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  1. Thank you so much! I understand everything now!
  2. We are doing a Celebrity land tour before our cruise. We are not allowed to take our large suitcase on this 5 day tour because we will be on the train one day. So we must use a carry on size. My question is---will we have our large suitcase the first night in Fairbanks and then they take it the next morning? Or will they take it immediately at the airport? Thank you!
  3. May I ask what airline you are flying? I need to book my airfare from/to Pittsburgh. Thanks!
  4. We were on NS January 13-20. I agree—the crab legs in the Pinnacle Grill were great! The piano duo were amazing! Loved the band at the Rolling Rock but every night was a repeat of the night before. Part of the reason was their lead singer had to go home a week before our cruise so then they had to figure out what songs the new singer knew. I’m sure they’ll add more songs as time goes by. The group in BB Kings was truly amazing—they know 200 songs! And you can request songs and they will play it if they know it. There is an ice cream stand is in Lido—just on one side so go to other side if you don’t see it. They had hard and soft serve. Delicious! I thought all the food was great and I liked that they served most of it to you in the Lido.
  5. I also included some pictures of the room. There were 3 adults in it and it was fine! Not only did we have a view on the right side of the balcony we also have a bigger balcony.
  6. I will definitely try to remember to let you know what they are like! We were so very happy with the view in 4120 on NS!! I hope these pictures help ease your mind!
  7. We had problems embarking this past Sunday. All the power went out in the terminal! Then they had to move the ship because the gangway wasn’t lined up properly. Then they had to stop embarkation again because the terminal was too full!
  8. Yes—most should open! Really makes it nice when opened!
  9. What are the Microsoft Studio lessons like? Are they worth going to?
  10. What other free services are available through ship WiFi? Thanks!
  11. Thought I’d ask again as my cruise is in a week. Anyone know?
  12. Thought I’d ask again as my cruise is in a week.
  13. I will definitely try to remember to let you know what they are like!
  14. I’ve booked 4120 and 4122 for the January 13 sailing. I’m interested to find out what they are like. I do think that balcony is a little bigger. But I think we may be really obstructed. I’m hoping for s sliver of a decent view!
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