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  1. Thanks, trying to pick a Night to go to speciality dining on upcoming NYE Cruise
  2. Going next week and seeing if weather is bad an good indoor location? Thanks!!
  3. Thank you!! yes we are looking forward to it in 2 weeks especially floating bar 🙂
  4. Is this chill island, do they have music or is there another beach, also guessing pool close to that as well?
  5. How close is the floating bar to chill island..an easy walk? Also as Ive not been there since changes, can you just walk or better to take a tram? Thanks!
  6. Thank you!!! So he comedy is after new years?
  7. Whats your fav spots to go to for the day and how do you get there? Thats a shame about the pool as we go in 2 weeks and that looked very nice
  8. On NYE, for non charge what seemed to be best place to be pre and post new years?
  9. So Royal Swedes are in addition to tribute bands, We are on New years cruise and Wanted is on there so just checking....thanks!
  10. Thank all, guessing chill grill is by the Chill beach and the Snack shack is by..........
  11. Since it has expanded wondering what each of the places have to offer so we know where to setup for morning and then afternoon, looking to split the day between pool and beach
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