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  1. Again, another great live report and awesome pictures! Thanks again for bringing us along!!
  2. Thank you so much for posting! Looks like it will be an amazing trip! We had to cancel a few months ago and I am so happy to live it through your report and terrific pictures! (We had a new grandbaby due around the same time and didn't want to risk being out of the country... Baby is here now and we have no regrets!) Best wishes for a great cruise!
  3. So excited to see one of your reviews! The trip looks amazing! Have the best time and thanks so much for taking us along!!! Can't wait!!!
  4. Wow, great live review! Thanks for bringing us along!! Looks like you are having a fantastic time. I hope we get as good a use out of the dining and drinking packages on our next cruise as you are!! Enjoy the rest of the cruise!
  5. Another great live review! Especially interesting and entertaining with the hurricane issues! Thanks so much for staying on and extending for us... LOL! Hope Owen has a great school year. He will, at least, have a great story to tell!
  6. Sounds like a lot of fun ahead! Thanks for bringing us too! Have a great cruise!
  7. Sounds like an amazing trip planned! We were just saying last night how much we enjoyed and missed our Med cruise. It is exhausting but so thrilling to see all the incredible places we had only heard about! Thank you for bringing us along with you! Have a great time!
  8. Hello! We were in a grand suite on the Grandeur last November. The only time the noise from the deck above was noticeable was around 5 to 6 am when they were dragging and setting up deck chairs. My husband slept through it completely. I heard it but wasn’t too bothered as I get up early to take sunrise pictures anyway. Our friends in a suite on the other side of the ship were more disturbed. I don’t know if it was worse over there or they are just light sleepers. It would not stop me from getting a suite again. We were in 8014 and our friends were in 8514. Have a great cruise!
  9. Great live report! Looks like you are having a wonderful and relaxing time! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your amazing cruise!
  10. Yeah, Claudio!! So happy to see this! Just wow! This sounds like such an amazing trip on an awesome ship class! Thank you so much for taking us along! Have a great time!
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