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  1. Azamara took our final payment for our October cruise and then cancelled it the next day, so now we will have to wait eons to get our refund. Last time it took over 2 months.
  2. Sorry I screwed up the dates😱 --it was January 2020 for us, as well. But we did the post cruise Safari.
  3. Thank you so much for your incredible photography. Though your video and photos I relived our Micato safari that we took in 2019 after our cruise on the Quest to Africa. It was so wonderful that we are returning to Africa this year on the Pursuit and taking another safari this time-(-with another company.) I agree with you, though. Micato is a luxury class company and the staff, services and experiences they provide are second to none.
  4. I mentioned on another thread that it strikes me as very odd (and unsettling) that Almost all the other cruise lines, both large and small and major competitors of Azamara have been announcing their scheduled restarts in June and July, and there has been nothing from Azamara. Silence. Heike said they were "working on schedules" but that's very vague and doesn't generate much enthusiasm. Doesn't Azamara think they need to promote the cruise line outside of their web page? That's a pretty limited way of advertising in light of the fact that Seabourn, Viking, RCCL. Celebrity, etc. are making headlines in countries all over the world with their frequent announcements of restarts and new ports Why the silence? If this is any indication of their marketing approach, it doesn't bode well for the line.
  5. I wonder, too. It strikes me as odd that Azamara has been completely silent about the schedules, especially since virtually every other cruise line (big and small) has been making the news almost daily. It makes me a bit nervous. Cruisers are focusing their attention elsewhere and Azamara is losing out.
  6. Phillip was like family to us. I am devastated that he is leaving.😢
  7. Thanks for the info, Phil. I've been so concerned about them and hadn't heard anything. Like you I'm relieved and happy they will be headed home. I'm broken hearted that they may never get a chance to sail again. 😢
  8. Phil, do you know anything about the officers and crew from the Quest? Have any gotten off the ship?
  9. Well, if this continues to be a condition for cruising with Azamara, we will be cancelling the 5 cruises we have already planned and put down deposits for. Azamara will lose the majority of its loyal customers like us. I am over 70 plus I have asthma and COPD, but it hasn't interfered with my sailings in the past. Guess I'll start looking at other cruise lines.
  10. Both the CDC and the State Department are issuing the same advisory not to travel on a cruise ship. We are in the same position as you are, and are considering what to do about our April 5th cruise.
  11. So sorry to hear about your experience. It certainly wasn't anything like what I have ever experienced on the Quest over the last several years. It gives me great concern now as to what I might be faced with on the next five cruises I have booked with Azamara, since none of them are on the Quest. I certainly hope your experience isn't a sign of the way Azamara now handles gluten-free and allergies. I must also say I agree that the pre-made breads are absolutely awful, as is their pre-made pancake mix ( But the chefs often made special breads for me, and they were for the most part, delicious.) At any rate, thanks for sharing your experience . I will be ever more vigilant and cautious now, and really communicate with the staff on this daily, if necessary.
  12. I couldn't agree more-on all points!
  13. I am Celiac also, with an additional 7 dietary restrictions besides gluten.Azamara has done and exceptional job in accommodating me on all the sailings with them (there have been MANY) since I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Because of that I have sailed with Azamara exclusively. If you meet with the Chef or head waiter on the first day when you board, they will get all the information from you and work to prepare food according to your needs and likes. If you preorder your meal from the MDR they will make whatever you choose from the menu according to your dietary restrictions.. I have not sailed on the Pursuit yet, but the Chefs on the Quest and Journey are extremely well educated and sensative to dealing with allergies and food sensitivities. And once you're listed as "gluten free" on your record, nearly every waiter on the ship will be aware of it and work with you on it. It's truly remarkable how good they are at this. I just returned from 24 days on the Quest and my dietary restrictions never interfered with my pleasurable dining experiences, either in the MDR, Windows Cafe, or the specialty restaurants. So enjoy your cruise and don't worry. My advice to you is if you want something specific, just ask them for it and they will make it happen so you won't ever feel "deprived."
  14. We just received this letter, but not the one prior to this that explained about the reason for the change and the new port added in Tanzania. So I agree that the communication from Azamara is abysmal. It's a real shame that one has to get the real information from the Cruise Critic boards first, before hearing anything from Azamara--(if one ever does hear anything from Azamara!)
  15. I am celiac with 7 additional dietary restrictions and have sailed on the Quest and Journey many times. Azamara's Chefs bend over backwards to accommodate the food restrictions and I have never had a problem. They are fantastic!!
  16. It's'a great town in which to vacation. We've stayed there twice for a week at a time, and really enjoyed the Buzios lifestyle there.
  17. It would be a terrible mistake for Azamara to create a ""caste system". We would also stop sailing with them if that happened and we have been with them since the beginning.
  18. I also received the package of skin products from Azamara to evaluate. I researched each product's content on the EWG website to see what harmful chemicals they contained. Elemis had almost no harmful chemicals, but Malin +Goetz contained many of them. So it was a no brainer for me--Elemis won hands down. I have very sensitive skin and some autoimmune skin problems and would not use the Malin+Goetz, but would use the Elemis products (sparingly) that Azamara is considering.
  19. LuAnn, Chef Nathan is wonderful! He has been on the last several cruises I have been on, and he is a superb chef. ( He also makes wonderful Ghee 😋) He will accommodate any requests using his outstanding expertise.
  20. I've done 71 sea cruises and have 5 more scheduled. Have been on Azamara, RCCL, Celebrity, Norwegian, Oceania, Holland America and Windstar, but Azamara is my cruise line of choice.
  21. I have a myriad of dietary restrictions which require the wait staff and Restaurant Personnel to take extra measures every time I go to any venue for a meal, and I always tip generously for this at the end of the cruise. I am extremely pleased with the way they have all handled my situation over the years, which is somewhat extreme, and I feel they should be recognized for that with a tip as well as recognizing them in the surveys. They are exceptional.
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