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  1. anyone's crystal ball know if anthem or oasis class will be doing a 9 night NE/Can out of NJ in 2021
  2. thanks for the updated review...it has been awhile since I was on EoS..but will be on her on december for 9 nights ....sounds like there is broad entertainment available as well that we are into
  3. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, Well, this round’s on us. On Monday, July 1st, 2019, from 4:00 PM to 1:30 AM EST, we posted incorrect pricing of $18 USD per person, per day, for Deluxe Beverage Packages. Given that we typically price these packages at about $55 USD per person, per day, it was the (messed up) deal of the century. This was a BIG mistake! It might have been bad code, a random computer glitch — or maybe we just need to reinstate our intern typing test. Any which way, it was our error, and we’ll own it. Enjoy your deep, deep discount — while we go drown our sorrows. Happy 4th of July! Sincerely,
  4. time to call TV stations and hold RCI accountable for their all day glitch
  5. i never discounted other opinion, just stated mine and what I think, and supported the OP and his pics,you all say he is not being honest, This is the first encounter I've had with him...I never said anyone else was wrong....when alluding to "OP as not knowing if he has dementia or substance abuse problems or psychiatric problems or intelligence problems"...is making suggesting a diagnosis..I was following your lead
  6. didn't know my opinions presented "extreme bias and anti RCI stance.....you are indeed intolerant of differing opinions here and probably in all areas
  7. my profession is as I said ....while many of you here seem to know the OP and his "history"...I do/did not, despite being on the boards for many years, so I take his post as accurate, and as with all posts a grain of salt....sorry to see that some people here "block" others, and now it seems me for voicing an opinion different from theirs....the intolerance is sad...just voicing your differing opinion should be fine....open dialog rules the day, thanks for sharing @brillohead
  8. enjoy your cruise...and be more more tolerant of others who post "their view"
  9. the critique of this ship has been specific...others here want to minimize the person's "opinion" and critique the person who posts it, rather than just "accept that person's point of view" and the facts/pictures they present...yes RCI is a mass market cruise line..they do that well.....but every RCI ship I've been on has had some issues.....did I still enjoy the cruise, sure...could it have been better-yes.....that's all the OP and self seem to be saying.....accept others points of view a their view, and not demean them
  10. because I'm a half full person too.....I book with eyes wide open, then close them halfway once on board
  11. SI is senior instructor, if you feel suicidal go to an ER.....this is cruise "critic", be critical of cruise ships
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