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  1. Sorry, but they've been doing this successfully for Seabourn now for three cruises. There are other lines also cruising out of Athens, so I think they may have some experience in handling the tests at port.
  2. Yep, six years ago today, we were in Mykonos and it was brutal. I thought then that they said it was the worst year in many years, so it's worse than that........... We were not on Seabourn on that cruise, but had a very nice suite on a larger ship in the same family and really enjoyed it, plus it kept us away for the many children who were enjoying their holiday rather vicariously! The only reason we booked the cruise was because it was just after my DH finished his therapy after his second knee replacement and we needed the get away. Right now, we need one even WORSE!!
  3. We have enjoyed Sitka several times. One of the last times we were there (2018), we discovered this that may be of interest to HAL history buffs. This display is in the visitor center where the shuttle drops and picks up..........the old Prinsendam which had it's final day near Sitka.
  4. Sorry for another Antarctica post and pic, but this is my favorite from our last cruise before the pandemic. We were on the Seabourn Quest for the December 2019/January 2020 Antarctica/South Georgia cruise and it was amazing. We had previously done four "drive by" cruises, two on Princess and two on HAL. We do have another one booked.............. If only he would have raised that one flipper for a bit of a wave at us. This was from a zodiac tour with no landing.
  5. A few more photos from Gozo from the Prinsendam 2009. It's very hilly and there are many ancient sites, one being The Ggantija Temples, from the Neolitic period, making them over 5500 years old. I know it used to be on many Prinsendam itineraries, but was often cancelled, so thought I'd share one picture of the temple structure that remains and just another photo showing some old stone walls. This was all out of town, but don't recall how far.
  6. Plymouth England on Rotterdam 2009 - We spent most of the day on a tour through the moors, and not much time in Plymouth itself. Some of these are from the tour. Many of the "roads" on which we went on our tour were rather narrow with the van being rubbed on each side by the bushes. And then, there is of course, the inevitable food picture.
  7. Here is a picture of my favorite manhole cover ever from just outside the market in Hakodate.
  8. Otaru from 2014 - delightful small place, very walkable and friendly people - not with HAL, but Diamond Princess for 27 days, 3 separate cruises in and out of Yokohama.
  9. One the Quest last December 2019 January 2020, the TK MDR offerings were not offered unfortunately.
  10. Our Seabourn PCC also did not know about it, nor did her supervisor. They are checking further.............
  11. Thanks. Just die the same and also found an August date...........will follow up with TA also.
  12. As we have a final coming up for later in October, just curious when and how you were notified of the change. Thanks!
  13. In case you haven't gotten your fill yet of Komodo, here are some photos from the first circumnavigation by HAL on the Volendam 2010. It was a beautiful sail in. I would recommend doing as early a tour as possible due to the heat. The first dragon we saw was as we walked across the pier from the tender. I think it's time for a manicure for that next one. Next a picture from the distance of the pier, pictures of fish taken from the pier through the water, tonight's dinner for one of the dragons perhaps, and the souvenir shopping area.
  14. Not a frequent posted here, but the port of the day brings back some foggy memories of the day we were there on the Rotterdam in 2009. The first photo is the line of people awaiting the tender which was lost in the fog! I believe (hope) they now have improved the navigational equipment onboard the tenders. It's a cure colorful little place. As I recall when we were there, the ship actually docked and one had the option to walk or take the tender into town which was quite unusual. We walked in and decided to take the tender back and got caught up in line up.
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