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  1. But, that really doesn't work if the crew has to quarantine for ten days before being allowed to work, it seems to me.
  2. We were in Adelaide in 2010 on the Volendam and had a wonderful day there. The Botanic Garden, The National Wine Center at the University of Adelaide and a wonderful lunch at a highly rated restaurant interestingly name Concubine were on our to do list for the day.
  3. And he does live in the US as I recall. When we met him, I think his residence was North Carolina, but from something I've seen it may now be somewhere in Florida. Makes perfect sense.
  4. I just saw a Seth Wayne short video on Facebook. It should have been a sail away party, however, the winds and rain have decided to mess up that and that departure plan. Seth said it'll probably be midnight before they leave.
  5. I constantly got logged out using Chrome and switched to Firefox for it. Works like a charm except that it loads a bit more slowly than Chrome.
  6. In the US at least, you can look at your flight options on the website after booked and after the flights are available and choose your own. After booking, you can also continue to look for different/better flight options. Don't know where the OP is from as his info doesn't indicate that.
  7. I'll never forget one Master Chef's dinner, most likely on the Prinsendam. There was a first time HAL cruiser couple on board. They were usually Celebrity cruisers and they were blown away with the event. The wine flowed very freely and this couple certainly took advantage of it. 🙄 It was the best of any of the Master Chef's dinners that we attended.
  8. Interesting walk up to the top as I recall!
  9. The second stop on the Zuiderdam, we did take a tour that took us well out of town. The first picture is just a few of the many mussel posts. Sardinia is very rocky and hilly. We left by bus, got on a ferry, then we got to La Maddelena, one of the islands in the archipelago. Then we got on a bus and toured there. There was some amazing scenery.
  10. Okay, here I go again with pix. We've been to Olbia twice - once on the Prinsendam back in 2009 and again on the Zuiderdam in 2015. We had two totally different experiences. in 2009, we just strolled around the town and had a lovely lunch with some of the staff from the Prinsendam - some of you may remember Frank Buckingham and Thom and Tina Faulkner. First pix are from that stop.
  11. Our visit there was actually on a Zuiderdam transatlantic crossing which was rather unusual I thought.
  12. A few photos from Nassau when we were in port there on the Zuiderdam in 2015. First, a couple of pix of the Atlantis and some Chihuly glass from inside Atlantis and then the three ships in port that day. We walked to the Atlantis and back.......it was rather a long walk.
  13. I can't say that I recall a lot about Kirkwall, but we have photos, so I guess we were there. This was on the Caribbean Princess in 2012. We took the Queen Mary across to Southampton, spent a few days and then boarded the Princess ship for two cruises which took us back to New York. It was nice not have any long flights!
  14. I'm sure there will be many pix from Quebec, but thought I'd start off with a few from the Queen Mary from 2014. Hmmm, looks as if there was a HAL ship in town that day as well (taken during our sail away.) Also, a few from the Maasdam from 2011 when the weather was rather drippy and it was obviously October.
  15. Would you mind sharing which cruise this is? Just curious................
  16. We did the first circumnavigation that HAL did and it was great! We had the greatest Aussie CD who really made it enjoyable with so many fun. Each day, in the daily program (whatever it was called back then), we had Aussie language lessons. Someone with whom we traveled did it again later and said it didn't have the same vibe as the first one did, but I'm sure it'll be great. Sometimes, when we've been there, done that, we have the same reaction. Right now, I just want to do anywhere AGAIN and don't care much where that may be.
  17. As I follow two FB groups regarding Seabourn, I have seen that they were disembarked, but not on their own. And I have followed the threads. We have two friends that were on a Holland America ship a while back and during the final testing prior to disembarkation, their table mate tested positive. Due to the close contact, they had to be retested before disembarkation, which fortunately provided the right results and they were able to disembark normally. The table mate and one other onboard were taken to an Athens hotel to quarantine on HAL's dime, not theirs, so I can't imagine that Seabourn would not take care of this for them as well. I don't know how the flights were handled if they were not booked through HAL though.
  18. Sakaminato is a wonderful port. Besides the amazing garden, it is the home of many bronze animated characters that line the main street known as anime in Japan. One of the best known artists is from here and the bakeries have confections make in anime shapes. One of the most enjoyable ports we visited as we walked the main street after visiting the wonderful garden which is outside of town.
  19. I have a few photos of Kagoshima. Apparently, it was not one of our most favorite ports on our Japanese adventure! And, it appears to have been rainy. The bar does seem a bit out of place. 🤔
  20. We've been on several fall cruises, and the best color we've seen has been in Sydney on tours of Cabot Trail. I see that neither itinerary you are considering has Sydney on the itinerary though.
  21. There is very little, if any fresh fish bought in port by HAL, perhaps in AK but not so much in the rest if the world unless things have really changed. So, perhaps they could be a bit more specific in the menu. Plus, now that the menus are available in advance, choices by paying "guests" are frequently made prior to arriving the dining room. And there are some fish varieties and preparations that are more to some people's liking than others. Just saying............
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