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  1. This brings back fond memories of one time we were in Livorno and didn't need to do a tour or transfer yet again. We decided to stay in LIvorno and my research had provided me the name of a restaurant in Little Venice. I don't recall the name right now. However, when we requested the menu, the chef/waiter said "I am the menu". Miss those adventures so much right now as we have been home for just over ten months and were some of the early victims of the shut downs out of Japan.
  2. Really nice shots! I particularly like the 2nd one. And Ushuaia is one of my favorite ports in SA. I think we've been there probably six times by now. And hopefully, there will be more in the future!
  3. Yokohama, one of the more interesting cruise terminals we've visited. (I think - I'm a bit queasy about my recent guesses!)
  4. It was rather a good clue!! Thanks for the help!
  5. One more stab at this and then I'm throwing in the towel........Corfu???
  6. Well, then I'll have to put on my remembrance cap again and decide if it' s Sardinia or Corsica. Wild guesses actually!!!!!
  7. Is that Messina again by any chance?
  8. We learned to love Subway, which we don't at home, but is available in most AK ports. Mix that up with some nice local seafood, and it should be way cheaper. We did (on Princess) one of their tours that included the food package and it was just way too much food and some of it, just so so. We've also done two HAL cruise tours on which we did it our way and that worked out way better for us because we are not big eaters. To each his own, but I'd pass on the food package and pack some snacks, bars, etc plus hitting the local chains/eateries. You are not in AK for the food, but for th
  9. You got it! What an interesting day it was with all the various border crossings! Don't do many ship's tours, but thought it best for this one in particular!! We'd been to Dubrovnik so many times, and although we love it, decided to try something different.
  10. I did fail to mention that this was reached from the Koningsdam!
  11. From what port would one end up here (preferably on a ship's tour)
  12. That was also my guess, but then, we've had Lerwick as an answer in the thread before, so I thought perhaps somewhere else!!
  13. Been gone too many minutes and you beat me to it!
  14. Taormina, I think, but I do reserve the right to be incorrect, as usual I have been know to be on a few occasions.
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