties, said that he would go in and tell the rest of us whether we should try this adventure as we were somewhat novices. He got in the water and at one point decided with the roughness of the water and the current he should head back to the boat which was not particularly nearby. He had difficulty getting back to the boat as the current was taking him in the opposite direction. When he did get back he was exhausted. You would never believe but there was no ladder to get back into the boat. Actually, I should not say there was not a ladder there, was, but it was not down. With a little looking we (those on board) managed to kind the ladder and let it down for him to get back on the bus. All of this with no guide in site to help. Now, there were nine of us on board. Seven of us decided that it was too rough to enjoy and asked if we could just be put on one of the islands while the other two snorkeled. That did not happen. Through all of this only the two experienced snorkelers got to do anything, and that lasted until we finally had to go back to the port as the weather was getting worse. Just did not think that any attempt was made to satisfy the majority on board, even after a suggestion from us. I would not use them again.
  6. I thought I posted this question -- but I don't see it here. We are planning on driving in Pago Pago, Papeete, Apea, Moorea and Tahiti. How were the roads? Was their much traffic. We are six people and I don't believe they are going to have larger taxis. What port was it you took the local bus? Do they have these buses on all of the islands? Great pictures. Thank you for any information you can give me.
  7. Were all of the roads very drivable in the various islands. We are thinking of renting a car on several of them and doing our own touring.
  8. Barbie075

    Chefs Table Opinions

    Go for it. We had a very nice group. There is not a lot of interaction among guests as you are being informed and entertained by your hosts (The Chefs & MD). The food is really great and the service is outstanding.
  9. Barbie075

    New tour packages-on your own big time

    I am sure that they would wait for you if it was one of their excursions. The cost is definitely high. I have arranged many such private tours on my own and never had a problem with people not showing. Have had people who could not make it pay for their trip anyway. Mainly, however, we have always traveled with a couple of other couples and the six of us have arranged our own transport and guides. I think this is an excellent idea for Princess to recapture some of those arranging personal tours. They should re-think their pricing on some of these tours. They might make more money doing more smaller tours at a reasonable price and count on increased #'s of people utilizing their services.
  10. Barbie075

    What side of the ship in Cabo

    It definitely depends on wind, tides, etc. etc. Do you intend to spend that much time on the ship looking at shore? I wouldn't really worry about which side of the ship I was on. Good views either way.
  11. Barbie075

    RomeInLimo questions

    You will never find a more accommodating service. We have used them in Rome, Naples and Florence and each experience was wonderful. On time, informative drivers with great suggestions for dining, views, etc. etc. Would highly recommend them.
  12. Barbie075

    Seville Information

    We are traveling to Port of Cadiz and then going into Seville. Does anyone have a recommendation for private tours in Seville (want to see the city itself with a guide). There are four of us and we do not want to share with more than 2-4 other people or we would want to just do it the four of us. Can we just pick up a tour when we arrive in Seville via the ships shuttle? Any info would be helpful.
  13. Barbie075

    Should we book the current sale or wait till we cruise?

    You will get all the benefits of the promotion, plus the benefits of the purchase for future sales. You can actually purchase the credits and book the cruise both on board and get all the credits applied at that time.
  14. Will be boarding on January 3rd. Two quick questions: Where do they hold the platinum/elite/suite cocktail parties? Have not been to a Chef's Table for a couple of years -- what is the current price per person?? Good updates, keep them coming.
  15. Barbie075

    Cost of Sanctuary basic and also their cabanas

    Really need more detailed information here -- anyone.